Where To Buy Blankets [Top 40 Online Stores]

Whether you love to wrap yourself in blankets, throw decorative blankets on the sofa, or need a bedspread to lounge on while on the floor, it's a good idea to buy blankets online. There is a myriad of reputable retailers who specialize in comfy, plush fleece blankets, weighted blankets, down comforters, and throw blankets to adorn your home. When you shop online, you can trust that your products will be delivered to you in a timely manner and will have a certain quality.

Discover unique and beautiful blankets for babies, kids, pets, adults, or for bohemian decor in living rooms and bedrooms. Shopping online provides plenty of convenience and privacy while you take your time choosing from a plethora of colorful, soft, and warm blankets worth making a part of your home's collection. Don't know where to get started? Not to worry, as we have a curated list of some of the best places online to purchase a blanket you will love for years to come.

Let's explore different blanket options to help you get restful sleep, make a room look brighter, or give you the warmth and comfort needed for a good nap. Be the envy of friends and neighbors when you show off your lovely blankets that you purchased online.

Gray and cream cashmere blankets, Where To Buy Blankets [Top 40 Online Stores]

1. Amazon

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Amazon website product page

Amazon is a mega-company with a reputation that prides itself on customer obsession, one-day shipping with Prime, and offering hundreds of thousands of products. Finding a quality blanket from Amazon is a click away. On Amazon you can find weighted blankets, throws for chairs and couches, electric blankets, and blankets that are hypoallergenic and stain-resistant.

Click here to see their inventory.


2. American Blanket Company

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American Blanket Company website product page

The American Blanket Company proudly makes its products in the USA, and they offer a flat shipping rate throughout the states. With American Blanket Company you will find a host of blankets for baby, pets, custom photo printed blankets, oversized blankets, and delightfully plush fleece blankets.

Click here to see their inventory.

3. Anthropologie

Anthropologie website product page

Anthropologie is a brand that is connected to Urban Outfitters, but its products are designed for the affluent, creative-minded woman over 30 who desires unique, beautiful objects with tons of visual appeal. Online Anthropologie you'll find waffle blankets in vibrant colors, bohemian style throw blankets, and bedding with designs borrowed from around the world.

Click here to see their inventory.

4. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture website product page

Across America, Ashley Furniture has been providing affordable, quality furniture and household goods at over 800 locations. Shop for throw blankets to pair with accent chairs, toss on love seats, or curl up with a book and coffee. Add some texture and color in your life with a velvety blanket, a chenille blanket, or sleep soundly with a weighted blanket from this retailer. Many items come with free shipping from UPS.

Click here to see their inventory.

5. Bed Bath&Beyond

Bed Bath&Beyond website product page

Founded in 1971, Bed Bath&Beyond still carries a strong name as a retailer to go to for blankets, sheets, and other household necessities from the living room to the kitchen. Make your bed the ultimate sleeping oasis with soft, microfleece blankets, luxurious cotton blankets, or adorn your home with fun faux throw blankets.

Click here to see their inventory.

6. Berkshire Blanket

Berkshire Blanket website product page

Make yourself at home when you shop at Berkshire Blanket, a company recognized for its plush and fleece blankets in trending styles and made for comfort. Whether you need blankets for the bedroom, a guest room, or a little one, you'll uncover fluffy blankets in fleece, microfiber, and supersoft velvety fabrics.

Click here to see their inventory.

7. Big Blanket Co.

Big Blanket Co. website product page

Go big or go home with a supremely soft and oversized blanket from none other than the Big Blanket Company. Snuggle up with a blanket that's boasted to be four times the size of an average blanket, measuring a minimum of 120 x 120 inches in size. Shop for blankets that are made from premium woven fibers, XL weighted blankets, or the original stretch blanket.

Click here to see their inventory.

8. Big Lots

Big Lots website product page

Boasting over 1,400 stores across the US, at Big Lots you know you'll find a quality product for a fair price for the whole family. Shop for faux fur throws in fun textures, plush Sherpa blankets, velveteen throws, and heated blankets to feel cozy and warm any time.

Click here to see their inventory.

9. Blanket Warehouse

Blanket Warehouse website product page

Be a savvy shopper and snag a snuggly blanket at a discounted price at Blanket Warehouse. You will discover blankets fitting for dorm rooms, California King-sized beds, babies, and throws for accent furniture in trending patterns, flannel, and faux shearling.

Click here to see their inventory.

10. Brooklinen

Brooklinen website product page

Deck out a bedroom in the ultimate style with a blanket from Brooklinen. Picture yourself relaxing on the sofa with a throw blanket made from wool and cashmere, or imagine the supreme comfort snuggling under a linen quilt. Attention to the quality and care behind their blanket selection is apparent.

