16 Boho Dreamcatchers That Will Look Great In Your Home

16 Boho Dreamcatchers That Will Look Great In Your HomeBoho style is carefree, relaxed, full of homemade items and vibrant, yet earthy, colors. It combines the eclectic with the chic, often featuring a mixture of items from various cultures all over the world. Some of the most prominent ones are made from rattan or macrame, conveying the often unconventional lifestyle of the decorator. If you’re looking to add a bit of boho style to your life, dreamcatchers are a good place to start.

Dreamcatchers are often handmade, the very base of the boho style. They can be found in earthy tones, jewel tones, or a mixture of the two. And, since they can be used as wall decor or hung from the ceiling, they add an edge to the style that can’t be found from many other items.

Beautiful Boho Dreamcatchers

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1. Handmade White Feather Dreamcatcher

AerWo’s handmade white gold feather dreamcatcher adds an elegant yet eclectic touch to your space. It’s 20” in length, comes premade, and makes a perfect gift for a loved one, wedding decoration, or focal point of your bedroom. They offer a full refund, should anything go wrong or if it doesn’t fit with your style as well as you thought it would.

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2. White Boho Dreamcatcher

AgLife’s large white boho dreamcatcher features long, elegant threads that end with natural wood beads and feathers. In the center is a metal hoop with a crocheted cotton net, another all-natural material. It’s fully handmade by a skilled craftsman and, at 32.6” long, is perfect for a wall-hanging centerpiece or an outdoor summer decoration. The graceful design will give your home a breezy, relaxed feel, as boho should.

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3. Handmade Tassel Dreamcatcher

Artilady’s handmade tassel dreamcatcher combines both sides of the boho style to bring you a gorgeous piece that will tie your room together. This dreamcatcher’s hoop and net are made from neutral, earthy tones (the foundation of boho) while the tassels are vibrant blues, accenting the piece. It’s 22” long and made from soft, environmentally-friendly materials.

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4. Three-Piece Pink Macrame Dreamcatcher

Made from feathers, cotton, and lace, this pink tassel dreamcatcher is perfect for adding subtle color to your house or accenting a kid’s bedroom. It combines a more earthly purple tone with a sweet pink, adding a simple pop of color to your boho style. This dreamcatcher is a registered CHICIEVE trademark, measuring 35.4” in length at its largest and 23.6” at its smallest. With a three-piece set, you can even tie together separate rooms of the house, placing one dreamcatcher in each and giving them a similar item that adds coherence.

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5. White Feather Macrame Dreamcatcher

EasyBravo’s boho dreamcatcher features a design on the net that resembles a flower, bringing a slice of nature into your home alongside the natural feathers and wooden beads. The cotton lace tassels and hand-woven cotton net add an environmentally-friendly touch to your dreamcatcher, while the long, elegant tassels make this dreamcatcher perfect for hanging on the wall or from the ceiling.

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6. Handmade Tree of Life Boho Dreamcatcher

The tree of life—a symbol for strength and connection to nature—is one of the most beautiful boho dreamcatcher designs. The “feathers” are designed with woven tassels, and the natural color matches the earthy tones of standard boho decor. It’s perfect for an everyday decoration or for a boho-themed wedding on the beach or in a field! This dreamcatcher is 37.8” in length and will likely be the focal point of any room it’s in.

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7. Macrame Dreamcatcher

This dreamcatcher is both earth-tones and macrame, giving it a double edge in boho style. It brings an appreciation for Native American culture into your home. This dreamcatcher is bit bolder than others, with larger tassels and beaded ropes. It’s 100 percent macrame, finely woven from cotton cords, and perfect for any room’s centerpiece.

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8. Light-Up Dreamcatcher with Golden Lace

Dremisland’s light-up mobile dreamcatcher is earth-toned and perfect for boho bedroom or nighttime wedding decor! Since it’s a mobile style, it’s great for hanging from the ceiling or tree branches. It has a ratten circle, white feathers, golden lace, bells, and ribbon, with 30 LED battery-operated string lights as the pièce de résistance. It’s 100 percent handmade, ensuing a beautiful, unique, well-proportioned design.

