20 Boho Wall Decor Ideas That Can Enhance Any Room Design

Bohemian (boho) decor is full of vibrant colors, bold patterns, diverse textures, and vivid prints. Where modern decor tends to be neutral and stark, boho is noted for its warm tones and the inviting atmosphere it creates.20 Boho Wall Decor Ideas That Can Enhance Any Room Design

When you're focusing on the larger parts of boho design - paint colors, furniture styles, etc. - it's easy to neglect wall decor. But that's where you can add the perfect cohesive finishing flourishes to your boho home, and it's what will bring all of the different elements of the room together.

To get you started, here are 20 different wall decor ideas to bring the boho home.

Mkono 2-Piece Macrame Wall Hanging

The combination of wood and rope makes this set of wall hangings truly bohemian. Their length and width make them perfect for hanging above a desk or table, and their warm cream color will complement any color you have on your wall.

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Macrame Wall Hanging Boho Wall Art Decor

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Learn more about this set on Amazon.

Moon Decor Wall Decorations

This handmade wall art is comprised of 13 different moons that represent all the phases in one month of moons. The gold color, the rough texture, and the different lengths of the moons combine to give this piece a unique look, one that will add a special touch to your boho space.

Moon Phase Wall Decor, Handmade Hammered Gold Metal

Learn more about this moon decor on Amazon.

Mandala Wall Decor

The bold blue of this four-piece set will catch your eye and add a bright touch to your living room. The pieces are each 14" x 14", which means the total space they take up is large and ready to anchor the wall over a couch or loveseat.

SUMGAR Mandala Wall Art Teal Bathroom Wall Decor

Learn more about this mandala decor on Amazon.

Mkono Macrame Hanging Photo Display

Display your colorful pictures of your travels, your family, or anything else you love on this beautiful macrame photo display. The pictures are hung on the ropes with clothespins, making it easy to switch them out when you're ready for something different. Colorful pics would add to the boho style and nicely complement your rich wall color.

Mkono Hanging Photo Display Boho Macrame Wall Decor with Light

Learn more about this photo display on Amazon.

Riseon DIY Large Tillandsia Dream Catchers

The dream catchers each come assembled, but your vision of how they should come together makes this a totally unique piece. Lay the seven hoops on the floor and play with the design until you get it exactly as you want it. Then tie them together with the provided rope. Dream catchers are a staple of bohemian decor, and this one-of-a-kind piece will set your space apart.

MiyouLuna Large Dream Catchers with Chakra Crystals Tree of Life

Learn more about this set of dream catchers on Amazon.

Stonebriar Decorative Gold Starburst Mirror

The design of this mirror will give you flashbacks to pics of 70's decor when boho peaked in popularity. It will look just as incredible on your wall in today's modern boho style. At 24" wide, it's big enough to be a stand-alone piece, or you can combine it with other small mirrors to create a beautiful display on one of your walls.

Antique Gold Metal Starburst Hanging Wall Mirror with Attached Mounting Bracket

Learn more about this mirror on Amazon.

GIFTME Boho Metal Flower Decoration

The combination of textures is what will immediately catch your eye and also what makes this piece so beautifully boho. Add to that the bold colors, and you have a piece that will be a bohemian highlight of any space in your house.

Wall Art Decorations Rustic Home Decor Aesthetic for Bathroom

Learn more about this metal piece on Amazon.

Ambesonne Ethnic Tapestry

Something else that boho decor is known for is nontraditional wall decor. It's all about the color and texture. Have a beautiful woven place mat? Hang it on the wall! In this case, have a stunningly bold and uniquely colored tapestry? It will look great on a wall and warm up the room with the brightness of boho colors.

Ambesonne Ethnic Tapestry, Traditional Persian Motif Oriental Moroccan Effects Exotic Style Boho Design

Learn more about this gorgeous tapestry on Amazon.

Sun and Moon Tapestry

Bohemians love the pursuit of spiritual things, and to many who identify with the boho culture, the sun and the moon are essential parts of their spirituality. It makes sense that hanging a wall tapestry depicting both would be a special way to bring the spiritual side of the lifestyle into boho decor. This tapestry is a rich cream color with a black line design.

Hippy Mandala Bohemian Tapestries, Indian Dorm Decor

Learn more about this celestial tapestry on Amazon.

