15 Blue Curtains Ideas For The Nursery (Including Tips and Shopping Links)

Blue is one of the most popular theme colors for a nursery, especially if you know you're expecting a boy. And what better space to play around with shades of blue than the curtains? After all, they provide us with such a large area where creativity can come into play!

15 Blue Curtains Ideas For The Nursery (Including Tips And Shopping Links)

From navy to light shades of blue, in a solid splash of color or interesting patterns, it's hard to go with blue when it comes to the drapes of a baby's room or even the room of a toddler.

With that in mind, we've curated a list of 15 gorgeous curtains which could be a perfect fit for a blue-themed nursery or child's bedroom. And yes, many of them would be perfect for a baby of either gender!

1. Shooting Stars by Chirpa

Anything that has to do with space will spark your child’s inner creativity, especially comets or shooting stars. This rich curtain features a random mish mash of bright stars against a bright blue backdrop that should set the stage for creativity. If nothing else, the design should help children fall asleep, or put them in the right mood for sleep.

The curtain is made from environmentally friendly materials that are non-toxic, making them perfect for children. Furthermore, these curtains are fairly low maintenance because of being machine washable. Just don’t bleach and you’re all set.

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2. Blue Polka Dots for Children by Zen Creative Designs

Complete your baby’s nursery with this blue polka dotted curtain that brightens up your room with a white backsplash. This curtain should be universally compatible with most accessories in your room.

These bright blue dots should keep your little ones sleeping soundly, blocking enough light to keep your nursery room dark and ensuring your baby’s slumber doesn’t end until they wake up on their own. The white backdrop should go perfectly with Scandinavian interiors. The curtain is available in a wide range of sizes, so make sure you choose one that fits your window’s size.

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3. Blue White Cars by HowPlumb

This elegant curtain is packed with excellent features that allow you to realize all your windows’ potentials. From the gorgeous car prints to the reinforced metal grommets – this curtain is designed for long term use and fairly durable. So even if your baby starts tugging away at the curtain with all their weight, the metal rods will not come undone.

Perhaps more impressive is the foam padding that adds several attractive properties to the curtain, helping maximize energy savings, filter light from outside, and muffle traffic noise. The eclectic white background takes advantage of various blue colors such as teal and navy.

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4. Turquoise Grey Curtain by Padmini

The attractive turquoise and grey accents are perfect for nurseries and studios. There are no elaborate designs, but the contrasting colors should create a more welcoming and inviting feel that will be appreciated by both guests and children alike. The color palette should look good in most rooms and throughout all times of the day. Padmini, the manufacturer, sells these curtains in products of three different sizes; make sure you choose one that fits your window.

Furthermore, these drapes are fairly lightweight and durable thanks to the high quality of the fabric, imported straight from India.

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5. Pencil, Suns, and Houses – by Boyouth

The drape’s prints make it abundantly clear who the target market is – young children who like cartoons.   These curtains are perfect for nurseries because of the friendly print. The artist wanted to go for a theme inspired by cartoons and managed to succeed to a great extent.

This curtain is made with 100% polyester to maximize durability, aesthetics, and most importantly, functionality. In fact, the fabric is thermally insulated to maximize energy savings.  The drapes will filter outside light and keep the room dark enough. You will get six durable metal grommets, divided at one meter intervals.

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6. Underwater Dolphin by Davishouse

Here’s a curtain that will instantly steal the show and draw attention instantly toward itself. Dolphins delightfully float across the vast, deep ocean – a sight that is bound to ignite a curious spark in your children. The print is made using high quality, non-toxic material that is child-friendly, perfect for use in nurseries.

This drape itself is fairly feature-rich, promising to filter out 70% of noise from outside, block out sunlight, and set peaceful tones to make children fall asleep more easily. The curtain is easy to maintain and is machine washable.

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7. Blue Chevron Themed Curtain by Peri Kids

Classical black and white chevron pattern that is sandwiched between teal and turquoise colors for the best results possible, this curtain is exactly what you need in your child’s nursery. It is made using a high quality of material that will make your home look more peaceful and lively at the same time.

