14 Blue Curtain Ideas For The Living Room

Curtains place the finishing touch on the design of any room. When your windows feature gorgeous treatments, the style of the room truly comes together. As you plan the space in your living room, you may be considering all of your curtain color options.

Let us just tell you that blue curtains make for wonderful additions. There are so many different blue hues and textures to choose from that will transform the room. As you plan the space, consider the other colors that are present in the room. Ensure that the blue curtains blend in well and don't disrupt the overall room design. 

To help you out, we put together 14 blue curtain ideas for the living room. Keep reading to feel inspired and gather some great design ideas! 

Metal shelves in blue apartment interior design with patterned blanket on settee near round table and plant on cabinet, 14 Blue Curtain Ideas for the Living Room

1. Color Trio

Navy blue armchair next to lamp in sophisticated apartment interior with painting and flowers

For even more of a visual impact in the living room, use a trio of curtain colors. Alternate curtain panels in colors of navy, white, and rosy pink. The trio of curtain colors is also used in various furniture pieces and other room features to tie it all together. 

Navy Blue Curtain Panel

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2. Christmas Curtains

Digitally generated Christmas style decorated warm and cozy home interior

Feeling festive? Turn your room into a winter wonderland during the holiday season and don't forget about the curtains! The curtains feature a red color block on the bottom while the top has a playful Christmas design that even matches the throw pillow. 

3. Sky Blue And Beige

Elegantly decorated living room in a modern home

Use two different colors of curtain panels to complete your dainty sky blue and beige room. Overlap a sky pleated blue panel over a pleated beige panel for an elegant look. 

4. Blue Linen

Orange pillow on green armchair near blue couch in colorful living room interior.

Linen curtains provide valuable texture to the room. The organic fibers look gorgeous as the sun streams through them. Hang the curtains from floor to ceiling to easily elongate the look of the room.

Linen Blend Curtains

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5. Coastal Blues

a spacious living room design in a blue Mediterranean-style house with sofas, coffee tables, decorative paintings,

A coastal-themed room utilizes soft hues of white and blue that promote a calming feeling. The dense coastal blue curtains are paired with a white counterpart and tied back elegantly. 

6. Opaque And Sheer

Interior of a modern hotel apartment

Use both blue opaque curtain panels and sheer curtain panels along the same curtain track. Breaking up the solid blue panels with sheer panels makes the room look and feel lighter. 

7. Tie-Dye Blues

Metal shelves in turquoise apartment interior design with patterned blanket on settee near round table and plant on cabinet

You couldn't get a more fun curtain pattern than tie-dye. Tie-dye patterns are never the same, so multiple tie-dyed objects will even have slightly different looks. With a curtain panel covering so much vertical space, it's good to have some pattern diversity. 

8. Polka Dot Pattern

Plants on brick wall in blue and white living room

Polka dots are fun, playful patterns, making it an excellent pattern for your curtains. Since this living room is full of blue hues and patterns, the polka dot curtains add just the right amount of pop.

Polka Dot Curtains

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9. Stony Blue

a gorgeous lounge in an expensive new home with two cream coloured settees on either side of a coffee table with a lit gas fire in the background

This stony blue color has a gray tint to it, making it perfect for complementing a living room full of soft neutral colors. It adds just enough color to make the room more interesting without derailing the neutral aesthetic. 

10. Blue And White Grid

Contemporary Living Room of an Ocean-front Condominium.

A large blue and white grid pattern offers a perfect chunky pattern into this texture and pattern-filled living room. All the furniture pieces in the room feature a similar pattern, just in varying colors and sizes. 

11. Blue With White Stripes

Picture of modern, domestic interior with bohemian elements.

This room can be defined by rich textures and patterns from floor to ceiling. The color palette is full of blues, yellows, and ivories that play off each other very well. The curtains are powder blue with thin white vertical stripes. 

Striped Curtain Panels

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12. Baby Blues

Modern living room with wooden wall panels

Baby blue curtains hang loosely in this room design. The slightly sheer panels barely skim the floor and they hang from the curtain rods from grommets. The curtains are rather simple, but infuse the room with soft color. 

Sheer Baby Blue Curtain Panels

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13. Two Tones

Modern Living Room with blue wall

Feel free to use two different colors of curtain panels. Two ocean blue panels flank the sheer white panels in the middle of the window to create a gorgeous display.

14. Navy Blue

Light cozy teen room with white bookcases, grey sofa and blue wall

Navy blue is one of the most classic colors used in interior design. It's classy, elegant, and rich in color. It does well in a room full of neutrals or in a room full of bright hues. These navy panels provide a deep color into the otherwise light-filled room.

Let us know in the comment section below which style of blue curtains you hang in your living room! Before you go, make sure to check out these other awesome articles:

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