17 Boho Duvet Covers That Will Make Your Bedroom Downright Gorgeous

Looking to decorate your bedroom in boho style? A duvet or bed cover could be a quick and effective way towards that. After all, beds are large and can easily turn into a focal point in your room. Decorating them in your favorite style - bohemian in this case - in an affordable quick fix towards a fresh new stylish look for your room.17 Boho Duvet Covers That Will Make Your Bedroom Downright Gorgeous

Bohemian (or “boho”) style elements incorporate vivid swaths of color, bold prints that originate from cultures spanning the globe, and the use of many different textures or materials. It is a carefree and beautiful way of decorating any space, but the bedroom is where most boho aficionados like to let their décor choices really shine. After all, who wouldn’t want to sink into a comfy bed that’s been decked out in their chosen aesthetic? In this post, we’ll show you 17 breathtaking boho duvet covers that will help you to achieve exactly that.

If you want to learn more about getting a beautiful boho bedroom in your own home, click here to read our Ultimate Boho Home Décor Guide.

Express Your Creativity with These 17 Boho Duvet Covers

The Bohemian look provides an incredible amount of variety in terms of colors, textiles, and patterns. The 17 duvet covers you’ll see below will showcase this fact in a splendid fashion and perhaps give you some ideas for furnishing your own bedroom.

1. Orange Mandala Medallion Duvet Cover

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Boho Duvet Cover Queen, Luxury Microfiber Ethnic Boho Chic Bedding

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This microfiber duvet cover and pillowcase set brings a pronounced sense of warmth to a bedroom with absolutely zero effort. The colors are not necessarily the first things that you would pair together on your own, but the craftspeople behind Wake In Cloud have found a way to make the contrast look so good! To complete this look, simply pick up a set of bright orange sheets. If you are a lover of color and you want your bedroom to look like a Bohemian escape into another world, a duvet cover like this one is a great place to start your decorating.Click here to purchase this beautiful set on Amazon.

2. White Cotton Duvet with Tassels

Flber Boho Bedding White Cotton Tassel Boho Duvet Cover Macrame Boho Comforter

Not every element of Bohemian décor has to be crammed with color, though there’s definitely nothing wrong with that! This white duvet cover, featuring beautiful tassel details, is the perfect solution for those who want the stylish beauty of boho in their lives, but with more muted colors.Luxuriously soft, white cotton allows you incredible flexibility if you want to style your bedroom around the boho theme. Keep up with the shades of white or allow other boho elements of your bedroom to make a real impact through contrast! Complete the look with a tasseled curtain or lampshade cover in the same shade or a more vivid color. Click here to buy this duvet on Amazon.

3. Ethnic Vintage Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover

The 100% brushed cotton duvet cover and pillow shams you see here are ultra-breathable, which enhances the comfort that you crave at bedtime. The ethnic and vintage-inspired pattern is Boho 101, as it combines numerous design elements to create one beautifully cohesive look. And you don’t have to worry about the colors fading or bleeding. This duvet and pillow sham set was crafted to combat those problems that we often see with colorful and printed bedspreads. They are soft but retain a crispness as you’d find in the highest-quality hotel duvets, so you get to sleep in beauty and luxury. Click here to buy this duvet cover and pillow shams on Amazon.

4. Tufted Tassel Duvet Cover

Tufted Tassel Duvet Cover Cotton Cream Boho Bedding Twin

Varying textures are an innate part of Bohemian decoration. On this duvet cover, what the pattern lacks in color it more than makes up for in beautiful, subtle yet not understated, texture in the form of woven tassels. This duvet cover is ideal for those who want to harness the beauty of boho but want to take a less-is-more, minimalist approach to the theme. The soft, tufted cotton of this duvet cover is ultra-luxurious and surprisingly light, which is great for those of us who sleep hot and don’t want to sacrifice beauty for a light duvet cover. Click this link to buy this beautiful duvet cover on Amazon.

