27 Blue Bathroom Ideas [With Pictures]

Are you considering blue for your bathroom decor theme? That’s a great idea!

Blue is such a calming hue. It gives off a sense of cleanliness and serenity. It calls to mind the ocean, a place of total relaxation. Blue also brings to mind the sky on a beautiful day with no storms in sight. The color symbolizes depth and stability and suggests trust, wisdom, and confidence. Supposedly, blue is beneficial to the physical body and emotional mind, altering our physiology. The color is said to slow the metabolism and produce calming effects.

Domestic bathroom interior with wooden cabinet bathtub and window on a sunny day, 27 Blue Bathroom Ideas [With Pictures]

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When you’re in your bathroom, you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. You want to wash away the stress of the day. If you’re looking for a sense of harmony in your life, you may want to consider converting your bathroom to blue.

27 Blue Bathroom Ideas

1. Marine Minimalism

This aquamarine bathroom is clean and chic, guaranteed to provide a relaxing experience. This, in part, is due to the minimalism. The design is simple, and the blue tones are calming. Nothing is too distracting to the eye, which adds a sense of simplicity and serenity.

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Cold tone modern bathroom with toilet, sink on wooden countertop and mirror

2. Bright and Modern

This brilliant blue sky colored bathroom adds a massive jolt of color. The bright blue will undoubtedly wake you up in the morning and leave you feeling rejuvenated. This bathroom also feels modern in its minimalism. To help keep chaos out of your morning routine, consider keeping things simple and serene.

Modern interior bathroom with blue walls, large glass and white sink

3. Pale Antique

This lovely, quaint bathroom has vintage vibes. The pale pastel blue feels bright, but not overwhelming. The large round mirror adds a bohemian edge, especially when paired with the funky wall lamps. Note how this bathroom pairs pale blue with egg-shell white, two colors that flow together despite their contrasting elements.

Modern classic style bathroom interior with shower, big round mirror and white cabinet

4. Under the Sea

This bathroom immerses you in blue; you almost feel like you’re in an underwater escape. The bright blue walls are calming, and the varying shades of blue tile on the tub give you some space to breathe. This is the perfect bathroom for someone who loves coastal, beachy vibes. Consider adding some shell-themed hand-towels to tie the look together. Click here for even more Coastal-themed bathroom inspiration!

Modern blue bathroom interior with mosaic design tiles, mirror and large white sink

5. Pale and Modern

This bathroom has a soft pale blue that doesn’t overwhelm the eye. When paired with the squared-off mirror and minimalist cabinets, it gives off a modern vibe. Note how the simple the white tile and off white accent wall make the pale blue pop. Consider an accent wall to give your bathroom an edge.

Modern bathroom interior with white wood cabinets, mirror, ceramic sink and shower

6. Teal Me More

This beautiful tiny teal tile adds texture and vibrancy to these walls. The unique sink situation helps add personality to the room. Consider unique, antique pieces for your bathroom; they’ll help add character and open up the room. The slender, narrow door adds a European feel, and of course, the towel rack/towel heater is a nice touch!

Modern bathroom interior with wash basin, mirror and bathtub

7. Dark Meets Light

This bathroom has a wonderful yin and yang situation going on. The pale lavender-esque blues of the wall contrast beautifully with the darker colored shower tiles to create a compelling effect. Consider using contrasting colors–dark hues and light hues–to achieve a similar look.

Modern bathroom in cool, blue-gray tone with sink, mirror, bathtub and shower

8. Lilac Living

The calming, soft purple-blue of these cabinets contribute to an overall calming bathroom look. The cabinets themselves pop against the white marble tile and dark white walls. Note the accent tiling on the backsplash that matches the tile art in the shower, a delicate touch that ties this bathroom together.

Luxury bathroom design with marble tile walls on shower and blue modern cabinets

9. A Softening

This soft blue bathroom is easy on the eyes. The old-fashioned tub combined with the old-fashioned toilet adds a throw-back to simpler times that will help you unwind after a long days’ work.

Large traditional blue themed house bathroom with wood floors

10. Cerulean Serenity

This blue bathroom is inviting and gives off major relaxation vibes. The vintage clawfoot tub is a great touch that helps lend the bathroom personality.

Large modern bathroom with blue walls, bathtub and standing sink

11. A Robin’s Egg Fantasy

This soft light blue bathroom looks so space-age and modern. The incredible ceiling is what completes the look, with the pale blue tones and unique curvy cut-out. Consider changing up your bathroom’s ceiling to alter its vibe completely.

Domestic blue house bathroom with modern interior

12. Powder Blue

This bathroom has soft, pale, powder blue vibes. When paired with the antique accessories and claw foot tub, it feels like a completely relaxing, safe place to unwind.

Domestic bathroom interior with wooden cabinet, bathtub and window on a sunny day

13. Sapphire Serenity

This deep sapphire blue is incredibly beautiful and luxurious. Too much of this deep color blue would close the space off and make it feel claustrophobic. Instead, this accent wall works to add a pop of color, while the white walls keep the space open and breathable.

