51 Blue Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

If you're looking for blue bedroom ideas, you've come to the right place. We've got design ideas and inspiring photos to help you create the blue bedroom of your dreams!51 Blue Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

Blue is a perfect color choice for a bedroom because it's naturally relaxing. It's also one of the most versatile in design because of its extensive shade range. It can be feminine or masculine, soft or bold. There are so many shades of blue to choose from that you can easily find one that achieves the unique look you're going for!

Maybe you know you love the color blue but aren't quite sure how to incorporate this stunning shade into your sleeping space. Keep scrolling for inspiring photos and read our helpful tips and tricks on how to bring blue into your bedroom.

1. Basic Blue

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Tidy loft apartment with cool blue walls

The minimalist design captures the essence of simplicity and ease of availability. One bold color choice like this lightning bolt blue is all that's needed to bring this bedroom to the next level.


2. First Frost

Rustic contemporary home bedroom

This pale blue has a touch of frosty gray that adds a sultry sense of sophistication. Modern lamps in brushed nickel are a nice complement to this blue's cool metallic undertone.

3. Coastal Blue

Modern urban bedroom with decoration

This vibrant hue of blue has a hint of green which gives these whitewashed floors a subtle coastal vibe.

4. Blend of Blue

Modern light blue bedroom in a wooden house

Another whitewashed design shows how varying shades of blue can blend cohesively against this versatile neutral effect. Cerulean in the rug plays off the pillowcases while shutters in powder blue soften and welcome any incoming light.

5. Soft and Sweet

Modern house bedroom

A pale blue with a whisper of green lends a sense of airiness to this feminine, cottage-chic bedroom.

6. Deep Blue Stretch

Modern hotel bedroom with lamp

Don't be afraid to use a darker blue in a narrow space as doing so can trick the eye into perceiving a room as more elongated than it actually is. This is because dark colors, and blue in particular, tend to recede while lighter colors appear closer.

7. Blue & Bold

Modern blue-themed bedroom

This designer is not afraid to make a statement! Different textures, sheens, and chunky accent furniture perfectly complement these bold blue color choices.

8. Blue Suede

Modern blue bedroom

Using a special effect paint like this faux suede finish in blue is a great way to add visual interest without overwhelming the rest of the room.

9. Blue Breeze

Minimalist designed summer bedroom

One way to create movement in a bedroom is by adding a fun wall accent like this delightful decal. Set against a backdrop of sky blue, you can almost feel the breeze this illusion creates!

10. Blue Bedding

Middle class bedroom with wooden interior

Of course, you may not want to commit to an entire wall of blue. Simply add in design elements, like this blue bedding, for an instant pop of color!

11. Blue & Bead Board

Master bedroom in a modern house

White looks great against any shade of blue. Snow white beadboard paneling and matching trim give this soft blue bedroom a crisp finish.

12. Moody Blue

Light blue wall bedroom with wooden bed and parquet flooring

This cozy shade of blue sets the mood and looks stunning against these oak floors and sheer white floor-to-ceiling curtains.

13. Blue Honeycomb

Light blue bedroom with wooden bed, patterned walls and empty frame

If an undeniable focal point is something your bedroom has to have, consider covering one wall in these honeycomb tiles in Carolina blue.

14. Sea Breeze Blue

Cozy villa bedroom

You don't have to live on the water to recreate the feeling in your bedroom. Just add ocean blue design elements like these fun pillows and waterfall lamp.

15. Calm & Collected

Cozy light modern bedroom with teal blue colors

This bedroom is a perfect example of how this shade can be naturally calming.

16. Wild Wallpaper

Cozy blue themed bedroom in a wooden house

Going wild with wallpaper is a great way to incorporate the color blue into your bedroom. Adding accent pieces like this rug and bookshelf will help to balance the intensity of the patterned walls.

17. Azure Ambience

Classic bedroom with teal bed and blue sofa

Set the scene to "serene" with this azure blue bedspread and cream furniture.

18. Blue Exclusive

Classic bedroom with parquet flooring and wooden furniture

Any shade of blue will look great against warm wood tones because blue and orange are complementary colors, but this Tiffany blue elevates this bedroom to elegant.

19. Electric Elegance

Classic bedroom with blue bed and lamp

An electric shade of blue like in this bedspread and accompanying lamp is as bold as it is beautiful.

20. Brown & Blue

Blue wall bedroom with sofa and wooden interior

Cornflower blue pairs well with these contrasting chocolate and golden browns.

21. Blue Steel

Blue wall bedroom with blue curtain

A brilliant blue accent wall is softened by a feathered faux finish. Meanwhile, high gloss floors, a bronze metal bed frame, and metallic lighting add a smooth edge to this sharp bedroom.

