17 Gorgeous Burgundy Colored Vases You Should See Right Now

17 Burgundy Colored VasesChoosing just the right accents for a room can be tough, depending on your overall design concept. That being said, a rich burgundy vase will complement a variety of decorating motifs and is a great way to add that pop of color that you are missing. We have found 17 beautiful examples of burgundy vases to give you inspiration!

1. Jusalpha Home Vase

This glossy glazed burgundy vase from Jusalpha is perfect for any home decoration. It measures 9" in height and 2' in width, with a small ovular opening. This lovely vase is made from fine china and is meant to hold long-stemmed floral arrangements. A vase this size is perfect for tabletops and shelf decorations.

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2. Rustic Jug Vase

Standing at 11" tall, this jug vase is designed to look like a metal milk can with a burgundy finish. It features two small strap handles and contains molded detailing at both the top and the bottom. Its wide opening makes it ideal for holding larger bundles of flowers, ones with longer stems. This jug vase would look amazing as a centerpiece on a side table, giving your home a rustic feel.

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3. Hosley Vases

These vases from HC Global comes in a set of three, each one measuring 2.75" x 4.5", and they are made from 100% metal. They are perfect as accent pieces for both coffee tables and side tables and are meant only for decor. These vases are small enough to hold flowers with shorter stems, but a watertight liner must be used. These vases can be set next to each other as a decoration or can be scattered around the room to add more color.

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4. Handcrafted Bamboo Floor Vase

This bamboo floor vase is handcrafted from natural bamboo and is meant to be used with dried or silk decorative flowers; it's not made to hold water. The upper third of the vase is made of polished bamboo, and the bottom of the vase features a burgundy design. The vase stands tall at 31.5" and will add natural beauty to any room.

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5. Sullivans Small Ceramic Vase Set

These beautiful ceramic set from Sullivans is handcrafted with a glossy burgundy finish, and each vase comes in its own dimensions: 3.75" x 3.75" x 3.5", 4" x 4" x 4", and 4.25" x 4.25" x 5". These vases are not watertight, and are for decorative use only; the two shorter vases can hold smaller decorative flowers, and the taller one can hold those made with longer stems.

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6. Burgundy Ceramic Vase

This beautiful set of ceramic vases are made from ceramic and feature characteristics representative of Islamic culture. The vases measure 4" x 2.5" x 10.10" and weigh approximately 2lbs. Both vases feature intricate gold carvings with a dark burgundy background and will make a bold statement on any table.

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7. Bamboo Cylinder Floor Vase

This bamboo vase comes in a cylinder shape and is available in two different sizes,  27'' x 9" and 24" x 8". This vase is sleek and comes in either a stained finish for a natural look or a lacquered finish that gives the environment a high style, classy feel. This bamboo vase is not meant to hold water but would look amazing with some artificial flowers. With its size and shape, this bamboo vase would look great in the corner of a room for all to see.

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8. Floral Ceramic Vase

Crafted by American Furniture Outlet, this unique vase stands 36" tall and is designed with floral and bird themes. The vase features white, cream, pink, black, and gold accents contrasted against a burgundy background. Ornate gold designs decorate the top and bottom of the vase. This is quite a large vase, and it is meant to be a floor vase.

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9. Rectangular Vase

This rectangular vase is a sharp contrast to the usual vase shape, features Austrian artistry and is hand-painted by Chris Nedwed. The vase is from Angela Neue Wiener Werkstaette and showcases a deep burgundy background with black accents at the base and intricate gold designs that start from the bottom and trail upwards to the center. The vase measures 3.14" x 9.8" and is the perfect centerpiece for any table.

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10. George Jimmy Ceramic Vase

This mini vase from George Jimmy features a thin neck that's perfect for hydroponic plants with thinner and longer stems. The vase itself is ceramic, with a burgundy background decorates with black accents. This small vase is ideal for home settings, such as along a windowsill or sitting atop a shelf.

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11. Bamboo Vase Set

This set of vases from Essential Decor and Beyond contains both a burgundy and yellow vase. Both vases measure 25" x 9" x 9" and are crafted from bamboo, giving your home a beautiful and natural look. They are large vases, meant for the floor, and would look great as decorations in the corners of the room or beside side tables.

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12. Handcrafted Modern Glass Vase

This gorgeous vase from Makora Krosno Glass is handcrafted and mouth-blown by skilled craftsmen using traditional glass blowing techniques. The uniquely shaped vase sits upon a silver three-legged pedestal and measures 18" x 12". The thin neck is ideal for long-stemmed flowers and the vase itself has the ability to hold water. This burgundy vase is ideal for shelf decorations.

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13. George Jimmy Decor Vase

This vase is another great find from George Jimmy and is a burgundy color with black and grey accents along its exterior. Its crafted from ceramic and features beautiful hand-painted workmanship with a glossy finish. It's another mini vase, with 2.8" x 5.9" dimensions, and is perfect for both office and home decor.

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14. OK Lighting Decorative Vase

This beautiful and exquisite vase from OK Lighting is sure to stun and amaze your friends and family! It's shaped like a wine glass, with elaborate gold trims and embedded crystals. The base of the vase is a rich burgundy color that is the epitome of high-quality craftsmanship. Due to the gaps in the design, this vase is meant purely for decorative purposes and not for holding living flowers.

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15. Floral Tall Ceramic Vase

This vase from American Decor Inc. stands 24" tall and features a glossy finish. The vase is decorated with floral designs and features pink, white, green, and gold accents against a deep burgundy background. This floral ceramic vase is meant designed as a floor vase and would look ideal in the corner of the room or beside a side table.

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16. Ceramic Vase

This is another burgundy vase with characteristics representative of Islamic culture; one side of the vase features Allah and the other has Mohammad. The vase is extremely beautiful with floral imagery and gold, white, black, red and green color accents against a burgundy background. Gold handles adorn the sides of the vase opening, and the entire vase measures 16" x 12.5" x 6".

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17. Zeesline Bamboo Vase

This gorgeous vase from Zeesline is crafted out of bamboo for a natural look with a glossy wood grain finish. It stands tall at 14.25" and is conveniently lightweight for tables and shelves. This vase is meant for decorative purposes only; it's not water-resistant, and therefore cannot hold live plants.

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We hope that you found this post helpful and inspiring! Burgundy is a lovely color for vases, and it's amazing the different shapes and sizes that they come in! If you found this post helpful, or if you have vases of your own that you would like to share with us, let us know below!

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