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9. Handmade Boho Macrame Dreamcatcher

Like leaves and snowflakes, no two of SUMJULY’s handmade macrame dreamcatchers are the same. As such, if you aren’t completely satisfied, you can let them know at any point! The design features four large, white feathers, contrasting the natural tones of the cords and tassels. Wooden beads adorn the dreamcatcher, and the eco-friendly materials are perfect for any true boho lover. Every item is crafted with love, allowing you to bring a bit of that love into your home as you hang the dreamcatcher from your wall, ceiling, porch, etc.

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10. Traditional Boho Style Feather Dreamcatcher

Mixing dark, earthy browns with bright, electric blues, Dremisland’s traditional feather dreamcatcher algins wonderfully with the boho style. The design of this dreamcatcher is simple, yet beautiful, as the electric blue feathers bring a focal point to any room and will surely stand out against the rest of your pieces (one of the qualities of boho design). At 18” in length, this dreamcatcher is a perfect accent piece for your living room, bedroom, or even your back porch in the warmer months.

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11. Rearview Mirror Boho Dreamcatcher

Bring your boho style on the go! LAVAY’s rearview mirror dreamcatcher allows you to take a bit of your style with you whenever you travel. It’s made from high-quality materials like natural feathers, wooden beads, and yarn. It’s a handmade design and comes fully assembled, so you can hang it up as soon as you get it! And if you’d rather not have it in your car, it’s the perfect accessory to hang by any desk, dresser, nightstand, or vanity.

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12. Littlear Tassel Dreamcatcher

Littlear’s tassel dreamcatcher is another beautiful example of a piece that exudes boho. It’s dark green tassels combine earthy tones with a splash of color to bring you a balanced boho decor piece. The netting and tassels are made from natural cotton cord and hemp rope, perfect for anyone worried about being environmentally conscientious. At 23.6” long, this dreamcatcher makes a great accent piece for any living room, bedroom, wedding, etc.!

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13. Boho Dreamcatcher Air Plant Holder

This boho dreamcatcher is possibly as unique as they come. Bring a bit of nature into your home while keeping in line with your boho decor, and without cluttering your house with pots! This dreamcatcher is made for holding air plants in its holes as it helps filter the bad dreams from the good. Handcrafted from hemp, cotton rope, and wood beads, the netting is adorned with fake succulents to appear a bit more lively—truly a centerpiece for any boho-themed room. The hoop sizes range from 4” to 12” and may have slight variations in size since it’s a handmade product.

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14. Blue Boho Feather Dreamcatcher

On the brighter end of boho decor, this dreamcatcher focuses on making a statement. The electric blues of the feathers meld into a darker pine green, but it strays away from the earthy browns, whites, and tans. In a room where most of the boho pieces incorporate other aspects of the design style (macrame, rattan, etc.), this dreamcatcher will truly stand out and become the focal point. It’s 29.5” in length and would be a great addition to any bedroom, living space, or even a boho-themed party!

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15. MeiHoyo’s Feather Dreamcatcher

Made from wooden beads, high-quality yarn, and natural feathers, MeiHoyo’s dreamcatcher makes a lovely gift or decoration for any bedroom or living space! Each item is made in ethical conditions and handcrafted using woven, natural materials. This dreamcatcher focuses more on darker earthy tones (deep browns and greys) as opposed to lighter ones, like tan and white. MeiHoyo have a 100 percent refund guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

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16. Four-Piece Boho Dreamcatcher Set

This four-piece boho dreamcatcher set is handmade. HiPlus prides themselves on their ethical conditions in which their products are crafted, bringing you a dreamcatcher that's made from natural materials like wooden beads and woven cotton. The smallest dreamcatcher is 5.91" in length while the largest is 31". The variation of sizes allows for unique and endless possibilities to include these in your home decor.

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