17 Beautiful Brown Bedroom Ideas

When talking about room colors, few options have a reputation like brown. Despite its pretty simple appearance, brown also happens to be a remarkably divisive color. People either love it or hate it. For people who are into bold and bright colors, it’s seen as drab. For people who are into the rustic look or who love classic decorations, it’s a must-have. 

Believe it or not, brown is one of the most versatile colors for every room. This also happens to include the bedroom. Shocked? Don’t be. Take a look at all the ways designers were able to work this gorgeous color and make it their own.

Warm and cozy home bedroom interior with brown leather bed and hardwood floor, 17 Beautiful Brown Bedroom Ideas

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1. Modern Glam

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Luxury hotel bedroom with carpet flooring

Brown, if nothing else, it looks amazing when it’s done up in a modern setting. Here, we see a strong smattering of brown that’s been coordinated with creams and golds. Together, it makes an elegant, sophisticated, and very rich-looking aesthetic that looks suitable for a hotel. 

If you’re a fan of the crisp, clean look of an upscale hotel, having a look like this will work beautifully. The sheet choices here are what make it, so make sure to splurge on high-quality sheets. 

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2. Masculine Baby Blue

Modern light luxury master bedroom interior design with art decor on wall

When most people think of dusty baby blue, they think of nursery rooms. This designer decided to show a more mature side to the color by pairing it with a deep, rich brown. The combination is pointedly masculine. When you take a look at the masculine comforter color (a mauve?) and the ultra-geometric lamps, it’s hard not to feel like you’re in a man’s bedroom. 

This is an intellectual yet manly look that would work well for an investment banker or college professor. It’s stylish, and yet at the same time, minimalist.

3. The Cozy Southwestern Hippie

Warm and cozy home bedroom interior with brown leather bed and hardwood floor

Brown is impressively good at making a place look cozy, even if the room itself is a little chaotic. Such is the case here, where a bold brown bed takes center stage among shelving featuring different knickknacks. While the shelves can look a little busy, they’re artfully put together and still have some kind of a sturdiness. 

The unique bed and artsy undertones make this place feel a little Southwestern and maybe a little flower child. While it’s a busy room, it’s charming enough to make most people fall in love with its quirky style. 

4. Almost Monochromatic

[PIN id=”94997873379084966″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


The monochromatic look involves designing a room around multiple shades of the same color, and that’s kind of what we see here. However, it’s not totally the case. The brown on the walls is a lot rosier than the brown used in the bed. Though it’s not a true monochrome, the two main shades work well with one another. 

The pinkish-brown walls add some warmth to the room, and the simple light brown wooden furniture is just elegant in an understated way. The result is a remarkably coordinated room that has a very neat look. 

5. Comfortable Contemporary

Spacious bedroom with beamed wooden ceiling

A lot of the ways that people have done brown bedrooms so far aren’t really feasible for most people. This look, on the other hand, is. It features classic contemporary furniture that has subtle red and gold accents throughout the room. To help balance everything out, the designer added tons of cream. 

The result is a gorgeous room that has a spacious and deeply inviting feel. It’s modern enough to work in the suburbs but still looks like it could work in a typical cabin as well. To help emphasize the brown, the wood support beams are accented with a deeper stain.

6. Quirky Californian

Cozy bedroom interior with comfortable looking chair facing the windows standing next to a wooden small table

This bedroom screams SoCal, much thanks to its brown, orange, and white color palette. When you combine the colors with the modern and eclectic decor, it’s hard to ignore how much of a Cali vibe this place gives off. Unlike other designers, the touch of brown here is light, literally. 

The wood stains are a super light brown hue. The only dark brown you see is in the form of a dramatic throw that’s seen tossed on the bed. It’s a surreal look for the right Cali fan.

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7. Royally Opulent

Luxury bed with lamps on each side

Deeper browns have always been tied to aspects of wealthy living. In the 19th century, darker brown woods were seen as a sign of being able to afford exotic woods. Earlier on, darker browns were used to show that you were part of the upper class. This was doubly true when it involved golds and highly embellished fabrics. 

This designer decided to go hard on the old world ambiance, sparing no detail when it came to the room’s look. There’s no doubt that this is one of the more expensive choices, but many may find it to be a bit too much for them. 

8. Cabin Cuteness

[PIN id=”211174963530984″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Brown, when paired with gold, signifies decadence. When paired with white and green, brown becomes a color we subconsciously link to nature. That’s why it’s a great color palette for people who have homes that boast a cabin-like ambiance. Here, we see bright green throws paired with a bed that has a worn wooden backboard. 

There are a lot of natural textures incorporated into this bedroom, from the woven baskets to the woolly blankets. The result is a natural look that resonates and relaxes.