The curtain is bound to spruce up your living room, and it does so without containing any elaborate designs. It should blend right in with all your room’s accessories. The fabric is chosen to improve sleep, add privacy, and muffle noise.

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8. Scenery Room Curtains by Chaneyhouse

If you love the great outdoors and interesting landscapes such as mountains, then this curtain hits the nail right on the head with its interesting color palette. There are a whopping 10 different sizes to choose the curtain, making it possible to select the product. The curtain pulls no punches in terms of functionality, its durable fabric maximizes energy savings, serves as a thermal insulator, muffles outside noise, and protects your privacy – all at the same time. Maintenance is fairly easy, all you are required to do is toss it into the washing machine and call it a day. Avoid using bleach or water.

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9. Navy Kids Curtain by Decotex

Boldly colored murals beautifully embellish this printed navy curtain, featuring 100 percent polyester for unmatched durability. The artist didn’t hold back in terms of realizing their artistic potential and infused this curtain with lots of artwork. This allows the drapes to be used in children’s nursery because of the cartoonish layout.

The drapes are machine washable, which makes them easy to care for.

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10. NFL Sports Team Design by Zen Creative Design

If your children are into sports and other outdoor activities that involve lots of team play such as rugby, then this curtain is for you. It is made with 100 percent cotton for extra comfort and durability. Furthermore, the print itself is non-toxic, making this drape extremely child-friendly.

The bright blue backdrop perfectly complements the off-white rugby helmet. Homeowners targeting a more Nordic look will find this drape fairly useful, making it perfect for nurseries, children’s bedrooms, and even living rooms. There are seven different sizes to choose from, choose the size that fits your window.

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11. High Shading Cartoon Drapes for Children

This super chic curtain features some of the most attractive murals we’ve seen on curtains, incorporating high-quality prints that make use of non-toxic fade-resistant ink to remain child-friendly. The drapes are made using a product that is extremely durable yet soft to the touch. Moreover, both sides of the drapes share the same, blue turquoise color which does a pretty good job at filtering out sunlight.

The curtains are outfitted with material that makes them thermally insulated, soundproof, and energy efficient.

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12. Energy Saving Star Curtain for Kids

Dark blue colors with bright white sparks scattered throughout for good measure do a fairly good job at capturing the elegance of the night sky. This curtain offers linen-look fabric that offers tons of features such as the ability to completely block out UV light. The manufacturer also boasts blocking 90% of sunlight, this is important if you want to make sure nothing disturbs your child’s slumber.

The attractive print utilizes non-toxic ink to ensure your children don’t come in contact with dangerous chemicals. Moreover, the triple weave fabric manages to remain super soft while being extra durable.

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13. Astronaut in Outer space for Children

This curtain will instantly change your room’s look and feel, adding new layers of coziness and style. The decorative print will match well with various color palettes of your room’s interior décor, seating, and other accessories perfectly. This drape utilizes fabric that is fairly durable and environmentally friendly, no inks are used that could harm your family’s health.

There are three sizes to choose from, select the one that fits your window’s size.

 14. Dog Bone Curtain by GaoCheng

Light blue backsplash featuring scores of white dog bones set a cheerful, bubbly vibe in your nursery room. The fabric is carefully selected to offer useful properties such as blocking out sunlight, providing a high degree of insulation, and durable triple weave upholstery for longevity.

This curtain is ideal if you want to minimize outside noise, maximize savings, and add privacy.

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15. White Clouds Against Blue Background

The bright blue backsplash adds just the right amount of color to your baby’s nursery, while the cartoonish white clouds complement the theme and instantly grab attention. New digital printing methods ensure that the color won’t fade with time. There are several drape sizes to choose from, so you’re bound to find a size that will fit your specifications.

These curtains win high marks from us in terms of aesthetics and are highly recommended.

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We hope you found this collection inspiring! Before you make your decision, we urge you to read our article on how to choose the right curtains for the nursery, for a list of design AND safety tips.

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