11 Brown Sofa Living Room Ideas That You Should See!

Sofas come in many different colors, but brown has always been a popular choice. Being a neutral color, you will find that brown has a place in almost every color scheme, making it easy for you to create the living room of your dreams.

Because of its versatility, though, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the design possibilities. Whether you love colorful spaces or tend to prefer neutrals, you are sure to find something you love in this list of 11 brown sofa ideas for the living room. Let’s get into it, shall we?

A white flat paneled living room wall with lamps dark brown sleeper sofas with orange throw pillows and a gorgeous floral carpet, 11 Brown Sofa Living Room Ideas That You Should See!

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Add Some Color 

Brown seems counterproductive for those homeowners who love designing with color. However, the opposite is true. Color can become quickly overwhelming, so a large, neutral piece of furniture helps to ground the space and boost the aesthetic.

1. Fashion Forward 

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A gorgeous minimalist retro theme living room with a suede fabric sectional sofa, white painted walls with hanged painting, and a solid wooden coffee table

While the walls of this room are white, this room’s designer did not hesitate to combine multiple colors in the accent pieces. When using many colors, it is important to make sure that all of the colors complement each other.

Otherwise, you are left with a room that clashes and doesn’t make sense. The light walls and dark furniture in this room create a balanced blank canvas. Then, colors were carefully chosen so that the colors represented in each space—the chair, the wall, the sofa—are complementary. 

2. Pink And Gold Elegance 

A warm and elegant small living room with a leather sofa, round coffee tables and an accent chair on the side

The brown couch in this room offers a contrast to the lighter white, gold, and pink elements. Since pink is the only color in this space that is not neutral, this space is an example of how to you can still add a bit of color to a predominantly neutral design. Pink and gold naturally exude elegance so it is a good color scheme choice if you want your space to be sophisticated. 

3. Natural And Relaxing

A light blue colored living room with a brown sofa with teal colored throw pillows, and a wooden flooring

Green and brown work together to create a calming atmosphere reminiscent of nature, making them a perfect color pair.

The designers of this space do a great job of creating balance by using one color for the wall and the other color for the floor. Then, these colors are paired together on the sofa so that each color is equally represented. Because balance is also calming, designing a green and brown room this way is a great option for someone who uses the living room as a sanctuary to relax. 

4. Golden Yellow 

A white flat paneled living room wall with lamps dark brown sleeper sofas with orange throw pillows and a gorgeous floral carpet

This living room uses rich brown tones and old-fashioned accents to create a classic space. The addition of golden yellow throw pillows and the position of the furniture relative to the window lightens the room and provides an overall cheerful atmosphere. 

Appealing Neutrals 

If you prefer not to use bright colors, a neutral living room might be a better option for you. Keep in mind that neutral doesn’t mean without style.

It is true that you aren’t using color to create an appealing space but you do have the elements of shape, shade, and layout on your side. Take a look at this neutral inspiration, and you will quickly realize that you have just as many options for a neutral space as you do for one with color. 

5. Minimal And Modern 

A modern luxurious living rom with white walls, black dangling lamps, brown leather sofas and ottoman

Aside from the walls and the rug, every element in this room is brown. However, it does not lack depth or appeal. The designers of this room utilized various shades of brown to provide contrast. The end result is a simple but sophisticated room. 

6. More Is More 

Interior of a dark living room with black colored flat paneled wall and a dark leather sofa

You’ve heard of the saying that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Typically, this can apply to a room that has too many dark elements. However, this black and brown room is an example of how dark elements can work really well together, particularly the couch. While everything in this room is bathed in deep rich color, the lighter floor is enough to save this room from being too dark. 

7. Contemporary Chic 

A small and narrow living room a dark leather sofa with an end table on the side

The shape of the sofa, black metal accents, and marbled walls come together to give this room a glamorous and contemporary look. This space is an example of using shape to create a modern style, with the table and the lighting utilizing geometric forms. While this style works well in a home living room, the overall look emulates a space you would find in a museum. 

8. Warm And Comforting 

A huge and spacious living room with cozy sofas with patterned throw pillows

This space uses large, overstuffed sofas and chairs, warm lighting, and a fireplace to create a cozy atmosphere. Pillows, curtains, and furniture in varying shades of brown contribute to the comforting warmth that is portrayed in this living room, creating a visually pleasing look. 

Playing With Pattern 

Pattern is another design element that can be used to give some personality to a space that is mostly neutral. From bold walls to subtle hints, incorporating patterns is an easy way to stay true to a color scheme while still adding some depth. 

9. Bold Stripes 

A gorgeous light brown colored living room with a brown sofa and stripped brown and white wallpapers

This living room stays true to the neutral color scheme and minimalist style, but it still manages to achieve a fun and playful look. The designers of this room make use of pattern to provide depth so they don’t have to rely on using too many decorative pieces to make an interesting space. 

10. Tribal Tribute 

A dark brown colored living room with a dark leather sofa

The walls, sofa, and floor of this living room are similar in color and shade. However, this space is far from boring. A subtle zebra stripe print on the sofa, paired with tribal masks on the wall, evokes strong tribal vibes using minimal pieces. 

11. Vintage Seating 

A rustic farmhouse themed living room with carpeted flooring, brown suede fabric sofa, and colorful accent chairs

A classic brown fabric sofa, living chairs in vintage print, and dark wood trim come together to give this space a nostalgic feel.  The picturesque window extends the vintage vibe by peeking into a simple backyard but also lends brightness to the space, making it feel open and airy. 

In Closing

Whether you are purchasing a new sofa or already have one and want to refresh your existing space, brown is a great choice for living room furniture. It can be paired with many colors and can be an anchor piece in virtually any design style. If you haven’t settled on a sofa quite yet, be sure to experiment with different shades of brown to find the perfect one for your space and style. No matter what shade or style of brown sofa you have, there are countless ways to style it. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try something new! 

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