5. Colorful Bohemian 3-Piece Set

Boho Twin Duvet Cover, Microfiber 3 Pieces Boho Twin Bedding Set

This duvet cover and 2 pillowcase set harnesses the comfort of microfiber and is printed with a stunning, multi-color Bohemian pattern straight out of the psychedelic era. The bold patterns and colors are transformative, effectively changing the entire aesthetic of a bedroom with a relatively simple alteration. Striking colors contrast – not clash – amid several fields of intricate boho patterns. Complete the look with bright bedsheets in nearly any shade!Click here to purchase this 3-piece set on Amazon.

6. Geometric Print 3-Piece Set

Khaki Plaid Duvet Cover King

The 100% cotton duvet cover that you see here is completely healthy, beautiful and incredibly cozy to sleep on. The construction of this 3-piece set is both breathable and warm, perfect for use throughout the year’s seasons. The geometric print on the duvet cover and two pillowcases make a beautiful impression that injects warmth and style into a bedroom with the utmost ease. Never sacrifice style for comfort when you have this beautifully Bohemian option right here.Click here to buy this set on Amazon.

7.Microfiber Blue and Beige Duvet Cover

Cotton Vintage Blue Grey Paisley Duvet Cover 3

Neutral shades certainly have their place in Bohemian-inspired style, as this 3-piece set certainly shows. Blue, red, white and beige all work seamlessly together to create a beautiful boho bedspread that will work with any wall or carpet color you can dream of. While many boho duvet covers are very intricate in their designs, this one simplifies things a little bit, which allows the chosen pattern to really stand out. Pair this set with nearly any color accessories to create a cohesive look with nearly zero effort! Click here to buy this set on Amazon.

8. Reversible Mandala Pattern Duvet Cover

Sleepwish Boho Duvet Cover Blue Mandala Comforter Cover Bohemian

From The Boho Street comes this stunning, reversible Bohemian-inspired duvet cover. The beautiful Mandala pattern seen on both sides shows the more intricate, detail-oriented side of what’s considered boho. A myriad of warm and cool shades work together to complement one another, rather than clashing in too harsh of a contrast and will look great in a room with nearly any color scheme. The duvet cover also comes with two pillowcases, so that you can have a complete and cohesive look on the most focal point of any bedroom – your bed. The design is classic and beautiful, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance immediately after making your bed. Click here to purchase this 3-piece set on Amazon.

9. Colorful Bohemian Duvet Cover and 2 Pillowcases

Bohemian Comforter Cover Set Boho Retro Luxury Duvet Cover Sets Vintage

This 3-piece boho bedding set is fashioned from 100% cotton, so it is not only beautiful but also highly breathable. The colorful print, which is embellished with hues of blue, magenta and rich orange, instantly adds a powerful punch of color to even the blandest grey and white bedroom. You can use nearly anything to add to this look – a colorful lampshade, a stunning beaded curtain, a vibrant throw rug, the sky’s the limit! Click here to purchase this beautiful and surprisingly versatile set on Amazon.

10. Black and White Microfiber 3-Piece Set

Boho Comforter Queen

There is no rulebook saying that “boho” has to mean “brash and colorful,” though that is certainly the expectation that most people have. This black and white 3-piece bedding set is entirely black and white, harnessing the visual effect of bold, geometric prints in lieu of statement-making, popping color. This allows you to really let other, colorful statement pieces in your room shine in contrast. Alternatively, you can add a Bohemian touch even when your chosen aesthetic is a sleek black and white look.Click here to purchase this unexpected boho set on Amazon.

11. Coral and Blue Mandala Bedding Set

Bohemian Comforter Set, Orange Coral Boho Chic Mandala

Coral and blue allow limitless possibilities for colorful décor, if that’s your flavor. This delightfully fresh and feminine Mandala duvet cover and pillowcases are a beautiful way of accenting any room, even if the walls and floors are plain as can be. Made out of 100% microfiber, this bedding set is wrinkle-resistant, incredibly soft, and easy to keep clean. This is the perfect boho-inspired bedding set for any room, but especially for kids, teens and college students in their dorms, where the décor really makes the biggest statement. Click here to purchase this colorful set on Amazon.

