31 Blue And Grey Bedroom Ideas [Picture Inspiration]

The bedroom is a space that should provide comfort and relaxation. It's one of the most personal spaces in a home, so it ought to reflect your personal preferences and taste while complementing the style of the rest of your home. If you've been searching for bedroom color scheme ideas, you've come to the right place.

A blue and grey bedroom design is all things cool, rejuvenating, and visually stimulating. Use a variety of textures and patterns to infuse interest in the room design. One challenge associated with this color combination is ensuring that the colors are balanced. 

Painting above big comfortable bed in luxury style bedroom, 31 Blue And Grey Bedroom Ideas [Picture Inspiration]

To help inspire you to create your very own dream bedroom, we created a list of 31 blue and grey bedroom design ideas. So, without delay, let's get to it!

1. Royal Blue Walls

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Modern cobalt blue bedroom with double bed, gray bedding, carpet and window

Royal blue is a dark yet bright shade of blue that looks excellent as a wall color. Pull the color further into the room by using the color in items like the throw pillows and blankets on the bed.

2. Monochromatic Hues

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Modern bedroom interior with cozy bed, night table, books and decoration

Stoney hues of blue and grey complement each other very well. The colors transition from a seafoam blue on the wall into a steel grey half wall. An oriental-patterned grey rug supplies gorgeous contrast to the room design.

3. Seal Grey Walls

Beautiful loft bedroom with low bed, gray wall and decors

Seal grey is a gorgeous shade of grey to cover your walls. It serves as an excellent neutral backdrop for all kinds of room features. The chunky knit blue and grey blanket is warm and inviting.

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4. Vertically Striped Grey Walls

Large bed with blue blanket in a black wood wall bedroom

Special wallpaper can transform a room big time. This wallpaper features a vertically striped pattern that includes three different shades of grey. Soft blue bedding tones down the boldness of the wall color.  

5. Celestial Theme

Blanket on black bed with dark bedsheets against the wall with gold stars next to shelf with telescope in bedroom interior

A celestial-themed bedroom includes eye-catching tones of grey and blue. Midnight blue and cloudy grey are utilized in various items around the room including the bedding and artwork. 

6. Pop Of Blue

Monochromatic gray bedroom with grunge wall, wooden bedside table, white walls and blue vintage style armchair

There's nothing wrong with primarily using one color: grey. However, to shake things up, throw in a pop of vibrant blue through the placement of a fun accent chair. 

Blue Armchair

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7. Jewel-Toned Blues

Interior of a hotel bedroom with cozy blue bed, tv, study table and poster on gray wall

In a room full of grey tones, jewel-toned blues offer a sweet infusion of color. The bed, bedding, and desk chair offer just enough color to make the room look interesting. 

8. Blue Ombre Artwork

Simple bedroom with big bed, window, blue poster on wall, pillows, white bedside tables and wardrobe

Artwork has the power to make a room feel cozier and more complete. The blue headboard of the bed is intensified by the placement of the blue ombre artwork above it.

9. Pink Accents

Pastel pink, beige and blue bedding on king size bed in trendy bedroom interior

Even with a blue and grey bedroom color scheme, you can toss in an additional accent color. Pink and mauve complement the steely blue and grey tones. 

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10. Industrial Aesthetic

Warm and cozy bedroom interior with brick wall, hardwood floor and rustic elements

Take your walls up a notch by covering them in trendy brick-looking grey wallpaper. Baby blue accents complement the neutral greys. 

11. White Brick Walls

Modern bedroom interior with warm cozy bed, bedside table, white brick wall and wall lamp

If you have a brick wall in your bedroom, consider painting it all white. The texture and bright white color are ideal for filling the room with blue and grey pieces. 

12. Throw Pillows

Modern bedroom with blue and gray linen on bed

Throw pillows make a big impression on the overall vibe of a room. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. These overstuffed heather grey and blue pillows provide ultimate comfort.

13.  Subtle Artwork

Trendy bedroom interior with painting on gray wall, cozy bed, bedside table with alarm clock

What better way to fill the empty space above the bed than with gorgeous artwork that catches the eye? The subtle colors evoke a sense of tranquility. 

