11 Burgundy Living Room Color Schemes You Need To See

Burgundy is a rich deep red that adds a dramatic elegance to any room. Named after the Burgundy region in France and burgundy wine, burgundy is a versatile color comprised of red mixed with deep tones of purple or brown that can range from earth tones to jewel tones. To add passion and sophistication to your home, consider the use of burgundy for wall paint. 

Using dark wall colors can be intimidating but can make a beautiful difference in your home. Because of this, burgundy furniture or accessories are a great alternative to painting an entire wall this powerful and sometimes overwhelming shade.

This shade will add a mesmerizing and sensual feel to any room in your home, whether you choose to use burgundy as the main wall color or as an accent color. To help you out, we created an inclusive selection of burgundy-colored rooms to inspire the look of your home. 

A modern designed burgundy colored sofa with gray and white colored throw pillows

1. Dark burgundy couch with layered burgundy rugs

Purple undertones add a dramatic twist to the color burgundy. The boldly colored room in this example is a moody combination of dark charcoal gray and a purple undertoned burgundy. Rich and elegant, this deep burgundy velvet couch is the epitome of luxury and style. Texture and color are added to this space using two different sized and shaded rugs layered over one another. 

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Dark inspired living room with a burgundy colored carpet, a dark painted fireplace mantel, and a dark sofa

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2. Ombre style burgundy walls

Interior of a gorgeous burgundy colored living room with similar contrasting colored and indoor plants

For a more boho look in your home, ombre style paint is a new spin on multicolored walls, adding depth and style to your space. Accented with regal shades of gold and deep jewel-colored greens, this room is the perfect balance of warm and cool shades. Warm brown trim perfectly completes this look. The white and gray rug brightens this bold color palette for a balanced feel. 

3. Neutral colored walls with burgundy accents

A small burgundy colored drape on top of a gray sofa and a small coffee table decorated with flowers

For those who prefer a more traditional light wall color, this living room is the perfect example of burgundy as an accent color. Using abstract wall art as the inspiration for this room adds just the right amount of color and brings the colors of the walls and accessories together. This lighter, earth-toned version of burgundy is a brighter and less serious color option. The simple flower arrangement brings a certain cohesiveness to this look. 

4. Burgundy and orange living room

A colorful tropical inspired living room with an orange sofa with different colored throw pillows and a big burgundy colored accent wall


Deep shades of burgundy compliment bright, citrusy shades of orange and green for this retro-inspired space. This colorful room is fun and upbeat, creating a lively mood in your home. The burgundy throw pillows coordinate perfectly with the accent wall for a cozy cohesion. Crisp cool shades of green and white offset the other warmer colors for a sense of balance and poise. 

5. Muted burgundy wall with brown and grey accents

A modern burgundy living room with gray arm chairs and a coffee table complementing the wooden floor

tones of this earth-toned inspired wall color combined with the grey color of the couch for a subtle boldness. The warm-colored floor coordinates beautifully with the other brown color accents for an earthy palette. Small bright bursts of white and gold add a bold brightness that accentuates the subdued burgundy wall superbly. 

6. Brown undertone burgundy couch

A dark burgundy colored sectional sofa with gray throw pillows inside a huge living room

Spice up a bland gray and white living room with a bit of dramatic color. By adding a burgundy-colored piece of furniture, like the couch in this example, new life can be given to a room. The focal point of the room now becomes the colored furniture in an otherwise flat-colored space. The burgundy couch has brown undertones, but using a purple undertoned burgundy can change the entire look.

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7. Purple undertone burgundy couch

A modern designed burgundy colored sofa with gray and white colored throw pillows

As discussed, the difference between brown undertones and purple undertones, when it comes to the color burgundy, can be great. The purple undertones in this burgundy couch give the color of the furniture a more majestic and moody feel. While still adding a dramatic amount of color to the space in this example, the look is completely different. Warm brown floors balance the cooler-colored burgundy, and the black accent is the perfect accent color for this palette. 

8. Modern glam burgundy accented living room

A small curved sofa inside a white color inspired living room with gorgeous dangling lights

A boldly colored couch can breathe new life into your lightly colored space. For a modern twist on this look, an impassioned burgundy color along with modern metallic gold can give your space an elegant modern glamour that is unmatched. While grey and white make a beautiful color combination on their own, the gold and burgundy additions, as shown in this example, bring an awe-inspiring look to the grey and white color scheme. The chevron patterned tile floor is emphasized by the unique hanging black and gold lighting.

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9. Vivid burgundy living room

A white sectional sectional sofa with a white carpet inside a burgundy colored living room

With bright purple undertones, the burgundy-colored walls in this living room are striking. As the backdrop to the bright white couch, this vibrant shade of burgundy quickly catches the eye. Warmly accessorized with chocolate brown floors, throw pillows, and accent pieces, the color palette of this room is brilliantly balanced. The white rug in combination with the white couch adds an expansive feel to this space.

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10. Burgundy brick living room


A huge spacious living room with a huge accent wall matched with a long black sofa

To bring a more urban style into your home, brick can make the perfect natural burgundy accent wall. Perfectly textured, the natural deep shade of red shade bricks pictured in this example pairs beautifully with the burgundy throw pillows for a cohesive element. The warm brown hardwood floors and the flat black leather couch bring depth and dimension to this room. Brick is beautiful but not always practical, which is why products are now available to replicate the look without the work.

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11. Burgundy multi-colored living room

A classic designed living room with a burgundy colored accent wall, blue sectional sofa, and a black and white patterned carpet

This eclectic style living room combines burgundy with blue and yellow for a fun and funky color and design scheme. The bright blue color of the couch combined with the burgundy accent wall is definitely not a typical color combination. By adding the yellow color on the adjacent wall and the yellow geometric detail of the wallpaper combine to accentuate the blue and burgundy colors. A sense of cohesion is achieved by coordinating the geometric wallpaper and the geometric styled rug. 

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Final words

Every room in your home, including and especially your living room, should be representative of your personal styles and tastes as well as those of your family. Burgundy, as we discussed earlier, can be an overwhelming color because of its vivid boldness. While there are no actual rules when it comes to decorating your home, we hope that this selection of burgundy living rooms discussed above has helped to inspire your project. 

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