Where to Buy Poufs and Ottomans (Top 40 Online Stores)

A pouf or ottoman is a great way to add some extra seating without taking too much floor space. There are plenty of options to choose from as well. Materials, filling, design, style. All of these can make or break an ottoman or pouf for your particular room.

Where to Buy Poufs and Ottomans (Top 40 Online Stores)

If you go out shopping for one of these stylish little additions, though, you could be gone for a while. Hitting up multiple stores to see what they have in stock could take hours or all day! A super simple way to avoid long drawn out trips is to shop online.

We've found 40 of the top stores to check out for poufs and ottomans. Keep reading to see what the internet has to offer your home decor needs!

1. Amazon

Poufs and Ottomans on amazon's page.

Amazon is the top site for online shopping. They carry everything and the kitchen sink (no, really) for some of the best prices on the web. Individual vendors can place products for sale on Amazon as well, which helps drive prices further down. Their review system is top-notch, so if you see it has such good rating that chances are you'll love it, too.

Click here to find poufs and ottomans on Amazon.

2. Wayfair

Poufs and Ottomans on wayfair's page.

Wayfair is a home decor and home goods superstore that carries everything for inside and outside your home. They have a wide selection of poufs and ottomans available perfect for every style. Wayfair has a great review system much like Amazon, and they offer a good return policy within 30 days of purchase if you decide the item you ordered just isn't for you. Free shipping is offered once your order total exceeds $49, so don't worry about choosing that bigger pouf for your living room.

Click here for poufs and ottomans on Wayfair. 

3. Kohl's

Poufs and Ottomans on kohl's page.

Kohl's is a well-known department store that carries clothing and home goods. They have a great selection of poufs and ottomans in stock on their site. They have many different colors and patterns that range from traditional style to rustic cowhide ottomans. Kohl's offers free shipping on orders over $50 as well as a nice discount if you pay using one of their cards. Kohl's also offers Kohl's Cash rewards, so check and see if any of your favorite poufs or ottomans qualify.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Kohl's. 

4. Home Depot

Poufs and Ottomans on Home depot's page.

This home improvement giant also carries quality furniture and home goods. Their selection of poufs and ottomans offer plenty of choices. Once you scroll down past the listings on the page you'll also find a section with helpful design advice including what's trending, how to achieve certain vibes, and how to make a pouf or ottoman really work for you.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Home Depot. 

5. Target

Poufs and Ottomans on Target's page.

Target is a favorite stop for many for home decor, and they don't disappoint with their poufs and ottomans. They offer free 2-day shipping on several items, so keep a lookout for those listings. Target also offers discounts exclusively for RedCard holders, so if you have one of their credit cards you may score big on your pouf of choice. This store is well-known for its efforts to have something for everyone, and they're sure to have just what you need as well.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Target.

6. All Modern

Poufs and Ottomans on All modern's page.

All Modern carries a ton of home goods that have a, you guessed it, modern vibe to them. They also carry products that have other style leanings as well, such as the cowhide ottoman pictured above, so it's definitely worth a look no matter the design style you're using. Since poufs and ottomans fall under the furniture label, you can get any of these shipped to you for free. If you need help with your order All Modern has customer service reps ready to problem-solve for you all week as well as nights and weekends. This site is a sister site to Wayfair, as well, so you know your product reviews are going to be reliable and the quality of both service and products will be hard to beat.

Click here to find poufs and ottomans on All Modern. 

7. Overstock

Poufs and Ottomans on overstock's page.

Overstock carries a great selection of home goods. Their poufs and ottomans are no exception. They carry many different colors, designs, and materials in their selection of poufs and ottomans. Free shipping kicks in once your order goes over $45 for an added bonus. They work to stay eco-friendly through their shipping products and also support charity partners for shelter animals and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Overstock.

8. Hayneedle

Poufs and Ottomans on Hayneedle's page.

Poufs and ottomans that fit everything from boho to rustic styles are available from Hayneedle. And with free shipping on orders over $49, you don't have to worry about being hit with an extra expense. Hayneedle falls under the same umbrella as companies like Jet and Walmart, so you know you're getting great prices and customer service when you order from them. They also routinely give to various charities, so your money will go to good causes after your purchase.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Hayneedle. 

9. west elm

Poufs and Ottomans on Western elm's page.

Another home goods site focused on more modern style is west elm. They carry a great selection of poufs and ottomans that give you a wide variety of choices. The majority of west elm's products are exclusive to their company. They are also a Fair Trade company and commit to making organic, handcrafted products that are sustainable.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from west elm.

10. Bed Bath and Beyond

Poufs and Ottomans on Bed, bath and beyond's page.

Bed Bath and Beyond is well-known for its high-quality home goods and fantastic customer service. A major destination for brides planning their registries, this site carries everything you need to decorate a home. The selection of ottomans and poufs covers a wide variety of styles as well as brands and they come at awesome prices. You can also routinely receive discount coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond if you're on their email list, so be sure to sign up.