22. Blend of Blue

Blue bed in between lamps

Keep visual interest with textured decor, patterned floors, and multiple tones of the same color. This bedroom blends an array of shades from baby to navy blue.

23. Timeless Blue

Bedroom with chandelier and wardrobe

A deep cobalt blue never goes out of style. Silver accents will sparkle against this vivid hue.

24. Pattern Pop

Attic blue-themed bedroom

These blue and butter yellow linens really pop alongside the Olympic blue closet doors and light blue walls.

25. Balancing Blue

Attic bedroom with parquet flooring and balcony

When your patterns are this prevalent, be sure to balance everything out by sticking to more subdued blue tones.

26. Bold & Beautiful

A sophisticated palette of blue in this master bedroom in a modern contemporary home

Solid navy stands strong against a wavy satin sea of blue, while tabletop accents lend a sophisticated sense of delicacy.

27. Early Dusk Blue

Very bright bedroom in light blue tones with wooden furniture set and hardwood floor

This blue is reminiscent of when the sun is just beginning to set. Oh, and it pairs fabulously with pine.

28. Blue Charm

Residential interior of modern house

This bedroom is as charming as it is sophisticated.

29. Deep Blue

Modern master bedroom with blue wall and white linens

This vivid Egyptian blue is deepened by crisp white accents.

30. Blue Aesthetic

Modern blue bedroom with artistic paint

Artistic touches like this panel wall art, metallic nightstand, and richly textured bedding make this bedroom truly a work of art.

31. Retro Blue

Modern bedroom in warm tones

This retro shade of blue is complemented by a '70s inspired bedspread and matching art.

32. Polished Blue

Master bedroom in suburban home with light blue walls

This powdery shade of blue and elegant bronze and wood accents add a dash of polished class to this bedroom.

33. Whimsical Blue

Light blue bedroom with wooden interior

Bright blue walls and white wicker furniture will set a whimsical tone.

34. Lavender Blue

Elegant blue bedroom with yellow carpet

Choosing a shade of blue deepened by purple will only add to the hue's soothing qualities.

35. Wavy Blue

Cozy blue-themed modern bedroom interior design

Stripes and sheen and a blue sea green make this bed set seem wavelike.

36. Party Blue

Cotton ball lights in blue modern bedroom

A fun headboard garland and bedside speaker makes this bedroom ready to party!

37. Airforce Blue

Contemporary bedroom in a loft with brick wall and concrete pillar

This striking Airforce blue comes off refined against bronze and metal accents.

38. Refined Blue

Classic chair with wooden table on wooden floor in blue bedroom

Rich dark woods and bold stripes add a dignified touch to this pewter blue bedroom.

39. Pearl Blue

Classical bedroom interior

Champagne gold, light dusty blue, and pearlized accent pieces make this bedroom undeiably elegant.

40. Snowboard Blue

Bright boys room interior with blue bed and tv

What kid wouldn't want this awesome, snowboarder blue in their bedroom? A matching blue camo print bedspread, corner beanbag, and stellar art piece make this a teenager's dream bedroom.

41. Saturated Sapphire

Bright blue kids bedroom in old English style with cherry hardwood floor and doll house

This bright sapphire blue is perfect for a kid's bedroom.

42. Regal Blue

Blue themed luxury hotel room

Blue and gold are a regal combination.

43. Peacock Blue

Blue peacock themed bedroom

Peacocks are known for their colorful displays and this peacock blue bedroom is no exception!

44. Victorian Blue

Blue bedroom with wooden interior, yellow sofa chair and tv

In this bedroom, Victorian blue is accented by buttercream yellow, linen white, and bright red.

45. Royal Blue

Blue bedroom with luxurious curtains

Nothing says "royalty" like a grand headboard and rich regal blue.

46. Deep Blue Sea

Blue bedroom with beach-themed artworks

This bedroom is giving us serious sea vibes!

47. Blue Reflections

Blue bedroom techno style with brown parquet flooring

Light plays well with this smoky gray-blue and creates interesting patterns and reflections.

48. Modern Marvel

Blue bedroom in a lake house

This ultra-modern style is infused with a medley of tranquil blues.

49. Navy & Neutral

Bed with dark blue pillows and grey duvet and blanket next to window

Navy always pairs well with neutral colors like this taupe and oatmeal gray.

50. Blue Contemporary

Bedclothes on bed in cozy bedroom in blue tones

A no-fuss blue complements this clean contemporary style.

51. Blue Marble

Beautiful cozy bedroom with blue walls, modern chandelier, hardwood floor and vintage carpet

Emphasize desirable features like high ceilings with dangling pendulum lights. The burnished gold finish looks great against this robin's egg blue.

We hope you found these blue bedroom ideas helpful and inspiring!

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