11 Awesome Brown House Color Combinations

The exterior of your home is likely the only impression that some people will ever have, so the exterior color is very important. Brown home exteriors are hugely popular due to the low maintenance that the color brown requires. 

Brown is a warm inviting color that coordinates with many other shades for a welcoming outdoor ambiance.

However, using the color brown for your exterior also comes with a few drawbacks. Dark colors are prone to faster fading and may require a new coat of paint every couple of years. Deeper shades of paint also tend to peel faster than lighter colors and may require repainting. 

Although it can be challenging to keep your brown exterior paint in pristine condition, it is well worth the work. Another challenge to brown exterior paint is keeping it cool in the heat, as darker colors absorb more heat. 

Finding the perfect shade of brown and accent color to pair with it can also be a challenge, but keep reading to see some of the most popular color pairings for your home's exterior. 

Large tan house with white trim, garage, and big driveway - 11 Awesome Brown House Color Combinations

1. Brown And Black

Brown and black are timeless colors that have endless possibilities. While this color scheme isn't the most exciting, it can create a bold statement in your outdoor space.

Black is a sleek and classy color that can add character and detail to any color scheme. Pairing brown and black can create a strong modern color scheme.

Brown Siding And Black Trim

New construction home exterior with contemporary house plan features low slope roof, brown siding and glass garage door.

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Adding black accents such as trim to your brown exterior siding gives your home's exterior a modern look that is sure to turn heads. Brown siding can come in several different shades that would all work well with black siding.

Adding exterior lights will help to break up some of the deep colors and add an illuminated look to the outside of your home. A neatly landscaped yard will add to the modern classy look of your brown and black exterior siding.

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Black Siding And Brown Trim

In a more modern twist to this color combination, using black siding with natural wood brown trim is another color pairing option. Black siding can give your home an unmatched look that's bold, contemporary, and rustic. 

Natural wood tones help to warm a black color palette for a softer look. Black windows add to the sharp, sleek look. 

2. Brown Siding And Cream Trim

Large tan house with white trim, garage, and big driveway.

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Shades of cream are beautiful colors that can enhance the warmth in shades of brown. Orangy or rusty brown is an excellent color pairing for neutral shades of cream. 

Because the color cream is just slightly warmer than white, it adds a subtle softness to your home's exterior. By using two slightly different colors of brown for your home's exterior, you can add an unmatched sense of depth and dimension. 

3. Brown Siding And Multicolored Natural Brown Wood And Stone

Large modern house with walkway and lots of grass.

Combining shades of brown with different colored natural woods can give your home's exterior a warm cottage appeal. Because natural wood tones come in assorted shades of brown, this color palette is uniquely variegated.

White trim can add a detailed look and help to separate the various shades of brown. Brown landscape mulch is another great way to sneak in an additional shade of brown to add to this natural brown color scheme. 

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4. Brown And Beige Siding With White Trim

Curb appeal of brand-new home in brown and beige colors with two garages and concrete driveway.

Shades of beige are dilutions of brown, so it makes sense that these colors would go well together. Beige is a light neutral shade that can add an expansive look to the exterior of your home. 

The light-colored siding also gives the exterior of your house a clean modern look. Combining two different colors of siding can give your home an interesting multicolored look. 

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5. Yellow Siding And Natural Wood Brown Shingle Siding

Large American beautiful house with red door and two white garage doors.

Although brown and yellow may seem an unlikely pair, this color scheme can add a cheery ambiance to your home's exterior. Brown and yellow are both warm tones, but bright shades of yellow will add vibrant color to your brown home.

Using natural browns in wood and stone form will allow the yellow shade to be the focal point of your house. Brown wood shingle siding is a great way to introduce some toasty color and texture to your outdoor color scheme. 

6. White Stucco And Natural Wood Brown Plank Siding

Automatic sliding doors with wood texture in the cottage

Natural wood tones are a great color companion to white. While white is crisp and clean, brown warms up this color scheme without overwhelming it. 

A white stucco surface gives your home's exterior a clean smooth look. Natural wood plank siding adds some depth and warmth to your space and can also add an architectural textured look. 

7. Grey Siding And Trim With Brown Porch Ceiling And Beams

Contemporary home exterior with dark blue sky stamped concrete driveway brown house and expansive deck

For a modern look, consider pairing grey siding with natural wood exterior accents. Cool neutral grey is a great contrast to toasty shades of natural wood. 

Because grey is a dilution of black, this color still offers a sleek look that isn't quite as overbearing as black can be. Orangy shades of stained wood pair beautifully with shades of grey for a contemporary outdoor look. 

8. Green Siding With Brown Shingle Siding And Cream Trim

Large modern house with driveway, grassy yard, and garage.

Green is another cool color that pairs beautifully with a brown exterior. Sage green is a subtle tranquil shade that is both eye-catching and understated. 

Using natural greenery close to your house will accentuate this shade, especially in outdoor lighting. Cream or white trim will break up these colors and add some muted contrast to your outdoor space. 

9. Blue Siding With Brown Brick And Trim

To create a sophisticated color palette on your home's exterior, consider pairing shades of brown and blue. This color pairing combines a warm shade of brown with a tranquil cool color of blue for a beautiful color combination. 

Brown trim will accentuate your blue siding, bringing out the vibrancy of the shade. Combining blue traditional siding and blue shingle siding adds some texture and dimension to the outside of your home. 

10. Red And Brown

Red is a vivid color that adds a lively ambiance to any area. Using this shade on your home's exterior creates a bold and eye-catching look that is sure to turn heads. 

Using brown with the color red can help to ground this vibrant color. This color scheme is warm, inviting, and down to earth. 

Red Siding With Brown Brick, Trim, And Accents

Red siding adds a striking look to the outside of your home. Brown brick can give your exterior some texture and balance out the bold shade of red. 

Natural wood trim can introduce a look inspired by nature to your siding and brick combination. Combining red siding with brown brick, trim, and accents can add a country-style look to your home. 

Brown Siding With Red Accents

If the red siding is a bit too bold for your tastes, consider brown siding with red accents. Red accents will add some life to the traditional brown color of the siding. 

Red accents can come in the form of shutters, outdoor decor, or porch columns. Planting red flowers is also a subtle way to add some natural red color to the outside of your home. 

11. Brown Siding With Orange Accents

Sold Single family yellow orange house with cyan sky background.

While orange is not a common shade used as an exterior paint color, it can make a great accent color for a brown-colored home. Orange is a warm vibrant shade that comes in many shades that will pair perfectly with brown siding. 

Painting an exterior door orange is a great way to utilize this color without overwhelming the look of your home's exterior. Add a sense of detail and definition with white or cream-colored trim. 

To Wrap It Up

Your home's exterior is one of the most visible parts of your home. It should be representative of your family's tastes and styles.

There are many different options in brown house color combinations to choose from. We hope that the above selection of brown color combinations has helped inspire you during your exterior home project.

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