Click here for ottomans and poufs from Bed Bath and Beyond.

11. Pottery Barn

Poufs and Ottomans on pottery ban's page.

Pottery Barn is known for quality and exclusivity in their products. They carry decor that's designed in all styles and sizes to provide for as many homes as there are options. They work with craftsmen and artisans worldwide to ensure their products are beautiful and unique. Their commitment to the environment and social causes is another great feature of the company that's worth supporting.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Pottery Barn.

12. Anthropologie

Poufs and Ottomans on Anthropologie's page.

Anthropologie caters to creative women who want unique products that showcase their personality and tastes without making them seem childish. With modern, classic, and boho twists poufs available throughout their offerings, it's safe to say they have something for everyone. They have a program called anthroPerks for loyal shoppers that's free to sign up for. It offers free shipping on orders over $150, birthday rewards, and inclusive offers.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Anthropologie. 

13. One Kings Lane

Poufs and Ottomans on One kings lane's page.

One Kings Lane offers high-quality styles at affordable prices. They deal with both designer and vintage decor as well as their own exclusive designs in home products and furniture. One Kings Lane offers personalized design assistance both online and in-store to help you create exactly the look you want. Another great feature they also offer is high-quality delivery services as well as assembly for a fee.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from One Kings Lane.

14. Etsy

Poufs and Ottomans on etsy's page.

Etsy is a great place to find quality items and exclusive designs. A marketplace site that allows artisans and crafters from all over the world to sell their creations, Etsy has a wide variety of looks, styles, and interesting products you won't find anywhere else. Vintage finds are big on Etsy from shop owners who dig through estate and antique sells. You can order directly from the site, or you can contact some shop owners to have a pouf or ottoman custom made to your exact specifications.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Etsy. 

15. Casablanca Market

Poufs and Ottomans on casablanca market's page.

If you're into the boho look, this is your store. Casablanca Market carries a ton of poufs and ottomans in the Morrocan style. Pick from a variety of colors and designs for that perfect finish. Each item is handmade, which may result in a slight variation from the picture. Casablanca Market works with handcrafters for 80% of its products to provide you with beautiful home decor and families with incomes.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Casablanca Markets. 

16. Walmart

Poufs and Ottomans on walmart's page.

Walmart is a great one-stop-shop for just about anything you need, including furniture and home decor. And don't let their low-price policy fool you, they have some pretty high-quality stuff on their site. They also offer free delivery on several items as well as price reductions called 'Rollbacks', so check your favorite pouf or ottoman for that. Great customer service is offered as well by Walmart, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with them.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Walmart. 

17. Better Homes and Gardens

Poufs and Ottomans on better homes and garden's page.

Better Homes and Gardens is a well-known home decor and gardening magazine that offers a collection of high-quality finds from around the web on their site. While they have their own line of products, they also feature items from sites like JCPenney and Wayfair. They also show discounted prices when these sites run sales, so you can be sure you're getting a great deal. While you'll be redirected to the website selling the item rather than ordering directly from Better Homes and Gardens, this is a great place to check out multiple stores at once.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Better Homes and Gardens.

18. Finnish Design Shop

Poufs and Ottomans on Finish design shop's page.

The Finnish Design Shop has a great collection of interesting and unique poufs and ottomans. Specializing in quality and functionality, this site focuses on making your home the most comfortable place for you with sustainable products at affordable prices. They take the hygge ideal to heart when choosing the home decor items to carry and offer to their customers. While the quality of the products is high, however, they do take a minimalistic approach to design that may not be a good fit for more dramatic styles.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Finnish Design Store. 

19. Homemakers

Poufs and Ottomans on Homemaker's page.

Homemakers carry big home furnishings like furniture and mattresses with a selection of accessories to compliment them. They have high-quality brands like Ashley Furniture and La-Z-Boy in stock for affordable prices. They also allow for customization on certain items, so check for the button on the listing if you would like to change it up a bit to make it more your preference. Homemakers have a variety of warranties for their furniture depending on the item as well.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Homemakers. 

20. World Market

Poufs and Ottomans on world market's page.

World Market carries unique home goods from many different cultures and styles for affordable prices. Their selection of poufs and ottomans is on the smaller side, but it's worth a look if you have more eclectic or boho tastes. They source from all over the world to bring their customers bold and unusual home decor that you'd have a hard time finding anywhere else. Sign up for their loyalty program for exclusive discounts and rewards.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from World Market. 

21. Houzz

Poufs and Ottomans on Houzz's page.