Mkono Small Macrame Plant Holders

Bringing the greenery inside is a significant part of boho style. These macrame plant holders are the perfect vessel to do that. They are sold as a set, and each was made for a 4"-6" pot. They are sold as a set, and their smaller size makes them easy to use on any open wall space you have.

Onwon Macrame Plant Hanger Basket Liners Cotton Rope

Learn more about these plant holders on Amazon.

Fiber Woven Hanging Wall Basket

The texture of this woven basket, along with the fringe tassels that frame the outside edges, makes this basket feel like a real piece of art. Since part of the bohemian look is to mix and match textures, this would look great paired with the gold mirror that's also featured on this list.

Flber Woven Wall Baskets Wall Hanging Tassel Macrame Boho Wall Art

Learn more about this basket on Amazon.

Urban Decor Bamboo Triangle Shelves

Two things about this shelf stand out right away: the texture of the wood and the shape of the shelves. It's made of bamboo so it's light but durable, and the natural color of the stain on the wood will look great with other textures. The unique shape will pair well with other one-of-a-kind items in your boho decor.

Bamboo Hexagon Floating Shelves For Wall Decor

Learn more about this shelf on Amazon

Wall Pops Boho Chic Wall Art

Bright splashes of color are what this wall art is all about. These peel-and-stick decals will add the bold boho color and texture to any wall space that needs a pop of art. You can stick them on in whatever pattern suits you and your space.

Boho Wall Art Decor Wooden Living Room

Learn more about this wall art on Amazon

Exotic Decor Woven Wall Hangings

Texture, texture, texture. It brings a boho space to life, and the different sizes and materials (bamboo and rattan) of these eight woven wall hangings would look stunning hanging on a wall painted in a rich jewel tone.

TheNamiCollection Woven Wall Basket Set

Learn more about these woven hangings on Amazon.

Outsky Hanging Macrame Mirrors

If you can't tell by the other items on our list, the woven look and texture of macrame is a key feature in boho decorating. These mirrors are great because they are sold as a pair. Each is 13" wide and would make a great addition to your bohemian space either together or separate.

Mkono Boho Wall Mirror Decor Round Macrame Hanging Wall Art Decoration

Learn more about these mirrors on Amazon.

Lomohoo Macrame Wall Hanging

Sure, there are other woven wall hangings on our list, but none are this big (18" x 30") and none have the shapes and colors that this one has. Pull out one of the beautiful tones in the hanging, paint the wall that chosen color, and then hang this woven piece of art on it. You won't be disappointed with the finished look.

Macrame Wall Hanging Woven Tapestry with Tassel Tufted Colorful Geometry Tapestries Blue Yellow Pink Bohemian Art Boho Chic Decor Bedroom

Learn more about this wall hanging on Amazon.

Fauxliage Handmade Woven Basket

A trademark of boho style is trying to incorporate handmade pieces so that each is a little bit different from all the others. This basket is handmade in Vietnam, and the orange color stands in such beautiful contrast to the white that this will immediately become a focal point on your wall.

Seagrass Handmade Large Woven Storage Basket with Ring Metal Handles

Learn more about this handmade basket on Amazon.

HiPlus 4-Piece Macrame Dream Catchers

If you want to add dream catchers to your boho decor but don't want to do the work of putting them together like another item on our list, try these dream catchers. There are four pieces in the set, each a different size. Their creamy color will look boho chic against a richly colored wall, all hung together in a line or arranged in a set.

Hiplus Boho Handmade Native Macrame Dream Catchers

Learn more about the dream catchers on Amazon

Signwin-Framed Wall Art

It's hard to tell what's the most bohemian thing about this artwork - the different textures, the vibrant hues, or the use of patterns within the colors. They're all equally stunning, and together they add up to a unique piece of art to go on the wall in your boho space.

SIGNWIN Framed Canvas Print Wall Art Set Mid-Century Black Polygon Variety Abstract Shapes

Learn more about this artwork on Amazon.

Pauwer Floral Hoop Wreath Set

These unique gold hoops are another way to bring greenery into your home. Each is a different shape and can be threaded with ivy or other greenery so that you can bring the outdoors in to add a perfect touch to your room.

Artificial Flower Hanging Wall Hoop

Learn more about these hoops on Amazon.

Bohemian decor allows you to take risks, mixing patterns, colors, textures, and prints until you achieve the perfect boho vibe. The great thing is that as long as you keep things warm and inviting, you really can't go wrong. Have fun experimenting!

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