12 Blue Curtain Ideas For The Bedroom [Pictures And Inspiration]

Blue is one of the most named favorite colors. And it's no wonder, as it's soothing and creates a sense of calm. It comes in a wide range of hues and goes with a whole host of design styles and other colors.

When you choose blue curtains, these benefits are a given. However, blue can sometimes be dark, and if you're trying to maximize light in your room, be sure and choose a lighter shade.

Let's take a look at these 12 fabulous blue curtain ideas for the bedroom.

A blue themed bedroom with a blue bed and a striped blue curtain, 12 Blue Curtain Ideas for Bedroom [Pictures and Inspiration]


1. Add Some Pattern To Your Life

A beautiful desk with a blue chair, blue curtains, and a panoramic view of a city

This bedroom office frames the beautiful city skyline with a bit of pattern and color. Navy bands blue polka-dotted curtains. A similarly colored desk chair ties the two together.

2. Use Horizontal Stripes To Round Out A Nautical Theme

A blue themed bedroom with a blue bed and a striped blue curtain

Choose a horizontal strip in shades of blue, white, and green. Then match your bedding to the curtains for a cohesive look for a nautical-themed bedroom.

These harbor striped panels are great for a breezy beach or boat-themed bedroom. Click here for these on Amazon.

Like this style? Check out more nautical bedroom ideas here.

3. Luxurious Tall Draped Curtains With Sheers And Corded Tie Backs For Elegance Galore

A blue themed bedroom with a blue curtain on the side

If you want to give your room extra height, choose floor to ceiling curtains. These have gorgeous drape which provides the room with a sumptuous, and elegant feel.

These elegant navy curtains with pompom fringe can help you create the boudoir look in your bedroom. Click here for these on Amazon.

4. Play Horizontal Striped Curtains Against Vertical Striped Wallpaper

A blue themed bedroom with a blue foam and windows

If you have vertical blue striped wallpaper, why not pair it with horizontal blue-striped curtains? This is a great casual feel for a youth or cabin bedroom.

5. Mix Up Your Blues In Your Bedroom

A blue themed bedroom with a galaxy wallpaper on the ceiling and a bed with blue pillows and blankets

This cozy bedroom utilizes robin's egg blue for the desk unit, turquoise for the bedding, and a soft light denim blue for the drapes. The galaxy portal in royal blue finishes off the palette.

This flax linen gauzy curtains have the same soft tonal quality as those in the image above. Get the look here on Amazon.

6. Match Your Curtains To Your Bedding

A blue themed bedroom with a white colored cabinet

Love a pattern punctuated by blues? You can find bedding and curtain sets for the instant harmony of design.

Here's an example of an entire 20 piece bedding and curtain set. This one is in shades of light blue and brown. Click here for this on Amazon.

7. Choose The Same Tone Of Blue For Rug, Curtains, And Bedding

A blue themed bedroom with blue blankets and a blue curtain

In this charming bedroom, the throw rug, comforter, curtains, and even the clock on the wall are bright turquoise. The walls are a slightly lighter shade of aqua. Do this with any shade of blue.

8. Use A Gorgeous Blue Curtain With A Light Allowing Sheer Curtain

A white couch with blue throw pillows and a blue curtain on the backgroundg

If you love a darker color curtain but don't want to lose daylight, consider combing curtains with sheers. With sheers, you have privacy and light. The darker curtains remain open until it's time to sleep.

Sheers even come in the color blue. Click here for these on Amazon.

9. Match A Pair Of Throw Pillows With Your Blue Curtains

A beautiful bedroom with a blue curtain, blue table, and blue throw pillows

Use the blue as an accent color in a neutral-toned bedroom. In this design, deep navy curtains, throw pillows, and an upholstered bench livens up a beige dominant space.

10. Use Corded Tie Backs For A Graceful Look

A nautical themed blue bedroom with an antique boat helm

If you want a curtain and sheer combination for the ultimate in color and light, don't forget the need for a pair of corded tie backs. These will hold your dark curtains open to allow daylight through the sheers and look fashionable in the process.

There are readily available tieback cords online in many different styles and colors. These are here on Amazon.

11. Bold Color Block Curtains Create A Modern Look

A blue themed bedroom with a blue bed and blue colored walls

These aqua curtains have a bold block of contrasting yellow at the top to create a color-blocked modern look. The large stripe of contrasting color at the top provides visual interest.

12. Match Your Curtains To An Accent Wall

A modern blue theme curtain and small house

Another beautiful look for a blue forward bedroom is the use of an accent wall with your curtains. Choose wallpaper or paint in the same shade as your curtains. In this room, a deep medium blue textured wallpaper pairs gracefully with ceiling to floor solid curtains.

There's so much you can do with the color blue in your bedroom and especially with your curtains. Whether you're sticking to solids or going with stripes, there's a look for you here. For other blue room ideas, please click on the HomeDecorBliss links below:

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