Houzz carries a huge selection of quality home goods and decor for great prices. This company got its start when a pair of frustrated homeowners couldn't accomplish their design dreams the old-fashioned way and decided to do something about it. Today it has grown into a store as well as a place to connect with contractors, designers, and other professionals to make design boards come to life. They allow outside vendors to sell through their site as well, which helps drive down prices on products. Some items have extra features like free shipping, so check the listing for any product you may like.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Houzz.

22. Lights Plus

Poufs and Ottomans on Lights and plus's page.

While Lights Plus is known for its lighting products, they also carry other home furnishings. The poufs and ottomans offered by Lights Plus have many unique features like velvet material, clear bases, and metallic additions. These products range through every design style, so everyone can find something they like at Lights Plus. They also have an awesome offer of 120% price protection. This means if you find the same exact product on their page somewhere else cheaper within 60 days of purchase they'll not only match the price, they'll give you 20% of the difference. So it's safe to say they're pretty confident of their prices. Lights Plus also partners with charities like St Jude's Children's Hospital and A Sense of Home, so a portion of your purchase will go to help support these great causes.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Lights Plus. 

23. Nordstrom

Poufs and Ottomans on Nordstrom's page.

Nordstrom has a small selection of poufs and ottomans that boast high quality and contemporary styles for affordable prices. And if you're a member of the Nordy Club, either as a non-card member or with a card, you'll have access to extra discounts to make those poufs and ottomans even more affordable.  One of Nordstrom's defining features is its commitment to the environment and producing sustainable products. They do this through recyclable packaging products, recycled packaging, offering recycling bins in their stores, and switching to more energy-efficient utilities like LED lighting.  If buying products from an eco-friendly source is a priority for you, you may want to give Nordstrom a chance.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Nordstrom.

24. Pier 1

Poufs and Ottomans on Pier 1's page.

Pier 1 is a great site to find exclusive handcrafted products, from candles to furniture, that is sourced from all over the world. The high-quality of these items are available at affordable prices to allow you to decorate your home with beautiful and unique looks without killing your bank account. You'll also receive free shipping when your order totals over $49 for an extra bit of savings. On their site, you'll also find design inspiration and product how-to's to figure out how to create exactly the look you want in your home.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Pier 1.

25. Kirkland's

Poufs and Ottomans on Kirkland's page.

Kirkland's carries a variety of poufs and ottomans in a large selection of styles, shapes, materials, and colors. Their inventory makes it easy to find something you'll like for a price you'll love. You can find design inspiration with their products through their blog that's accessible through the website. Kirkland's also gives back to the community by working with charities such as Habitat for Humanity and Make-a-Wish as well as others. They also use sustainability practices to help protect the environment and use green cleaning as well as recycling to keep their Energy Star certification.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Kirkland's. 

26. JCPenney

Poufs and Ottomans on JCpenney's page.

JCPenney is known for its clothing and accessories, but they also carry high-quality home goods and decor for great prices. The modest selection of poufs and ottomans on their site is well worth a look when you're shopping. JCPenney offers free shipping on orders over $99. They also have a rewards program you can sign up for to receive extra discounts, as well as having select coupons available on site. They also work with organizations like the YMCA to give back to communities through the profits they receive.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from JCPenney. 

27. Macy's

Poufs and Ottomans on Macy's page.

Many styles of high-quality poufs and ottomans are available through Macy's for affordable prices. You can find them in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials from name brands. This company works hard to use clean energy in an effort to help protect the environment and increase sustainability. Macy's also works to give back to the community by partnering with organizations like Make-A-Wish and working with disaster relief efforts as well as donating clothing to those in need.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Macy's.

28. Crate and Barrel

Poufs and Ottomans on crate and barrel's page.

This site has a great selection of poufs and ottomans that would fit well in any design style. High-quality items are available for affordable prices from Crate and Barrel and several are eligible for free shipping as well. You'll find exclusive designs from this company achieved through technology like digital design and visualization tools to pair art and technology in home design.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Crate and Barrel.  

29. Haverty's

Poufs and Ottomans on Haverty's page.

Haverty's carries a selection of high-quality poufs and ottomans for great prices. They have a variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from as well as Top Drawer Delivery to ensure your item arrives in a timely manner without damage. Haverty's is driven to provide quality products and service to their customers as well as the communities their customers live in. They partner with organizations like the Red Cross to contribute to those in need. Check out their Community Service page to see more of the organizations they work with and donate a portion of their proceeds to.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Haverty's. 

30. Rooms To Go

Poufs and Ottomans on Rooms to go's page.

Rooms To Go is known for its complete room collections that take the guesswork out of decorating, but they have individual items available as well. They have a great selection of poufs and ottomans in many styles, shapes, and designs. Their prices aren't that bad, either, and are very affordable no matter which item you choose. They offer free standard shipping for all orders and their customer service is available daily as well as nights and weekends for any questions or issues you may have.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Rooms To Go.

31. Joss and Main

Poufs and Ottomans on Joss and main's page.