Click here to see their inventory.

11. The Company Store

The Company Store website product page

There's a little something for everyone at The Company Store's blanket collection. Here you'll find warm and luxurious feeling blankets made with down, fleece, wool, cotton, and in premium weaves and textures. No matter what color your bedroom, you'll find an equally vibrant and comfortable blanket.

Click here to see their inventory.

12. Costco

Costco website product page

If there's one sure reason to be a member at Costco its the bedding options. There are plenty of affordable and attractive blankets featuring on-trend patterns and timeless designs. Dress up a bohemian bedroom or brighten up a bedroom with industrial designs in a flash. There are festive throws for chairs and sofas as well as weighted blankets.

Click here to see their inventory.

13. Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market product page

Dress up a bedroom or living room with blankets with an international vibe, ranging from electric geometric patterns to revisions of traditional folk designs. Leave your country and take a gander at multiple throws, blankets, and quilts with mesmerizing textures and colors.

Click here to see their inventory.

14. Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel product page

Enjoy a taste of the good life with opulent looking cable knit throw blankets or multicolored blankets with festive fringe. At Crate&Barrel you'll discover blankets of a certain quality, aesthetic, and visual appeal. Be prepared for houseguests or pamper yourself with a posh blanket.

Click here to see their inventory.

15. Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods website product page

Be prepared to face the elements when camping outdoors or going on a backpacking adventure. In addition to huddling under hardy and cozy Sherpa blankets, you'll find sports-themed blankets and survival blankets for the prepper or outdoor enthusiast.

Click here to see their inventory.

16. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer website product page

Eddie Bauer is a brand known for its relaxed look but with attention to craftsmanship and quality fabrics for its goods. Enjoy blankets with a rustic and country charm featuring plaid, animal print, or faux fur. Be ready to brave a camping trip in style or bundle up by the fire inside.

Click here to see their inventory.

17. Huckberry

Huckberry website product page

You'll have to sign up with this online store with your social media profile or email, but it's worth it to check out the exclusive collection of apparel, bedding, footwear, and more for men. There is a tasteful collection of fringed throw blankets with American Western appeal, weighted blankets, and throws made from wool.

Click here to see their inventory.

18. Ikea

Ikea website product page

Ikea is hands-down one of the most stylish and economical choices for finding a blanket that fits with most types of home decor. Whether you need a blanket for the kids, a bedroom, or Fluffy, there are simple and clean looking blankets, duvet covers, throw blankets, and quilts.

Click here to see their inventory.

19. J.C. Penney

J.C. Penney website product page

Check out the selection of colorful and cozy blankets from J.C. Penney, ranging from heated blankets, micro flannel in solid and print designs, to plush weighted blankets. Find a blanket that fits your style, whether you need it for a bedroom with blackout curtains for restful sleep, or you want to treat yourself to a blanket made from brushed fibers or fleece.

Click here to see their inventory.

20. Kohl's

Kohl's website product page

Find a great deal on a blanket from Kohl's department store. Picture warming up under a toasty fleece throw blanket, or falling fast asleep under a weighted blanket. There are plenty of stylish blankets in solid and print under $25 for anyone on a budget looking to furnish their space.

Click here to see their inventory.

21. Land's End

Land's End website product page

Delve into an online store that is fueled by the classic American spirit. You'll find that beyond conservative but sporty apparel, they offer blankets that are made from organic cotton, waffle-textured or reversible fleece throws with monograms emblazoned on the front.

Click here to see their inventory.

22. L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean website product page

Seize the day and enjoy another adventure on the road, in the great outdoors, or cozying up at home. Sleep with confidence under cotton, twill, fleece, or sateen blankets in cool blues, neutral colors, or bold primary stripes. Be ready for a camping adventure, an emergency, or enjoying a night in with a waterproof blanket or plush Sherpa throw.

Click here to see their inventory.

23. Luxome

Luxome website product page

If you need a blanket with a bit of compression and optimized weight for a good night's nest, check out the blankets from Luxome. You'll find a selection of luxurious weighted blankets that are cooling, reversible, and designed to offer a blissful experience.

Click here to see their inventory.

24. Macy's

Macy's website product page

Snag a stylish and durable lightweight cotton blanket in bold solid colors or snuggle under an oversized microfleece plush blanket. Select from blankets made for a baby, electric blankets, and reversible throws in faux fur. Choose among blankets featuring paisley and ironwork inspired designs, solid hues, and pastel shades.

Click here to see their inventory.

25. Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm website product page

If you have trouble sleeping but are looking for a quality blanket for you or your beloved pet, check out Mattress Firm. They offer weighted blankets that are cooling and provide much-needed compression with evenly distributed weights that don't bunch.

Click here to see their inventory.

