Bubbles Coming Out Of Washing Machine Drain Pipe – Why And What To Do?

Washing machines are one of the most helpful home appliances ever invented. But, if something goes wrong with your machine, it can really slow down your household chores. Why might bubbles be coming out of the drain pipe? We are curious about that, too, so we have researched the internet for the answer.

Bubbles coming out of a washing machine's drain pipe could be because: the drum is too small, there's a blockage in the pipe, you are loading too many clothes, you are pouring an excessive amount of detergent, or using detergent that is not recommended for your machine.

To fix it, you should:

  • Read the instructions on the laundry detergent label
  • Use only the appropriate laundry detergent for your washing machine
  • Clear blockages from the washing machine drain hose
  • Check for the correct drum size and provide the correct pipe length
  • Wash enough clothes at a time
  • Use fabric conditioner every time you wash

Even if you take care of your washing machine properly, having issues are inevitable, like other home appliances. However, if problems occur, there are still things and troubleshooting you can do to bring it back to its best condition. Please read more to find them out. 

Black washing machine drain pipe, Bubbles Coming Out Of Washing Machine Drain Pipe - Why And What To Do?

Why Are Bubbles Coming Out Of The Washing Machine Drain Pipe?

This issue poses threats to your washing machine, which needs immediate action. But before finding solutions, it would be best to know what causes it first.

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Washing machine drain pipe

Pouring An Excessive Amount Of Laundry Detergent

A washing machine that receives a lot of laundry detergent every time you wash clothes can yield too many continuous bubbles even if you rinse the clothes multiple times.

Solution: Read The Instructions On The Label Of The Laundry Detergent

Check the product's label about how much detergent you should put into the washing machine. Some have instructions on how much detergent can accommodate a particular weight or quantity of clothes.

Remember that the more detergent you put in, the longer the water and drain pipe will produce suds.

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Using Laundry Detergent Not Recommended To Use With Your Washing Machine

Another reason your washing machine produces a lot of bubbles is that you are using detergents that are incompatible with your clothes or washing machine. Know that every type of washing machine has its required kind of detergent to use. 

Solution: Use Only The Appropriate Laundry Detergent And Amount To Put In Your Washing Machine

Use a detergent that is suggested for your washing machine. It would be best always to identify if it needs a regular or high-efficiency detergent. Checking the required laundry detergent type for a washing machine is a priority.

For instance, you own a high-efficiency (HE) washer. In this washing machine, remember that you should never use regular or non-HE laundry detergents. Because if you do, the washing machine will produce a lot of unwanted bubbles in the drain pipe, which will also overflow on the machine's drum.

Additionally, if you continue doing such a thing, expect it to damage and destroy your HE washing machine eventually. Remember that HE washers only accept and require HE laundry detergent since this type of detergent is a low-sudsing one. 

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There Is A Blockage In The Drain Pipe

A blocked drain pipe or hose is common with a washing machine. When this happens, expect the pipe to delay the water flow when draining, which also prolongs and doubles the production of bubbles. 

However, if you are unsure whether there is clogging on the pipe, you can try using a flashlight. 

First, detach the pipe from the machine. Second, put the head of the flashlight near the pipe's opening and peep the tube to see if there is dirt accumulation inside. 

Another approach is if you can see the light passing from end to end of the drain pipe. If you barely see the light of the flashlight at one end, you'll know that clogging exists. 

Solution: Clear The Clogged Drain Hose

A blocked drain pipe is easy to solve. All you need to do is thoroughly clean it to clear all the accumulation of mold and debris that causes a delayed water flow.

Unclog the drain pipe of your washing machine by doing any of these techniques:

  • Get a bucket because you must first clean the washing machine's trap. Place the bucket under the trap so you can catch all the mixture of water and dirt once you have unsealed it. After that, get everything you have detached and clean it with water. Reassemble the trap. 
  • If the first tip didn't work, prepare a funnel and detach the drain hose from the washing machine. Use the funnel to carefully pour a bucket of a mixture of baking soda and boiling water into the drain hose. Once you finish, try to pour water again to check if the water already drains appropriately. 
  • If there is still clogging on your drain pipe, you can try to utilize a drain snake. Detach the trap first and push the drain snake into the pipe, rotating and moving it upwards and downwards. After that, reassemble the drain pipe and trap. 
  • For the fourth option, you can utilize a drain unblocker. Please read the instructions on the product label to use it correctly. But first, you must ensure whether you need a granule or liquid unblocker.
  • The last option you can do if the clogging is still present is to use a high-pressure washer. Get your sewer hose and connect it to the pressure washer. Slide the hose into the drain pipe a bit, and pressure wash it until you ensure that there is no more blockage. 

The Drum Is Too Small Or Incorrect Drain Pipe Sizing

Plumber checking the washing machine for any problems

Water overflows or produces excessive bubbles in your drain pipe due to insufficient size washing machine drum and drain intel.

Solution: Check For The Correct Drum Size And Provide The Correct Pipe Length

It's crucial to ensure that the machine's drum and drain intel are appropriately sized and correctly linked. So, it would be best to check and provide a drain intel up to 30 inches long and at a minimum length of 19 inches.

And as for the washing machine's drum, you can try to ask an expert to have a replacement and make it bigger. But if it is impossible to do, you should buy a better washing machine next time, with a bigger drum. 

You Are Loading Too Many Clothes

There are instances where you put too many clothes inside the washing machine drum beyond what it can only accommodate. In this case, those clothes will restrict the water flow. As a result, many bubbles will come out of the washing machine drain pipe as the machine drains.

Washing machine with lots of bubble coming out of it

Solution: Wash Enough Clothes At A Time

It is straightforward to solve. It would be best to follow the manufacturer's recommendation of how many clothes you should wash at a time. 

Accumulation Of Laundry Detergent On The Standpipes

Although it is rare, there are instances where the bubbles go out anywhere on the machine instead of the drain pipe. It is because of a clogged standpipe, wherein there may be an accumulation of laundry detergent or dirt and debris.

If this happens, the standpipe will push back the draining water into the drain pipe up to the drum, producing continuous and more bubbles. 

Solution: Utilize Fabric Conditioner Every Time You Wash Clothes

It would be best to utilize a fabric conditioner every time you wash clothes to let all the laundry detergent buildups loosen and slide out of the pipes.

Alternatively, you can also use a piece of cleaning cloth and water to wipe the reachable areas of the pipes. 

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Why Is It Important To Check The Washing Machine For Issues

Washing machine drain plug

As early as you notice something wrong with your washing machine, it would be best to solve it immediately to prevent further damage. You can first inspect the area you think has the issue, then go with the other parts to look for more.

After inspecting the entire unit, and you notice numerous issues, the best thing to do is replace the whole washing machine with a new one. However, if you wish not to replace it, you can ask for an expert's help to see if a repair can still fix all the issues. But be ready since the repair may require more money than the worth of a brand new unit. 

Wrapping It All Up

Black washing machine drain pipe

You may think that those bubbles coming out of your drain pipes is just a simple and ordinary happening. However, it could be serious that requires immediate repair. If you are someone who knows only a bit about home appliances, it would be best to call an expert right away if you notice something strange with your washing machine. 

We hope this post answers all your concerns about those persistent bubbles. If you still have additional questions, reach out in the comments. And if you wish to read further, you can check these out!

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