Bosch Washing Machine Won’t Start—What To Do?

It's a cleaning day, and you need to use the washing machine to clean your clothes. But, you've run into a problem. Your Bosch washing machine won't start. What can you do? If that's what you're wondering, we've researched the matter for you!

There are a few things to inspect if your washing machine isn't starting. The first could be a simple fix like securing the power cord. If that isn't the case, your Bosch washing machine might have the child lock setting on. In the worst case, there might be a problem with one of the components. 

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when your washing machine isn't starting. It could be a simple problem with an easy fix. When this isn't the case, you'll have to mess with the settings or the components. If you'd like to troubleshoot the problem, keep reading ahead.

Laundry concept. Cropped photo of white and modern washing machine with fresh towel on top. Bosch Washing Machine Won't Start—What To Do

Finding the Culprit

Getting your Bosch washing machine back into working order can be a quick process or a lengthy one. To spare you time, we'll have to narrow your options. We can do this by correcting the easy issue first. 

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front view of a white front loading Bosch automatic washing machine

Check the Power Outlet

The first area you can inspect is the power outlet. You can start checking this area by seeing how well your washing machine is plugged in. 

If the cord isn't plugged into the outlet completely, your washing machine might not be getting enough power. Plug in another device to see if the outlet is providing power. If it isn't, check your home's circuit breakers and fuses. 

Reset any tripped breakers. When none of the fixes above apply to your situation, it's time to inspect the machine itself. 

Child Lock Setting

The child lock setting is a safety precaution for Bosch washing machines. When this setting is on, it prevents children from messing with the buttons. In other words, it locks all functions until you remove the lock. 

If this setting is on, it means you likely didn't pay attention to the machine for a few seconds. The child lock doesn't come on without reason. You need to perform an action to activate it. 

So, how can you tell this setting is on? It will depend on the model of your Bosch washing machine. But generally, you will find the letters CL or a key icon on the washing machine's display.

Removing the setting will require you to perform a button combination in some models. Others will require you to hold the power button for five seconds to activate the child lock. To deactivate, you do the same. 

Here's a YouTube video demonstrating how to unlock your machine depending on the model: 

Other Settings

If the child lock setting isn't the problem, you'll have to look at the display to check for other setting signals. You'll want to use your user's manual on this step. Bosch washing machines will sometimes give error codes that indicate the problem. 

Use the code to look for the issue in your user's manual. The fix for the error codes should also be inside the manual. Of course, if you no longer have a physical copy, you can always look up the manual for your model online. 

If you need help finding out what the codes mean, here's a YouTube video: 

Starting the Machine Incorrectly

This issue applies to users who are new to using a Bosch washing machine. Bosch washing machines won't turn on immediately after pressing the power button. Instead, you'll need to hold it for two seconds to let it start. 

It should start after holding the power button for one to two seconds. You'll know you aren't activating it correctly if the power button beeps and flashes. This would indicate that you're holding the button too long. In some cases, holding it too long will activate the child lock. 

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Laundry room with a open hatch washing machine

Problems with the Door

In most machines, there are safety measures that prevent them from operating. Regarding Bosch washing machines, it typically won't start if the door isn't completely closed and latched. In regular operation, the washing machine should be completely closed. 

Once it latches, it sends a signal to the internal control panel to start the machine. There are a couple of reasons why the washing machine door might not be closing completely. The first might relate to how much laundry you're loading into the machine. 

Check the area around the door to see if any clothes are preventing the door gasket from closing. If this isn't the case, inspect the door latch itself. Any signs of damage indicate it will need repairs or replacing. 

Mechanical Failures

Once you know your problems aren't related to power or settings, it's time to inspect the parts of the machine. As some suggest, four parts can fail. They are: 

  • Thermal fuse
  • Main control board
  • Line fuse
  • User control and display board

You can start by inspecting the control panel. It's a simple case of illumination. If the buttons aren't illuminating, the control panel most likely needs replacing. 

In some cases, it will illuminate, but the buttons won't respond to your touch. You can try pressing some of them and observing what happens. If some of the buttons work while others don't, you need to replace the display board. 

Thermal Fuse

Another component preventing the washing machine from starting is the thermal fuse. It will be the culprit if the washing machine overheats. When it overheats, the thermal fuse will blow. Consequently, your washing machine will be unable to start. 

Before replacing anything, you'll need to test the part for continuity. You can do so using a multimeter. 

woman hand select settings for laundry on modern digital display. automatic washing machine with touch screen on control panel

How Do You Reset a Bosch Washing Machine?

Resetting the machine is simple. But how you do it can vary from model to model. In general, there are a few button combinations that you will need to perform. 

If you want to reset the washing machine, you can start by turning the knob in a full circle. Then, you'll want to position the arrow to the bottom. The display should begin to blink. Otherwise, there will be a number that appears. 

Regardless, now you'll need to press and hold a button with a spiral symbol. Using your other hand, turn the knob to point to the left. At this point, multiple symbols should appear. 

You can finish resetting the machine by turning the knob to the off position. The symbols should disappear. If you've followed the steps correctly, everything should work as well as new.

For a visual guide, here's a YouTube video demonstrating how to reset the machine: 

If this method does not work for your machine, there's another simple way for resets. You start by holding onto the start reload button. Using the other hand, turn the dial to 30 degrees counterclockwise.

Symbols should pop up on the display. At this point, turn the dial all the way around counterclockwise. Your washing machine should operate normally. 

Here's a YouTube video demonstrating this simple method:

Why Does My Bosch Washing Machine Beep but Not Start?

During your attempt to start the washing machine, you might notice a beep accompanying your press of the start button. However, the washing machine might not start. What could be the problem?

As mentioned, Bosch washing machines don't operate immediately. You will need to perform a specific action to start the wash cycle. According to Bosch, you need to hold the start button for 1-2 seconds. Any shorter or longer than this will trigger a double audible beep.

If you're curious to know why you need to hold the button, it's for safety measures. This way, you don't accidentally start the machine when you don't intend to use it.

What Does a Flashing Key Symbol Mean on a Bosch Washing Machine?

When your washing machine's display flashes a key symbol, it indicates the child lock setting is active. You might have accidentally turned this setting on while attempting to start the machine, but removing the lock is simple.

All you need to do is hold the start button for 3-5 seconds. After this timeframe, you should hear an audible beeping sound. Regarding the display, the key symbol should no longer be flashing.

What Is the Lifespan of a Bosch Washing Machine?

How long a Bosch washing machine lasts will depend on how well you treat it. Of course, if you let it take a beating frequently, the lifespan will be shorter than expected. The other factors that could influence the lifespan are:

  • Improper installation
  • Usage frequency
  • Overloading the machine
  • Detergent usage

Thus, it can be tough to provide an accurate answer on how long Bosch washing machines should last. In general, washing machines can last around 6-10 years. Some users suggest Bosch washing machines likely last closer to 5-7 years.

Washing machine on white background. Bosch Washing Machine Won't Start—What To Do

Final Takeaway

Finding the problem isn't always easy. If you're fortunate, the problem you're facing is only a minor issue. When this isn't the case, you'll need to keep troubleshooting until you find the root cause. We hope you found the information above helpful in your search for answers!

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