7 Board and Batten Bathroom Ideas

These days, it's easy to transform a space as innocuous as the bathroom into an entirely unique haven. How can you use board and batten to add charm to your bathroom, though? 

If you want to use board and batten in your bathroom, you can:

  • Pair board and batten with unique wallpaper
  • Contrast board and batten with bold paint
  • Use board and batten to create the illusion of height
  • Use bathroom accessories to bring your board and batten together
  • Use tile and a neutral caulk to contrast your board and batten
  • Fill an entire wall
  • Add depth with a matched-color board and batten

Board and batten allows you to add new dimensions to an otherwise confined space. Whether you're pursuing a farmhouse look or want to embrace something more modern, you can use board and batten to breathe new life into your bathroom.

Pair your board and batten with other materials, and you'll find no limit to how you can make the most of your bathroom's wall space.

White modern board and batten siding, 7 Board and Batten Bathroom Ideas

7 Board and Batten Bathroom Ideas

You most often find board and batten on the outside of houses. This exterior siding can successfully contend with the elements while adding to your home's curb appeal.

You don't have to relegate your board and batten to the outside of your home, though. If you have extra on hand after a siding project or want to bring new textures indoors, you can use board and batten as an interior decorating aid.

White board and batten siding with laminated flooring

Bathrooms, in particular, can benefit from a board and batten design. The material isn't likely to succumb to the influence of steam or excess moisture, and it can add real flair to your design of choice.

What's more, board and batten is highly-customizable. As such, you can fit it to any purpose, color, or design with just a little effort.

What's the best way to turn your extra board and batten into the feature that your bathroom needs? That depends on your interests and goals.

While you're brainstorming what you want your bathroom to look like, you can consider the following:

Pairing Board and Batten With Unique Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a comeback these days, and for good reason. You can decorate your bathroom using any manner of design and still have it fit your desired aesthetic - or easily change it out, so long as you have wallpaper remover on hand.

You can accentuate that wallpaper by investing in paired board and batten.

Specifically, you can divide your wall into your chosen segments:

  • One-third wallpaper, two-thirds board, and batten
  • Two-thirds wallpaper, one-third board, and batten

This means you won't have to invest in as much wallpaper as you would when covering an entire wall, and you'll have the opportunity to match a busy pattern with a more solid, textural piece.

Alternatively, you can invest in a simple wallpaper design and have your board and batten bring out the colors that are more difficult to see.

White board and batten siding inside a narrow bathroom with green nature leaf wallpaper design

Make sure that you bring home wallpaper that can stand up to the steam from your bathroom.

If you want your board and batten/wallpaper combination in a bathroom with a shower or bathtub, keep a careful eye out for mildew or unexpected peeling.

You'll need to take good care of your investment if you want to maintain your desired look in the long term.

Contrasting Board and Batten With Bold Paint

You don't always have to pair your board and batten with wallpapers. If you want to invest in a bathroom addition that's a little more permanent, you can paint the part of your wall that you'd otherwise cover with wallpaper.

Painting may not allow you to invest in the same delicate patterns as wallpaper, but it does allow you to play with vibrant colors.

Blue colored cabinets inside a white modern bathroom

You can contrast your board and batten with a bright or neutral board and batten if you want to create a statement wall within your space.

Alternatively, you can play your board and batten off one another to match your bathroom to a specific theme, like a beach or sunset aesthetic.

Pair this design with fitting accessories, and your bathroom can become a place of beauty and functionality.

Using Board and Batten to Create the Illusion of Height

Board and batten usually add texture to your bathroom walls. You can use that texture to your advantage if you want to make your bathroom ceiling appear higher up than it naturally is.

Beautiful off white colored board and batten siding

Specifically, board and batten runs vertically along your wall. If you choose to fill an entire side of your bathroom with board and batten, it can draw the eye up toward your ceiling.

Pair this usage with a light ceiling or dark paint on the walls; you can make more out of limited space.

Using Bathroom Accessories to Bring Your Board and Batten Together

Though you might not think it, the accessories you invest in can make or break your bathroom's overall design. Consider, for example, the way well-paired board & batten, and accessories can transform your space.

Gorgeous blue colored board and batten siding

If you start with a neutral wall and invest in a fun board and batten - teal, for example - you can unite your bathroom by investing in teal accessories.

Alternatively, if you have accessories you've consistently used in your bathroom, you can match your board and batten to those colors.

If you're unsure where to start accessorizing your bathroom, figure out your staples. What color are your towels? What about your soap dispenser?

Once you focus on those details, you can paint your board and batten to make those accessories pop.

Using Tile and a Neutral Caulk in Contrast to Your Board and Batten

Brown board and batten siding photographed up close

Tile is a staple in the modern bathroom. As you're preparing to tile your shower or walls, why not consider pairing your pattern with some simple board and batten?

You have to be careful when pairing these two pattern pieces together, as you do risk making your bathroom an overly-busy space.

However, with some planning, you can create fantastic patterns that draw the eye through your bathroom by filling it with a sense of motion.

It's usually in your best interest to invest in a neutral caulk when pairing your tile with board and batten. The neutral color can prevent the bathroom from overwhelming your guests, as it won't demand that the eye focus on another feature.

That said, it can add to your overall design if you find a caulk color that matches your bathroom accessories without compromising its vibrancy.

Filling an Entire Wall

Sometimes it's prudent to fill your blank bathroom wall with a mirror or several pictures in (waterproof!) frames. There are other ways to make the most of this space, though.

White modern board and batten siding

You can use board and batten as a wallpaper substitute and fill an entire wall with texture. The resulting look will still draw visitors' eyes without requiring you to color-match wallpaper or invest in steam-proof wallpaper.

You can also consider placing board and batten underneath a full-sized mirror if you want to create the illusion of more space in a bathroom.

Adding Depth With Matched-Color Board and Batten

Interior of a gorgeous, white and metal themed bathroom with board and batten walls and industrial themed wall lamps

There's something about a plain wall that can be a little off-putting, even in a bathroom. If you're confined to a small space or discontent with the dimensions of your bathroom, you can use that plain wall to your advantage.

With the help of board and batten, you can trick the eye into thinking that your bathroom has more depth than it initially seems.

To make the most of this trick, consider painting your board and batten the same color as your bathroom walls. Then, secure the board and batten in place.

The resulting illusion will give off the impression that your bathroom has more space in it than it initially seems.

You can further this illusion by striking a balance between darker walls and lighter board and batten. The matching strategy, however, adds texture to your walls without demanding that you sink time into the study of color theory.

It also makes it easier for you to find bathroom accessories that further accentuate your space's unique features.

In Conclusion

White modern board and batten siding

Board and batten allows you to transform the look of your bathroom. There's no one way to take advantage of this unique addition to your interior design, either.

You can experiment with the look of your board and batten until you're content with how it extenuates your bathroom's existing features.

Then, when the time comes to change your bathroom's look again, you can use the same materials to create something entirely new.

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