26. Overstock

Overstock website product page

You can pretty much guarantee you'll score a good deal on a blanket from Overstock. They have a plethora of blankets that are in designer styles, timeless patterns, and at an affordable price. Find heated blankets, Sherpa throws, knit blankets, quilts, and bargain deals under $25.

Click here to see their inventory.

27. Pendleton Woolen Mills

Pendleton Woolen Mills website product page

Get into the spirit of the wild west of America's past with wool blankets featuring Indigenous-inspired patterns. Be ready to venture camping or hiking by bringing a quilted blanket or striped throw that is soft, warm, and beautifully crafted.

Click here to see their inventory.

28. Pier 1

Pier 1 website product page

Sleep well under plush, textured chenille throws with fringe or warm up under a knitwear blanket with ribs or stripes from Pier 1. Don't break the bank to adorn your chairs, ottomans, beds, or sofas with an inexpensive and cozy blanket.

Click here to see their inventory.

29. Pink Unicorn Studio

Pink Unicorn Studio website product page

One of the hottest trends in blankets is oversized chunky knitted creations that make you feel snuggled tight as a baby. Each handmade blanket is made with care and passion, using ultra-soft, high-quality Merino wool. Discover blankets that are perfect for everyone in the family, including pets.

Click here to see their inventory.

30. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn website product page

Take a nap or snuggle up under a blanket from Pottery Barn made from faux fur, organic cotton, or a handknit chunky throw with plenty of texture. Choose from elegant blankets and throws that provide ample warmth and plenty of traditional, classic style.

Click here to see their inventory.

31. R.E.I.

R.E.I. website product page

Brave the wilderness in style with an insulated blanket, or camp under the stars with a striped or quilted blanket built to last. Wrap up with a fleece throw, a down blanket, or a blanket design for survivalists. The blankets offered here have modern appeal but are suited for outdoor adventures.

Click here to see their inventory.

32. Sleep Number

Sleep Number website product page

Sleep Number is not only recognized for its unique mattresses, but they also offer tasteful and comfortable blankets and comforters. Choose from electric blankets, comforters with down or alternative filling, weighted blankets, or a chenille throw. The color palette is classic and mostly in neutral tones.

Click here to see their inventory.

33. Target

Target website product page

When you are shopping for essential housewares, Target is the place to shop for blankets. There is a selection of microfleece throws that are plush and opulent-feeling, cotton blankets in solid and Chevron patterns, and textured knit blankets. The style of blankets here are on-trend and affordable.

Click here to see their inventory.

34. The Vermont Country Store

The Vermont Country Store website product page

Make your home's bedroom and living room look its country best with classic American farmhouse style blankets. Find charming blankets in flannel and plaid, soft, brushed cotton, or in acrylic fibers. Pair these blankets with furniture that has a country, classic, or minimalist theme for a pleasant atmosphere.

Click here to see their inventory.

35. Urban Swathe

Urban Swathe website product page

Stand out for your appreciation for finery and exquisite wool and cashmere blankets in fantastic designs. Choose from a curated selection of handwoven,  solid patterned or polka dot blankets that are sophisticated and warm. If you have a traditional, bohemian, or country home these blankets are a good fit.

Click here to see their inventory.

36. Walmart

Walmart website product page

Stay warm and look good for a low price with a blanket from Walmart. You'll discover trending designs and patterns of microfleece blankets, cotton, quilted down, and weighted blankets for sleepers of every age. Decorate your bedroom, living room, or dorm room on a budget.

Click here to see their inventory.

37. Wayfair

Wayfair website product page

Decorate your space so it is fit for royalty with a luxurious faux fur throw, a knitted blanket with a chunky texture, or a cotton woven blanket featuring an eye-catching design. Wayfair offers a menagerie of blankets fitting for every budget, and all in styles that are currently trending, timeless, or have a global flair.

Click here to see their inventory.

38. West Elm

West Elm website product page

Give your home blankets with a touch of affluence but at a modest price. Discover sophisticated blankets in woven herringbone, organic cotton, and fine linen. There are blankets suitable for babies and adults that are regal and warm.

Click here to see their inventory.

39. Williams-Sonoma Home

Williams-Sonoma Home website product page

Bask in the lap of luxury with a tasteful blanket made from cotton, lambswool, cashmere, or faux fur. Lounge in a chair with a casual throw in solid shades, jacquard, plaid, or animal prints. Show off your appreciation for fine design and comfort to the touch.

Click here to see their inventory.

40. Woolrich

Woolrich website product page

Woolrich has been around since 1830, and the American apparel company is still going strong with quality products. Check out these beautiful blankets that are imbued with the American spirit, and are available in wool, plaid, solids, and striped patterns.

Click here to see their inventory.

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