30+ Boho Kitchen Ideas That Will Inspire You (Picture Post)

Bohemian Kitchen Ideas

Love the boho style but wondering how to apply this school of design in a kitchen? Good question! We found 30 great examples of boho kitchens that show you just how, and used them to provide you with this list of tips.

The Boho style involves lots of plants, patterns, and pops of bright color combined to create a space that is artsy and vibrant without ever becoming chaotic. It's a little unconventional, a little wild, and always interesting. Corners with artfully arranged pictures, wallhangings, or china, often on open shelves, add a touch of magic.

One of the best ways to bring boho style into your kitchen is by displaying your dishes on open shelves and adding lots of plants. You can even make your decorations functional by growing herbs! Boho style can be incorporated into any other style of decor, so read on for some inspiration you can apply to your home today.

Need to learn more about this school of design? Check out our super-detailed Boho Home Decor Guide. We'll offer a few more links to boho-related articles by the end of this post, so make sure you read through!

Let's get the boho kitchens rolling...


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This kitchen blends aspects of rustic style with its shabby chic island and exposed ceiling beams, but the plants, unique light fixtures, and abundant natural light make it undoubtedly boho.


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Richly patterned wallpaper takes center stage in this small kitchen, and is balanced by the simple wooden cabinets and many green plants.


Even though this kitchen uses lots of patterns, it stays cohesive by sticking to a color scheme of royal blue and yellow. A hanging storage system for utensils adds visual interest and flair.


Boho doesn't always mean bright colors! This kitchen offers a more subdued take with its intricately patterned backsplash in rich earth tones.


Boho can also be light and airy. Here, an abundance of plants, rich colors, and copper dishes take this light-filled kitchen on a journey from Scandanavian to boho-land.


Boho style sometimes gets a bad rap for looking too cluttered or messy in small spaces, but you can see here that it works even in a tiny galley kitchen. Plants, a patterned rug, and a handmade wallhanging all add creative boho touches.


This elegant kitchen offers a serene take on boho style. You don't need lots of strong colors, just interesting details like open shelves, natural lighting, and lots of trailing, viney plants.


Boho style is easily adaptable for holiday decorating. Just check out this white kitchen with its red and green accents and open shelves full of warm, homey items.


Sometimes crayon-bright colors are exactly what you need, and boho style is the perfect way to incorporate sunshiney hues into your daily life. Add some open shelves and lots of plants, and you're all set!


Boho style is incredibly versatile and can even be adapted to a minimalist aesthetic. This kitchen has the trademark clean lines of minimalism, but also boho touches like potted plants and a richly patterned area rug.


This kitchen looks like the perfect place to concoct some magical meals. Boho style can be seen in the ornate tiled walls and the china collection on the open shelves.


Simple, rustic touches like wicker baskets and wooden boards combine effortlessly with wooden open shelves and an off white backsplash. Eclectic collections are a hallmark of boho style.


This boho kitchen has a place for everything and everything in its place. That doesn't have to mean stuffy or streamlined, though—there are lots of fun corners with delightful little details.


Rustic open shelving in this boho kitchen holds wooden bowls, wicker baskets, and white ceramics, while potted plants add visual interest.


Red brick walls and reddish-brown exposed beams in this light-filled kitchen offer an ideal background for bright turquoise cupboards and colorful pottery.


Boho style looks phenomenal in this open-plan kitchen. A huge, plush turquoise rug and towering green plant add simple but powerful touches.


Monochrome is an unconventional take on boho style but looks just as fantastic. Even the vase of white flowers fits with the monochrome theme.


This kitchen is full of cute country charm with its retro-style prints and tin canisters. Prints are an important part of boho style and any type works beautifully.


This kitchen plays big and bold, from the multiple bright colors on the walls, cabinets, and furniture to the huge plant in the corner. A plant-infused display above the sink adds dynamics and charm.


A strong commitment to color helps take a look from rustic or modern to boho. This kitchen uses a combination of orange, pale turquoise, and gray in one bold patterned wall to create its boho style.


Country charm meets boho in this nature-inspired kitchen. Green cupboards and plants on the countertop echo the greenery seen through the huge paned window.


This kitchen offers a monochromatic take on boho style, and the wide variety of patterns harmonize instead of clashing because of their one common color scheme.


Fairy lights, a turquoise and gold color scheme, and a bevy of different patterns combine to create a simply magical boho kitchen.


Fresh hues, strong geometric shapes, and thriving plants make this kitchen a calm, cheerful place. Symmetry in the shelves and countertops creates a soothing effect, while the patterned splashboard and plants keep it a little bit wild.


Boho style creates little corners and vignettes to enjoy, and this kitchen has plenty. Check out the tiny open shelves above the counter and the wooden beams next to the bigger open shelves.


This kitchen is full of light, colors, plants, patterns, and even New York state souvenirs—making up the perfect recipe for boho style!


With its simple white counter table and abstract design on the white wall, this kitchen might appear at first to be minimalist style. However, a closer look reveals its true boho details such as the patterned rug, plant-filled window, and open shelves.


This boho kitchen has the unusual and bold feature of black walls, which accent the delicate pastel tones of the dishes and flowers.


This kitchen's black and white color scheme offers the perfect canvas to make the green of its many plants pop. Pen and ink drawings of leaves and trees on the wall reinforce the imagery of growing things.


From fresh flowers on the counter to fresh flowers on the topmost open shelf, this boho kitchen embraces the colors and beauty of nature. Light floods the space through the window and reflects off the white furniture and walls.


Patterned plates and exposed beams transform this kitchen from mod to boho. Quirky touches like pans hanging from the ceiling and a colorful rag rug on the floor add unique details.


Boho style offers the perfect opportunity to layer as many colors, patterns, and plants as your heart desires! This kitchen offers a joyful jumble of colors and patterns, lit from above by the huge skylight.

Conventional Boho Kitchen with a Homey Feel

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30+ Boho Kitchen Ideas That will Inspire you

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