9. Farmhouse Glam

[PIN id=”389491067779541861″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


It’s no surprise to anyone that brown is the de facto color of choice for any country style bedroom—at least, in part. Here, we see brown in action via a worn weathered wood headboard, elegant pillowcases, and tons of neat little accents throughout the room. Like with many other designs, the richness of dark brown is mitigated through the use of white. 

We can’t actually think of a more common combination than brown and country styles. That’s to be expected. When you’re adding brown to a rustic setting, you’re not reinventing the wheel. You’re just making the wheel look really, really good.

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10. Sweet Scandinavian

Elegant bedroom with wall decoration

While we’re talking about how brown adds a rustic touch, let’s take a look at this gorgeous modern Scandinavian style bedroom. Like other choices on our list, much of the brown comes in the form of wood. This time around, it’s a light brown (birch?) stain that gives this room an open, airy feel. 

To help bring a modern feel that also keeps in line with Scandinavian decor’s minimalist yet cozy look, decorators paired this light brown with a light grey. The pastel neutrals work beautifully together to create a sleek, almost futuristic look.

11. A Girly Look

[PIN id=”1055599888347347″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


If you ask what most people think of when they hear the word brown, they’ll almost never say that it’s a girly color. Yet, here we see brown and pink together, proving that pink can go very well with brown carpeting. This room also shows that the right designer can turn this neutral color into a feminine and fun look. 

Where do we begin… The rose theme? How the pastel pink contrasts the dark brown? How cozy it looks? This would be an amazing room for a young girl, that’s for sure!

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12. Going Green

[PIN id=”70437481848560″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


We’ve seen green, white, and brown work well together, but wait until you see what happens when white gets taken out of the picture. This elegant cottage was all done with upcycled goods and involved a hot dose of green to offset the brown. What ends up happening is a lush, lively bedroom that feels like it would be totally at home in the heart of a jungle. 

The bedding here goes splendidly well with the brown bed. Truth be told, virtually any green shade would have had that same pop of color. How anyone could hate on this is beyond us.

13. Southwestern Bliss

[PIN id=”68741662413″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Southwestern decorations are another obvious pick for people who want to outfit their rooms with brown, and the bedroom is no exception to this rule. Here, we see a bunch of decorations featuring white, brown, and black. The brown is also accented with very subtle orange, red, and beige dashes to make things a little more nuanced. 

The result is a fiery look that is exotic, elegant, and absolutely Western. The greenery near the side of the bed only helps enhance the overall look and feel of this beautiful home. Chic!

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14. Desert Oasis

[PIN id=”535154368228309469″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


If Southwestern isn’t your cup of tea, but you do want to have a deeply Western look, consider getting a desert them for your bedroom. Here, we see a bed with brown sheets, along with a bunch of rusty brown accents in the lighting and pouf. Like other designs, the person behind this work of art added cream to help prevent this look from being visually jarring. 

What makes this room so striking, though, is the peach blush mural on the wall alongside all the leather accents. The peach blush and similar undertones give this place a very warm ambiance. That alone is what makes this such a perfectly Western vibe. 

15. Bohemian Brown

[PIN id=”194077065182363542″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Bohemian decor always has some brown in it, simply because it’s so big on wooden furniture. However, this designer decided to make it a little different from the typical take on bohemian. Rather than go with eclectic artwork involving geometric prints or desert themes, this designer focused on exotic textures. 

The Persian rug, carefully woven textiles, and bold bedding patterns make this a unique twist. It’s exotic, worldly, and at the same time, manages to make you feel right at home. Don’t you just want to snuggle up under the sheets here?

16. Midcentury Modern Chic

[PIN id=”246923992097960515″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


There’s something incredibly appealing about the clean lines and rich wood colors popular during the Atomic Age. The way people worked with wood in the 50s remains popular today and still offers ample proof for people who want to have a sophisticated and timeless modern style. 

There isn’t really much else to say here. The way that this room is decked out is the spitting image of midcentury beauty. Pale blue and brown work very well together, which also helps bolster this room’s effortless aesthetic.

17. Hollywood Dressing Room Style

[PIN id=”1407443622376783″ size=”large”]


If you still don’t think that brown can look glamorous, maybe it’s time to see what happens when designers get inspired by dressing rooms from Tinseltown. This one-of-a-kind bedroom was modeled after the dressing rooms found on studio sets during the Golden Age of Hollywood—the 1930s through 1950s. 

The floor is brown with an elegant carpet. The lip print is not pink but brown. The frame around the light-up mirror? Also brown. Everything else has a white or pink hue to it, giving it a true femme look that is impossible to ignore. People who want a room that reminds them of Sex And The City will love this concept.

Putting Brown To Bed

If brown is a must-have color for you, now you know how gracefully it can be added to the bedroom. Try your hand a brown bedroom decor and sleep soundly wrapped in this gorgeous color! 

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