Do you have a lot of pine furniture in your home and want to add some color? Will blue look good with pine? Well, you're in the right place. We've put together this guide to help you figure out whether or not blue is the right color to add to your home.

Yes, blue goes very nicely with pine furniture and evens out the warm tones found in pine wood. Light blue, dark blue, and even mixes of blue-green like turquoise are great options!

You're probably wondering what shades of blue work best with pine furniture. Are there other colors that work well with pine? Keep reading to learn how to incorporate this color and more into your home decor. 

Blue wall in living room with full of pine wood furnitures, Does Blue Go With Pine Furniture?

Should I Add Blue To A Home With Pine Furniture?

Yes, it's good to add blue to a home with pine furniture. The color blue creates a calming, cool atmosphere, and the cooler tones of blue shades can balance out the warm tones found in pine. Adding blue to a home with pine furniture will also add a pop of color against the wood.

Brown pine furnitures in modern living room

What Shades Of Blue Work Best With Pine?

Light shades of blue are easily incorporated into a room with pine furniture. Darker shades of blue can work, too, but they can be more complex to work into the room than the lighter shades. You will want to choose the right shade of blue for the look you want to accomplish.

Prestige Robin's Egg Blue

This light blue shade will complement any pine furniture very nicely.

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modern black metal edison bulb lamp on wooden bedroom night table in contemporary style gray room interior

How Will Light Blue Look With Pine Furniture?

Light blue is easily assimilated into a room with pine furniture. It will create a calm, light, and airy atmosphere in the room and will help reign in the warm tones of the pine furniture. Whether the pine in the room is natural or stained dark, light blue shades are always a safe bet.

How Does Will Dark Blue Look Against Pine Furniture?

Dark blue will still help balance the pine, but its richer hues will create a more dramatic and regal appearance paired with pine. A dark blue shade will work with light or dark stained pine, but it's easiest to work it into darker pine tones.

Against light-colored pine, it can be a little more challenging to balance.

Rust-Oleum Navy Blue Latex Paint

This navy blue tone is an extravagant addition to any room.

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unpainted pine wood furniture in a traditional Victorian house setting

What Other Colors Work Well With Pine Furniture?

Most cool shades will go very well with pine furniture. Green, white, purple, and neutral tones like white or beige will work well with pine. Avoid adding warm tones, which can become overpowering when mixed with the yellow tones found in pine.

Can You Stain Pine To Match Other Colors?

Whether you stain your pine furniture or leave it natural, it will always hold onto its naturally warm yellow undertones. This means that pine will still coordinate best with cool tones like blue and green even after staining it.

Prestige Pastel Green Interior Paint

This pastel green shade will create a charming country look against the pine.

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How Can I Make Pine Look More Modern?

Outdoor with blue furniture with pine walling

Adding color to the room will help to modernize your pine furniture. Shades like blue or gray are a great option if you want a more modern look. Gray has cool tones, but it doesn't present an overpowering amount of color either, making it a safe and interesting color choice with pine.

Is Pine Out Of Style?

Pine is a timeless choice for walls, furniture, and floors. It's one of the less expensive wood choices, making it a staple in the building industry. It never seems to go out of style and continues to be popular in homes.

Prestige Lavender Paint

This lovely pastel purple won't overpower the rest of the room, but its gentle cool tones will compliment your pine furniture nicely.

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Cabin interior with perfect setting of pine furnitures

What Color is Pine Wood?

Pine, like most wood, is considered to be a warm tone. It carries many yellow undertones that shine through once the wood is finished correctly. Since it carries such warm tones, it is good to balance pine out with cooler colors.

You can use warm colors with pine, but it may be overwhelming once you have it together. Yellow, red, and orange all match pine, but they lack any contrast, making the room feel flat and dull.

Can You Mix Pine With Other Woods And Tones?

Yes, mixing wood tones is a great way to add dimension to your space without incorporating many colors. Choose a primary wood tone, and accent it with other wood species. You can even use differently stained pine to add excitement to the area without varying the wood species too much.

Varathane Wood Stain

This dark stain will help you vary the wood tones in your home.

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Wooden Table Top with Blur of Cozy Living Room

Can You Use Multiple Paint Colors With Pine?

Yes, this can be a great way to brighten up a room. Choose contrasting colors to add excitement, like blue and orange, then break it up using the pine furniture to balance the bright colors.

However, try not to go overboard by using complementary colors like green with blue, as they can become overpowering.

How Else Can You Incorporate Color In A Room With Pine Furniture?

Don't rely strictly on paint to add color to a room. You can use home decor to add pops of color throughout the room without going crazy with the paint.

Brightly colored coordinated pieces placed thoughtfully around the room can provide a welcome amount of color without having to paint all the walls.

Eonyea Balloon Dog Statue

A statue like this can help add color to the room without painting your walls or furniture.

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What Is The Best Color To Use With Pine?

White is a sure thing when it comes to coordinating with pine furniture. Its bright neutral look works with any natural wood tone. It can create contrast against even the lightest colored wood furniture.

Should You Use Warm Colors With Pine?

Using other warm colors with pine isn't always a dealbreaker. You may need to break up the warmth by adding decor with some color or incorporating some white into the room. Yellow matches pine almost perfectly, but using just yellow paint and pine in a room can create a monotonous look.

Jolie Paint Emperor Yellow

This yellow paint is available in 4-ounce sample size, perfect for testing against pine furniture.

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Does Dark Green Go With Pine?

Dark Green on Modern house interior in living room

Yes, using dark green against pine will create a classic rustic appearance. It's the perfect color scheme to use if you want to achieve a woodsy, cabin-like feeling in your home.

It's best used as an accent color, so you might want to consider just the moldings and trim rather than painting the entire wall.

Prestige Paints Forest Hills Green

This dark green paint is perfect for a classic pine accent color.

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What Color Paint Goes With Knotty Pine?

Knotty pine and pine have the same natural undertones, but knotty pine's dark brown knots break the yellow and create a more rustic-looking wood product. If you are working with knotty pine, you can follow the same guidelines recommended for standard pine.

How Do I Choose The Best Color For My Room?

The best way to ensure that you select a good color for your room is to gather paint samples. Observe the paint samples in the room you're redecorating to ensure that the lighting is consistent and that the paint will reflect the way you wish. Use color to balance the pine, not overpower it.

In Conclusion

Blue wall in living room with full of pine wood furnitures

Now that you know which colors pair best with pine, you're ready to gather paint swatches and make plans. Make sure to test your choices before diving in to ensure that you will love your choice for years to come. Have fun shopping, and enjoy your freshly redecorated home!

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