21 Brown Furniture Living Room Ideas

If you’re choosing how to design your living room, you have many decisions to make. Rustic or modern, minimalist or decadent, bold colors or muted tones. No matter what style or theme you settle on, the furniture will play one of the most important parts. Brown furniture is a classic choice that can work with a variety of tastes and looks.

When you think of brown, you might picture wood or leather, but you don’t have to limit yourself to just those options. You can incorporate brown in your living room in many different ways. Brown comes in a variety of shades, tones, materials, and fabrics. It can provide a homey touch or add elegance to a room.

We’ve collected 21 examples of living rooms that feature brown furniture. One of these is sure to spark your interest and give you some great ideas on how you can incorporate brown furniture in your space.

A brown sectional sofa with round throw pillows and a white colored wall, 21 Brown Furniture Living Room Ideas

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1. Sleek and Modern
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A brown living room furniture set with five brown colored hanging lamps

If you want a sleek and functional living room, you can’t go wrong with dark brown. This brown leather couch with matching chair and ottoman looks both comfortable and easy-to-keep clean. Pairing the dark pieces with a coffee table in a lighter shade provides a nice contrast. And the white walls and big windows keep the entire space bright and airy despite the darker furniture.

2. Cozy Russet A brown sectional sofa with round throw pillows and a white colored wall

When considering brown furniture for your living room, don’t limit yourself to just the basic, neutral shades. This plush couch in a russet-colored fabric is warm and inviting. Add a throw blanket and a few cute pillows in coordinating colors to complete the cozy space.

3. Simple ScandinavianA dark themed living room with brown furniture and flooring

The wooden elements in this Scandinavian-inspired living room tie together perfectly for a simple look that’s anything but boring. If you’d like to incorporate several brown features in your decor, selecting items in the same type of wood is always an excellent choice. 

4. A Rustic TouchA living room with two brown chairs, a brown coffee table, and a wooden paneled flooring

This modern room gets a rustic upgrade with the simple addition of brown. Choosing russet-colored leather for the chairs and a coffee table topped with simple wood planks gives this room a cozy vibe that couldn’t be achieved with any other color.

5. Classic ComfortA modern living room with white walls, brown furnitures, and a gorgeous wooden flooring

A big leather couch is a classic way to include brown in your living room decor. This comfy-looking sofa in a medium shade of brown adds warmth to this airy space. An extra-large coffee table made of light wood offers the perfect accent piece. 

6. Bright and BoldA rustic themed living room with a brown table brown, wooden paneling at the TV section

You don’t have to stick with a neutral palette when incorporating brown furniture in your living room. This space pairs wood and wicker with a bright blue couch and accent pieces for a lovely contrast. Brown is versatile enough to work with almost any color. Be creative and choose your favorite color to match with brown.

7. Light and DarkA white themed living room with a gray couch brown table, brown ottoman, and a brown TV cabinet

The dark wood pieces offer a perfect balance to the light gray couch and chair. You won’t have to worry about brown furniture darkening your space as long as you pair it with lighter items.

8. Mix and MatchA classic living room with brown furniture and a brown flooring

Don’t limit yourself to just one shade of brown. This living room incorporates three different shades: a light wood for the coffee table and entertainment center, a medium tone for the leather couch, and a dark brown for the curtains and light fixture.

9. Keep It NeutralA brown themed living room incorporated with brown furnitures and a beige colored fireplace mantel

If you prefer a neutral palette, including brown furniture in your living room design is a perfect choice.

10. Chocolate LoverA brown themed living room with a wooden paneled flooring and walls consolidated with brown furnitures

This cheery space features both a dark chocolate sofa and a chair and dark wood tables. If you love deep dark browns, pair them with colorful pillows, lamps, and rugs to put your unique twist on a classic look. Reds and oranges look fantastic with brown and can add extra warmth to any room.

11. Terrific TanA living room with brown walls, brown furnitures incorporated with dark brown colored throw pillows

If you prefer lighter colors for your living room furniture, consider tan. It’s easier to keep clean than a pure white sofa and chairs, but it still provides a light, bright look.

12. Accentuate the DetailsA luxurious mansion consolidated with the colored brown in all of the doors, chairs, and hallways

The matching dark brown accents throughout this room provide an elegant and cohesive look. The furniture’s wood elements coordinate so perfectly with the doors, cabinets, and soffit that it seems as though the furniture was made just for this space.

American Heritage Round Coffee Table with Shelf

Click here for this dark espresso pine coffee table on Amazon.

13. Dress It UpA manipulation of the color brown and incorporating it to all of the furnitures and matched with an area rug on the floor

When choosing a neutral palette for your living room furniture, consider including some patterns in your throw pillows and curtains. Those extra details can dress up the room without changing the tone or overwhelming the overall look.

14. Sophisticated StyleAn incorporation of the colored brown beige and black on a living room with a fireplace on the left

This modern living room features light tan couches and dark brown tables for a fresh and trendy design. Brown doesn’t have to mean rustic and can work with almost any style. 

15. Simple SpaceA white walled living room consolidated with a striped flooring and brown furnitures

A smaller couch or futon can be a terrific option for an apartment that can’t accommodate a plush sofa or sectional. The wooden arms on this leather couch help it take up less space without sacrificing the seating area. Dark brown is an excellent choice because it will look great no matter where you place it or what you match with it. 

Baxton Studio Sorrento Sofa

Click here for this mid-century modern faux leather sofa on Amazon.

16. Elegant BeautyBrown themed living room with a brown flooring and furnitures incorporated with a brown curtain

This velvety sofa in a beautiful taupe is the perfect piece for this elegant living room. Satiny pillows in complementary shades of brown add just the right touch.

17. Natural Elements

[PIN id=”545639311110083545″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Bring a slice of the outdoors to your living room with furniture designed to mimic nature. Check out the legs made from tree branches on this creative side table and the table made from a tree stump below. You can always incorporate some natural brown in your living room, even if it’s just with a single piece.

Natural Edge Wood Side Table

Click here for this tree stump side table on Amazon.

18. Family Farmhouse

[PIN id=”545639311110083661″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Anyone would feel right at home in this farmhouse-inspired living room. The plump brown sofa and accompanying furniture in natural wood tones provide the perfect base to achieve this homey look that’s completed with fun farm accents.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood for Blankets

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19. Color Your Room

[PIN id=”545639311110083701″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Nobody will accuse your brown furniture of being boring if you incorporate it in a colorful space like this. Splash a bright green (or whatever color you love) on your walls, and then balance out the bold look with a sofa in a warm shade of brown.

20. Western Wonderland

[PIN id=”545639311110083914″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


If you’d like a western look for your living room, brown furniture is practically a must. Southwest or Old West, brown is best! Whether you’re outfitting a cabin, vacation retreat, or your own cozy home, a brown leather (or faux leather) sofa and lots of wood will help set the right tone for whatever version of the west you want to create.

Classics Sedona Sofa

Check out this American Furniture Classics Sedona sofa on Amazon.

21. Modern Rustic


Modern or rustic? Why not both! A soft brown sofa helps bring a warm rustic atmosphere to any living room to create just the look you’ll love. 


As you can see from all the examples above, brown living room furniture is a great choice that will work with practically any style. You can incorporate brown furniture in a myriad of ways — from soft, warm sofas to natural wood elements to classic coffee tables. When you think of brown, don’t limit yourself to just the basic shades. Browns can range from tan to taupe to russet to dark chocolate, and everything in between. Mix browns with bright colors or other neutrals — it truly coordinates with almost anything and can provide the perfect element to complete your dream living room.

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