14. Two Tones

Gray and blue modern master bedroom with furniture and air conditioner

Two tones of blue and grey are incorporated into this room through the use of wall color, bedding color, accent rug, and two cube stools. 

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15. White Room Accents

Children's room with two bed, wall lights, gray wooden wall and window

A white-walled room is a perfect backdrop for filling the room with color. Brown upholstered beds are covered with navy and grey bedding for a clean-cut aesthetic.  

16. Textured Walls 

Grungy shabby wall in bedroom with star-shaped lamp

Textured walls pack a punch in the visual appeal of a room. The combination of blue, grey, and white plaster looks like your entire wall has been transformed into a piece of art. 

17. Texture Trio

Modern cozy bedroom with brick walls, large windows, mirror, hardwood floor and coffee table with candles

This room features three primary textures along the walls: woven wallpaper, brick, and paneled glass. These three textures work together to create a welcoming space. 

18. Patterned Curtains

Painting above big comfortable bed in luxury style bedroom

Tall, patterned curtains visually pull the room upwards and make it appear larger. The room feels much more open.  

19. Seaside Theme

A light blue colored bedroom with a wooden flooring and a white rug

Create a seaside escape in your bedroom with seafoam blues, greens, greys, and whites. Coastal inspired bedrooms don't have to look cheesy!

20. Traditional Style

A gray colored bedroom with a white bedding set and a gray colored rug covering the whole floor area

A traditionally designed room will never go out of style as it is a classic design. Traditional doesn't mean boring! Blue floral patterns are strewn throughout the room and a steel grey accent chair sits in the corner. 

21. Blue Carpet

A blue colored bedroom with a white and gray bedding set

Something that will really make a splash in the bedroom is brightly colored carpet. The navy blue carpet matches the navy walls, too. Soft grey furniture balances the dark navy features. 

22. Marbled Grey Walls

A modern bedroom with a gray bed and brown colored wall and a white and gray curtain

Marbled grey walls instantly upgrade the aesthetic of a room. The organic material includes a lot of natural beauty in it, projecting it onto the rest of the room's features.  

23. Teal Blue

A modern bedroom with a blue blanket and pillow and bedside lamps

Teal blue is a shockingly blue tint that spruces up the soft neutrals of the rest of the room. The bright hue ensures that the room design doesn't look too ordinary or boring.

24. Velvety Blues

A light colored bedroom with a blue and gray colored bed

Velvet is a super soft, textured material that provides a lot of depth. The royal blue color especially highlights the features of the room layout. 

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25. Bright Coastal Feeling

A light brown colored two bedroom unit apartment with blue blankets and blue pillows with a huge window

Craft a bright coastal feeling with some vibrant blues and neutral greys and beiges. It doesn't require much vibrancy to make a difference in the design.

26. Navy Blue

A blue, white, brown, and gray color combination bedroom with lamps on the side

Navy blue is one of the most classic colors to use in interior design. It's a calming yet warm color. Leaf patterns are stitched into the bedding fabric for additional style.

27. Satin Blues

A white colored bedroom with a huge window on the side and a bed with a blue blanket

Silky satin fabric covers the low-sitting bed in this bedroom. The smooth fabric is completely elegant and looks phenomenal against the soft grey walls and furniture. 

28. Regal Design

A white colored bedroom with a blue colored blanket and a blue colored curtain

This bedroom features elegant, regal furniture in soft blues, greys, and ivories. Feel like royalty in a room like this one. 

29. Modern Minimal Look

A white colored bedroom with a blue and gray bed

Minimal yet modern. This room features pieces of furniture that contribute to the modern appeal of the grey and blue room. The blue headboard and blanket call for attention in the bright white room. 

30. Subtle Baby Blue

A modern bedroom with a luxurious bed with a light gray colored flooring

Blue hues don't have to be plentiful in order to create an impact. Soft baby blue is used to coat small sections of the wall, highlighting the room features. 

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31. Charcoal Grey Accent Wall

A modern bedroom with a light blue colored wall and a gray wall on the background

A charcoal grey accent wall is bold and commanding in the room. It wonderfully contrasts the sky blue wall that houses the tv and floating shelf. The dark and light color contrast is striking. 

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