17 Awesome Brown Living Room Color Schemes To Inspire You

If you are considering redecorating your living room, brown is a great color choice. Since this color comes in all sorts of shades, it is an extremely versatile hue. You can easily incorporate brown into any space either through paint, furniture, flooring, or accent pieces.

It is important to note that shades of brown fall into two categories: warm or cool. Warm browns have red or orange undertones. These shades give a down-to-earth appearance that creates a welcoming atmosphere. Shades of brown that land in this category include terracotta, chocolate, caramel, and copper. Cool brown colors possess blue or gray undertones. They provide a more refined look to any space. Taupe, beige, and tan are all cool shades of brown.

Interested in a brown color palette for your main living area? Keep scrolling to check out these 17 brown living room color schemes.

Modern gray House Insterior with brown Leather Sofa, brown wooden floor tile, wooden furniture. 17 Awesome Brown Living Room Color Schemes To Inspire You

1. Contemporary Cocoa

This living room utilizes warm-toned chocolate paint to create drama. This is offset beautifully by an ivory couch and white ash flooring. The twin pine side tables and matching floating shelf create a lovely contrast of hues. Throw pillows in the same shade of brown as the walls tie the whole room together.

Modern interior of living room with beige sofa, shelf, side tables

2. Basic Beige

Beige is anything but boring in this color scheme example. Using both warm and cool tones of brown in this space creates a homey atmosphere. The fawn-colored rug, beige sofa, and coppery armchair are all complemented by wood elements and the exposed brick wall.

Bohemian living room interior with beige colored furniture and wooden elements and brick wall

3. Rustic Espresso

Even though this color scheme uses cooler tones of brown, it doesn't feel too formal due to the rustic accent wall. A dark brown leather couch is anchored by a taupe area rug. The light brown cocktail table lends additional rustic character to the living room with its unique design.

Home interior in rustic style with leather couch and old wooden paneling

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4. Cool Blue, Brown & Gray

The overall cool colors used in this space create a calm ambiance that makes you want to unwind here after a hard day's work. Painting half of the wall a light brown easily allows you to bring that color in. The baby blue sofa looks super comfy, especially with the brown throw pillows and beige blankets. The gray herringbone flooring adds personality without taking away from the rest of the room.

Modern interior of apartment, living room with blue sofa, floor lamp, coffee tables and plant

5. Classic Tan & Red

Drawing colors from the brick fireplace in this room is a clever way to come up with a harmonious color scheme. Crisp white trim breaks up the solid tan walls for visual interest. The matching leather couch and armchair in a chestnut brown provide seating. Red accents in the lampshade, rug, and pillows unite the entire room.

Lovely living room area of showcase home. Decor is red and tan color scheme. Seating area, fireplace. Breakfast table in foreground. Hardwood, tile floors.

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6. Terracotta

Catch some southwestern vibes from the rich terracotta-colored paint and natural rattan chairs. The tan couch anchors the room while plants and tan pottery engage the eye. All of these shades of brown create an appealing space. One addition you could make to this color scheme to really amp up the Southwest influence would be to include a pop of turquoise.

Modern interior in terracotta color with leather sofa, rattan armchairs and flower

7. White & Khaki

Lighter shades of brown combined with white furniture deliver an airy ambiance. We like the almost neutral tone of the beige wall color. Floor-to-ceiling khaki drapes paired with sheer white curtains create the visual effect of a large and open area. Darker tones of brown are expertly used in the geometric patterned rug and throw pillows. Gray and yellow are also utilized in this color palette in a few of the accessories.

Modern interior of living room with white sofa, armchairs and coffee table

8. Bohemian Brown & Green

The eclectic use of patterns, materials, and colors used in this example gives it a boho feel. A russet-colored Chesterfield sofa is deftly coordinated with a velvet green chair. The ivory rug defines the space, and the various accessories add layers to the decor of the room. This color scheme is very warm and inviting.