Contemporary blue and white bathroom with two round mirrors with black frames on royal blue wall

14. Deep Modern Blues

This bathroom feels like a David Hockney painting, extremely modern in its sleek design. The star piece is, of course, this unique tub. To create a similar look, consider an unusual tub shape or color. Be sure to pair it with simple, sleek, squared-off shelving designs.

Never underestimate the way a simple piece can alter a room. In this case, the tub takes the cake. But if a new bathtub is not an option for you, consider the way a shower curtain might be able to alter the look altogether. Click here for some shower curtain inspiration.

Blue modern bathroom with contemporary bathtub and parquet floor

15. Rustic Chic

The textured blue curtain, paired with the painted blue shelves, gives this bathroom a quaint, rustic feel. If you’re into rustic, homey vibes, consider adding some eclectic touches. Note the unique blue glass bottles on the window sill. Simple accessories like those can help rejuvenate the space.

Blue house bathroom with wood interior and standing sink in classic design

16. Submerged in Blue

This blue bathroom also gives underwater vibes. The brightness of the shower tiles wake up the room and are guaranteed to make you feel alert in the AM. The texture of the striped wall, in varying shades of blue, helps to add dimension. A simple addition to any bathroom is plants. Plants can help to create an underwater vibe.

Blue coastal bathroom interior with large white sink, shower and toilet

17. Light Blue Meets Sunlight

The light blue of this bathroom flows seamlessly from walls to the floor. It also compliments the light that floods in from the tall windows. When it comes to your bathroom, lighting should not be overlooked.

Blue childrens bathroom with rubber duck, bathtub and outside view window

18. Rhapsody in Blue

This beautiful deep blue tile does everything blue should. Dark colors can quickly feel claustrophobic, but when paired with the unique curvy lamp situation, this room is kept open and bright.

Bathroom with toilet, sink, mirror and blue wall tiles

19. Industrial Teal Tile

This Industrial style bathroom is inviting. The golden faucet detailing pairs so well with the unique teal tiling. Note how the tiles slightly vary in hue, making for a uniquely textured wall.

The interior of a shower with small patterned hexagonal tiles with blue and white colors

20. Boat House Fantasy

The pale blue of these wooden slatted walls creates a nautical vibe. The port-hole style window helps add to the nautical feel.

bathroom with arched wall, white bathtub and round window in the center of it, grey shiplap walls, white wood floor, bright blue sky outside the window, in the style of an impressionist artist

21. Navy Stripes

The unique striping of this shower tile also has a nautical vibe. Consider altering your tile in shape and texture to add more dimensions to your bathroom.

The interior of a shower with small patterned hexagonal tiles with blue and white colors

22. Navy and Wood

This bathroom is the perfect combo of vintage and modern. The unique mirror shape pops against the dark navy walls.

bathroom vanity, dark blue grasscloth wall, gold hexagon mirror, white sink, walnut cabinet, sconce lights, modern lighting, modern style, architectural digest photography

23. Brilliant, Regal Blue

This vibrant bathroom comes to life with crisp royal blue tiles. The tiles are uniquely positioned vertically rather than horizontally, creating height and visual interest. The old-fashioned wrap around shower curtain also adds to the vintage feel of this brilliant blue bathroom.

The bathroom had bright cobalt blue wall tiles, a white bathtub and pastel pink curtains hanging around the tub. A colorful woven rug in orange color was around an open air modern rain head shaped like a hand over a copper pipe. A wicker stand was near the bathroom door

24. Tropical Blues

This pale blue wallpaper is accented with tropical designs. The gold detailing on the faucet is a vintage contrast to the blue of the wallpaper.  If you’re going for a tropical vibe, click here to check out some leafy shower curtains that will inspire you.

Chinoiserie style cinema bathroom with wall paper and gold accents, pastel blue wallpaper, white cabinet and golden sink in the style of cinema

25. Mermaid Tiles

To jazz up your space, consider using unique tile patterns. Similarly, you could achieve a subtle effect by merely varying the colors of your shower tiles.

A shower wall with a variation of blue fish scale patterned tiles

26. Blue Granite

Sometimes a statement piece is the easiest way to create a focal point. This deep blue granite sink is just the right piece. It draws in the eye and ties the whole room together.

A dark blue and black marble sink with an antique bronze mirror above it, in the bathroom, minimalistic decor, interior design photography in the style of architectural digest magazine

27. His and Her Sky

This soft blue cabinetry is so well crafted. The his-and-her vanity allows for spaciousness and total relaxation; the mirrors and pale blue cabinetry add to the French Country charm in a modern way.

bathroom vanity with double sink, light blue cabinets and white marble countertop, two large silver mirrors above the handhelds, crystal sconces on each side of mirror, vintage inspired bathroom, white brick wall background

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Domestic blue house bathroom with modern interior
Modern bathroom interior with white wood cabinet mirror ceramic sink and shower
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