12. Geometric Medallion Duvet and Pillowcases

Mandala Comforter Set, Orange Bohemian Boho Chic Medallion Pattern Printed

This incredibly eye-catching design comes from Wake In Cloud, a brand known for its prominent designs and beautiful details. The combination of neutral and vibrant shades makes for a stunning look in nearly any bedroom and lends itself to any number of décor configurations. This microfiber set is impossibly comfortable, breathable, and easy to maintain. You never have to worry about bleeding or fading colors as long as you machine washes in cold water. Click here to purchase this uniquely boho set on Amazon.

13. Ivory and Charcoal Patterned Duvet Set

Cotton Duvet Set Mid Century Modern Boho Design

Bold, geometric prints are definitely at home within a Bohemian setting, and this bedding set is no different. You can use the gentler shades of ivory and charcoal (versus stark black and white) to create any number of looks. Are you a lover of a monochromatic look? Do you want your walls or décor accessories to make a real impact in your bedroom? Whichever your goal is, this cotton jacquard bedding set is the perfect addition to your sleeping space. Click here to purchase this set on Amazon.

14. Black and White Patterned 3-Piece Bedding Set

Vaulia Boho Bedding Set Exotic Patterns Design

This seamless pattern is accompanied with a dual-zipper configuration that ensures all you see is the pattern – never the zipper cover. This stunning black and white pattern is laid on washed microfiber, which enhances softness and breathability to ensure the best night’s sleep possible. But guess what happens when you reverse the duvet cover? You get a splash of breathtaking navy to give you a bit more color for your room’s chosen aesthetic! Click here to purchase this set on Amazon.

15. Colorfully Bohemian 4-Piece Set

FADFAY Boho Duvet Cover Set 100% Brushed Cotton Colorful Stripe Exotic Style Bohemian Bedding Set

Vibrant colors? Stunning patterns? Unparalleled comfort and style? Check, check and check! This 4-piece set from FADFAY includes the duvet cover and pillow shams, which you can expect of almost any bedding set. To add the cherry on top of the sundae: it comes with a matching sheet! It’s never been easier to coordinate your boho-inspired bedroom than this. This stunning myriad of color is going to look exceptional in any space, instantly adding color, coziness, and flair. Click here to purchase this unique 4-piece set on Amazon.

16. Demask Medallion on Egyptian Cotton Set

Eikei Boho Paisley Print Luxury Duvet Quilt Cover

From Eikei Home comes this beautiful statement set in stunning burgundy and accent colors. Inspired by Persian aesthetics, this duvet cover and pillow shams set adds a classy and sophisticated element to any bedroom that you still want to retain beautiful color and richness. Red, green and navy work together to complement the primary burgundy color in perfectly comfortable 350-count Egyptian cotton. Click here to buy this classic burgundy boho set on Amazon.

17. Vibrant Violet and Multicolor Boho Bedding Set

A Nice Night Boho Floral Mandala Paisley Bohemian Purple Printed Comforter Set

Another selection from FADFAY, this stunning 4-piece boho bedding set includes the duvet cover, loose sheet and 2 pillow shams that you see here. Floral and medallion designs are both present in this design, which creates an incredibly eye-catching pattern that you can’t help but keep staring at. All of these components are made from 100% cotton, which (as we all know) is the best for a soft, temperature-controlled sleep.Click here to buy this beautiful, 4-piece set on Amazon.

Boho is as Varied as Can Be

As you can see from the 17 stunning samples above, the Bohemian vibe doesn’t exclude patterns or colors. You can have a bedspread devoid of anything more than black and white or you can have a technicolor explosion on your bed. There is a boho duvet out there to meet your chosen aesthetic, as long as you’re a fan of big, bold patterns.

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