BR30 Vs BR40: Which Led Light Bulb To Choose?

LED bulbs light up our homes or offices at much lower costs compared to traditional lighting. Your main concern, however, is which bulb to use. Between BR30 and BR40 LED lights, which bulb should you choose? We consulted with experts in the lighting industry and provided the following information to help you make a viable decision. 

Deciding between BR30 and BR40 LED lighting is dependent on the following factors:

  • Size of the recessed cans
  • Height of the ceiling
  • The purpose for which you need the light
  • Brightness needed

Continue reading to know the factors you need to consider when deciding between BR30 and BR40 LED lights. In addition, find out their benefits and drawbacks. We have also provided the cost of converting to LED lighting. 

and Installing LED Light Bulb into Ceiling Fixture, BR30 Vs BR40: Which Led Light Bulb To Choose?

Should You Choose BR30 Or BR40 LED Light Bulb?

The two most commonly used LED lights are BR30 and BR40. But, which of the two should you use? Before we answer you, let’s find out a little more about these lights.

Ceiling in the concert hall with lights on and ventilation system

These lights are named according to their shape. They are known as 'bulged reflectors' because of their bulging shape and are subsequently abbreviated BR.   

These are BR30 led lights you can find on Amazon.

The numbers 30 and 40 denote the size of the bulbs in 1/8 inches. BR30 like the one shown above is the same as 30/8 inches or 3.75 inches across the head of the bulb.

On the other hand, BR40 like the one shown below is the same as 40/8 inches or the equivalent of 5 inches across the head of the bulb.

Have a look at these BR40 bulbs on Amazon.

You can see the difference in the lengths of BR30 and BR40 as shown in the illustration below:

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Several factors to consider when deciding on which LED light to use include:

Size Of The Recessed Cans

Have a look at this pack of recessed cans on Amazon.

The first factor to consider when choosing a light is the size of the recessed cans.  These are fixtures installed into the ceiling or wall to hold the bulbs in place.

You should not fit a BR30 into a recessed can designed for a BR40. If you do, there will be a lot of space around the sides of the BR30 bulb.

The recessed can for BR40 is 5 inches in diameter, and is too big for a BR30 at 3.75 inches. Thus, a BR40 bulb will be too big for a recessed can that mainly fits a BR30 bulb.

So, first, check the size of the recessed cans in your home or office, and buy the correct one.

Height Of The Ceiling

BR40 bulbs are most suitable for higher ceilings because they can spread out a lot of light across a room. A BR30 may not be able to spread out as much light as the BR40 would. That is why a BR30 is more convenient for lower ceilings like in your home. 

The Purpose For Which You Need The Light

Did you know the type of lighting you use can affect your mood while working in an office? Taking that into account, BR40 led lights are more suitable for the office than the BR30 lights. With 1100 lumens, the BR40 is 40 to 70% brighter than the BR30.

Lumen is the amount of light dispersed in a room.

A ceiling with a lower height at 8 feet like in your living room will need a BR30 bulb. You most likely would prefer a less bright room in your home than what is usually in your office.

Brightness Needed

The amount of brightness you need can determine whether to use BR30 or BR40. As seen in the previous paragraph, BR40 produces more lumens and can brighten a room more than a BR30 can.

Advantages of LED Lights

Installing LED Retrofit Bulb into Ceiling Fixture

Lighting technology has revolutionized the lighting industry. The BR30 and BR40 LED lights have many benefits, and as part of the LED light family, they are more energy-efficient and durable when compared to their earlier counterpart, incandescent lighting. 

The following are more advantages of the LED lights:

Longer Lifespan

The incandescent bulbs last around a thousand hours, while LED lighting can last up to 50,000 hours.

It’s not surprising that some can last as long as 100,000 hours. This translates to 6 or 12 years. While this may sound unbelievable, you will save on replacement costs. 

Energy Saving

LEDs use 90% less energy than traditional lighting. It results in your pockets smiling because you will spend less on your lighting bills. 

Compatible With Cold Weather

Traditional lighting does not operate well in cold weather. As the temperature drops, the bulbs require a higher voltage and the lighting they produce may appear dimmer than usual. 

The LED light, on the other hand, performs well in cold temperatures. It is no wonder that they are used in the parking lots, or used for outdoor signage. They are the best choice for use inside refrigerators or in cold storage. 

Less Heat And UV Is Released

If you have used the incandescent bulbs, you must have noticed it’s too hot when removing them. Most of these lights release 90% of energy, while only the remaining 10% produce light.

LED lights release more light and less heat.

Many Designs

LED lights can be designed to fit almost anywhere. They can be used to manufacture a string of Christmas lights and can be used to illuminate a small shop or a large football stadium. 

Environmentally Friendly

Companies are slowly but surely gravitating towards using eco-friendly products. Other than reducing your energy bills, your company or small business will also attract like-minded customers.

Directed Lighting

Traditional lighting cannot emit light on a specific area. Instead, you have to buy accessories such as study lamps to channel the light to the area you desire. 

With LED lighting, you do not need any accessories, because it directs light to a specific area. That is why they are perfect in places like the hallways, bathrooms, or industrial kitchens. 

Can Withstand Frequent Switching

You reduce the lifespan of traditional lighting when you flip the switch too many times. Traditional lights also take time to come ON after a black-out.

On the contrary, frequently switching the LED lights does not make them less durable, and they come back ON very fast after a blackout.  

Is Not Affected When Dimmed

Whether at full power or dimmed; LED lights still operate efficiently. The opposite is true of traditional lighting.  

Disadvantage Of LED Lighting 

A male hand is installing an energy efficient LED light bulb into a ceiling can fixture

The main drawback of this lighting is the high initial cost. It can be expensive to install LED lights compared to traditional lighting. And, if you prefer the smart LED lights, you will spend quite a hefty amount.

However, this can be countered by the benefits you will experience over time. This is because they last longer and are more energy-efficient.

Cost Of Converting To Led Lights

person repairing or replacing ceiling diod light

You have seen the benefits of LED lighting and want to install the BR30 or the BR40 in your home or office. You will incur costs when removing your incandescent lights and replacing them with led lighting. 

However, this should not alarm you, because you will enjoy the benefits in the long run.

Let us assume you have five incandescent lights, each with a wattage of 60. You will need to replace them with LED lights that are 800 lumens, each costing $5. So, for five bulbs, you will spend a total of $25.

For more economical gains, you can buy the bulbs in bulk at discounted prices.

Another example of how much you may spend is replacing a 75Watt incandescent bulb with a LED bulb of 1,000 lumens at a cost of $7 each. So, for five bulbs, you will spend $35.

The cost rises as the lumens increase. 

In Closing

and Installing LED Light Bulb into Ceiling Fixture

There are differences between BR30 and BR40 LED lights. Therefore, you need to consider some factors to help you decide which to use.

As part of the LED family, the BR30 and BR40 have benefits compared to the traditional lighting. You will incur some costs to convert to LED lighting, which are high.

However, the long-term benefits override the initial high costs of installing these lights.

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