Joss and Main is a sister site to Wayfair. While the inventory items that Joss and Main offers are different from Wayfair's selection, the quality and affordability are not. Joss and Main also have the same review system as Wayfair, so you know if you see five starts on a product it's likely a good one. Free shipping and free 2-day shipping are available on several products, so keep an eye out for the note on the listings. And if you've signed up for Wayfair's loyalty program you'll also get to apply rewards you've earned here as well.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Joss and Main. 

32. Anne Pappas Interiors

Poufs and Ottomans on Anne Pappas Interior's page.

This site has a lot of great poufs and ottomans with clean, simple designs. They're made from high-quality materials, yet still affordable. Many items ship free. If so, you'll find a note on the individual listing for that item. You'll also find lead times for each product on their listing, so be mindful of that when ordering.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Anne Pappas Interiors.

33. Slumberland Furniture

Poufs and Ottomans on Slumberland Furniture's page.

Slumberland Furniture got its start as a mattress store that slowly grew into complete home goods and decor provider. They offer furniture and accessories for every room in your home, including poufs and ottomans. Their selection includes choices in every design for affordable prices. They offer free delivery to areas local to one of their stores as well as free ground shipping on select items. Military discounts are available for active duty service members as well as veterans. Slumberland Furniture also offers great customer service including live chat agents.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Slumberland Furniture. 

34. Oka

Poufs and Ottomans on oka's page.

Oka carries a collection of poufs and ottomans that range from the classic to the eclectic. The founders of Oka drew inspiration from artisans and craftsmen all over the world to produce unique and exclusive designs perfect for your home. They also partner with designers to provide exclusive collections you'll love to call your own. Oka also offers design advice through inspiration and product care pages on their site to help you create a look that's seamless and reflects you perfectly.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Oka.

35. CB2

Poufs and Ottomans on cb2's page.

CB2 is a sister site to Crate and Barrel but with a more modern twist. They offer a good selection of poufs and ottomans that have fun details that really make them stand out. As with Crate and Barrel, you'll find high-quality and exclusive designs for great prices you can't resist. CB2 also offers design inspiration and design services through their site to assist you in making your room exactly how you want it.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from CB2. 

36. Art Van Home

Poufs and Ottomans on Art van home's page.

Art Van Home carries a huge selection of home goods in their 41-acre warehouse. Each of these items carries the promise of high-quality, great value, and affordable pricing. Their poufs and ottomans are no exception and you can find a great selection on their site of many different looks and designs. Art Van Home also offers exclusive discounts for their email subscribers, so make sure you sign up before you purchase. This company gives back to the community through monetary means, volunteer hours, and by practicing sustainable production and recycling.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Art Van Home. 

37. High Fashion Home

Poufs and Ottomans on High fashion home's page.

High Fashion Home is focused on products that let you express your individuality and creativity through your home's design. They offer poufs and ottomans made from high-quality materials like leather at great prices. Their designs are unique and bold, yet also simple with clean, uncluttered lines. You can find a wide selection of design styles at High Fashion Home that's sure to add a boost to any room. They also give back to the community and protect the environment through their pledge to plant one tree for every piece of furniture sold.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from High Fashion Home.

38. Ballard Designs

Poufs and Ottomans on ballard design's page.

Ballard Designs carries home furnishings that are classic with a contemporary twist to give your home a fresh feel. They also offer the option to customize many of their products with personalized finishes and upholstery. They also offer services like Ask a Designer to help you decide on the perfect look for your home. Ballard is committed to providing a great product at a great price and will accept returns for any reason the first 90 days after purchase for a full refund excluding shipping and handling fees.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Ballard Designs.

39. Perigold

Poufs and Ottomans on perigold's page.

Perigold carries luxury home furnishings for a great value. They offer many different styles, shapes, and sizes of poufs and ottomans to choose from. Free white glove delivery comes standard on all their products. They have a concierge team for design help as well as customer service representatives available days, nights, and weekends to ensure your shopping experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Click here for poufs and ottomans from Perigold.

40. Royal Furnish

Poufs and Ottomans on Royal furnish's page.

Royal Furnish is a boho lovers paradise when it comes to poufs and ottomans. They carry a wide variety of products with multiple designs, colors, and styles available. Royal Furnish offers free expedited shipping when you pay for standard shipping on orders of $35 or more. They also offer coupons directly on their website to save you even more.

Click here to find poufs and ottomans from Royal Furnish.

Shop Online, Save Time

As you can see, there are a ton of options for finding poufs and ottomans online. You can browse many, many stores in a fraction of the time it would take you to drive to each one, as well as access inventory from stores that aren't physically in your area. Online shopping also allows you to get discounts you may not have found in the brick-and-mortar version of the store, so you'll save a bit of money as well. Check out these sites and find your perfect pouf or ottoman to help round out your room's design.


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