Modern living room interior with brick wall blank wall, leather brown sofa, green lounge chair, table, wooden wall and floor, plants, carpet, hidden lighting

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9. Coral, Gold & Brown

If you prefer drama in your interior design, this color scheme is for you. Dark brown patterned wallpaper creates the backdrop for coral and gold accents. Adding white furniture keeps the room in balance with the dark flooring. Sumptuous materials and these vibrant colors work together to create an extravagant living room. 

Contemporary lounge living room seating area, with ormaments. coral, gold, and brown

10. Brown, Lavender & Yellow

This color combination is a bit more reserved than the previous example but still creates a similar effect. Since some shades of brown actually contain undertones of yellow and purple, this color scheme is quite complementary. Ecru striped wallpaper brings a classic look that is carried through the room in the design of the canary yellow armchairs and tufted lavender ottoman. A medium brown sofa and oversized tan rug complete the room.

Modern living-room interior in brown, lavender, and yellow

11. Brown, Beige & Bronze

If in doubt about what brown color scheme you want to attempt, decorating in varying shades of brown is a safe bet. This gorgeous living room features taupe-colored walls, chocolate-hued drapes, as well as a beige sectional. Bronze accents in the decorative vase and coffee table bring another level to this color scheme. All of the browns are well-coordinated and give the room a luxurious feel.

gorgeous lounge in a luxury new home dressed in shades of brown, beige and bronze. A suspended-glass lighting unit sits in a large recess with cornices

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12. Brown, Orange & Aquamarine

This vibrant color scheme creates a fun and eclectic atmosphere. The vivid blue couch brightens up the dark espresso walls. This aquamarine color carries through the room as a fun pattern in the brown curtains, as well as several accent pieces. Bright orange accessories are an unexpected but welcome addition to this color scheme.

Traditionally decorated house with turquoise and brown interior.

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13. Toffee, Chocolate & Nougat

Have you noticed how many shades of brown are characterized using food names? We feel like this particular color scheme is best described as a candy bar. The walls are painted a toffee color, while chocolate furniture is dotted through the room in the form of an armchair, side table, and ottoman. Meanwhile, the beige sofa is reminiscent of the nougat center of a popular candy bar. Are you hungry yet?

Classic brown living room with white fireplace and brown

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14. Neutral Hues

Brown mixes beautifully with neutral colors like black, gray, and white. The warm brown tones of the leather couch, ottoman, and armchair bring a welcoming vibe to the stark white room. The gray chevron rug adds texture, while five black pendant light fixtures provide ample lighting. Lighter hues of brown are sprinkled through the room in various accessories to complete this color scheme.

Modern living room decorate with brown leather furniture image.There are large window overlooking to nature and forest

15. Tanned Taupe

This color scheme expertly displays the formal elegance of using cooler-toned shades of brown. The wide-striped wallpaper features both taupe and beige. The sofa is more tan in color, while the area rug and throw pillows definitely possess gray undertones. Even the silver light fixtures keep this room firmly in the cool tones.

Elegant living room with brown sofa, Tanned Taupe

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16. Charcoal & Coffee

This color combination is a powerful one. Slate-colored walls are a compelling design choice on their own. Partnered with coffee-hued furniture, natural wood pieces, and black metal accents create a dynamic color palette. If you decide on this living room color scheme, it is sure to make an impression.

Modern industrial interior with leather furniture, luxury office

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17. Brown, Pink & White

Using the combination of brown and pink creates a romantic atmosphere. The soft petal pink curtains are lovely against the taupe-colored walls. Chocolate accent pillows are an enticing addition to the white sofa. The gold trim used on the brown granite-style coffee table adds another warm tone to this color scheme. Live flower arrangements bring another layer of femininity to this decor.

Final Words

We hope that by this point, you have been inspired to use one of these awesome brown color schemes to update your living room decor. No matter if you use cool or warm tone browns, vibrant accent colors like orange or green, or more neutral hues, your living room is sure to garner plenty of compliments.

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