10 Gorgeous Cactus-Themed Bedrooms [And How to Achieve the Same Look]

Is your bedroom in need of a revamp? Maybe you just want to alter the vibes of your sleeping space and freshen your style. Or maybe you want to completely redo your whole bedroom. Whatever your bedroom goals are, we’re here to help you. The simplest way to enliven and invigorate your space is by selecting a few signature items that all flow together. This can add some much-needed accent and life to your bedroom. Enough signature pieces will tie your style together while adding some much-needed life to your space.

10 Gorgeous Cactus-Themed Bedrooms [and How to Achieve the Same Look]

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So, you’ve decided that your room needs some freshening up. Why not go with a cactus theme? Cacti are beautiful plants with alluring shades of green. Plants and plant themed decor is a really simple way to freshen up a room. Not only do they literally help us breathe, but something about the clean natural look of plants helps us to mentally unwind as well. Not to mention, cacti make the perfect metaphor: they may have thorns, but they are thriving. They survive even the harshest conditions, and can store water for up to two years! Try adding some cactus themed pieces to inspire and invigorate your life.


10 Awesome Cactus Bedrooms

Here we have curated a list of the best Cactus themed bedroom inspiration. Check out these fresh and clean bedrooms, and maybe steal some ideas for your own interior!

1. Clean and Clear

This space is modern and minimalist, a simple and clean area that will help you unwind. A clear space helps to create a clear mind. The blank walls and light color scheme of this bedroom keep the space open, while the cactus accents add a fresh touch and flirty sense of style.

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Cozy cactus-themed bedroom

Try recreating the look with some friendly cacti in chic, modern planters. This imitation saguaro comes in a cute cement container, and will instantly give your bedroom a cute, fresh touch (no matter what climate!):


Click here to find this imitation saguaro on Amazon.

Part of what helps keep this space feeling modern and fresh is the simple frames hanging on the wall. These modern, minimalist wall prints show off cacti while keeping to a simple, chic color scheme:

Click here to find these modern, minimalist prints on Amazon.

2. Cartoon Cacti

This adorable, eye-catching room is complete with cute watercolor cacti wallpaper and precious plush cacti pillows. The artistic, playful renderings of cacti add a fun atmosphere to the room. The contrasting green and orange colors work, especially when paired with white, to create a warm and cozy aesthetic.

Cactus-themed bedroom

To recreate the look, try some cactus-covered wallpaper, like this watercolor prickly pear wallpaper:

Click here to find this cute, watercolor cactus wallpaper on Amazon.

Also try adding some cactus plush toys to your bed to amplify the cutesy, Southwestern vibes:

Click here to find this cute, dark green cactus plush on Amazon.

3. Natural Fresh

This room is also keeping with the modern trend of minimalism. The white color scheme helps keep the small space feeling open and breathable, while the abundance of light green cactus decor adds a nice pop of color.

Cactuses in spacious bedroom

If you want to add these vibes to your own bedroom, consider adding a minimalist concrete planter. These simple yet chic planters add a modern touch. Their simple designs will go with any future aesthetics, so its a wonderfully versatile piece. Try this one, with an adorable succulent:

Click here to find this square concrete planter on Amazon.

One element of this room that adds a modern, minimalist vibe is the burlap rug. The simple rug blends perfectly into the room and amplifies a natural touch that compliments cactus-themed accents. Try something like this circular burlap rug:

Click here, where you can find this natural rug on Amazon.

4. Southwest Vibes

This cute and cozy bedroom really gives off a sassy Southwestern vibe. The desert skull paired with the cactus print bedding add to the artistic, outlands vibe.

You can find similar desert skull decor to create this western chic aesthetic. This particular simulation cow skull can help you easily achieve a spooky, rustic effect:

Click here to find this imitation skull on Amazon.

The minimalist patterned bedspread keeps the room cute and fun. Try something like this, surrealistic and cute, to balance out your room:

Click here to find this cute and comfy cactus comforter on Amazon.

5. Cactus Cute

This room is simple and modern. The white background allows for fun accent colors, making the disparate greens and blues and yellows and reds all compliment on another. An elegant wire light fixture amplifies the modern vibes, while an artistic cacti covered comforter adds some fun and quirkiness to the mix.

Try some fun and unique cactus bedding, like this duvet cover set, covered in cute desert plants and camels:

Click here to find this cactus and camel duvet set on Amazon.

Another way to achieve the playful yet chic look is by adding some colorful yet simple picture frames. To step up your cactus theme even further, consider framing tasteful photographs of your favorite desert flowers.

Click here to find these modern red picture frames on Amazon.

6. Prickly (Yet Cozy) Pear

This room gives of really cozy, comfortable vibes. A mixture of the patterned wallpaper, simple color scheme, and muted string lights helps achieve a warm aesthetic.

Try using a cartoon cactus patterned wallpaper to add a flirty effect to your room. This particular wallpaper is easy to adhere to the wall, water-resistant, and easily removable. It’s also non-toxic, so the true plant lover can really enjoy this decor guilt-free!

You can click here to find this cactus wallpaper on Amazon.

The lantern string lights are a simple addition that amplifies the coziness of the room. The warm yellow glow will nicely complement the green cactus accents. String lights always set a mood, but to elevate the look, try adding lanterns. You can try a set like these:

Click here to find these warm yellow string lights on Amazon.

7. Green Thumb

This cute, simple room has an adorably green and clean feel. For the inner botanist, consider adding cute cactus themed art pieces and cactus speckled bedding. The plush teddy bears on the bed add a cute, playful vibe, while also subtly matching the desert flower wall peace

Minimalist art really creates a mood. To amplify the cactus theme and create a streamlined look, consider pieces that really showcase the theme against a simple backdrop. Consider adding a simple yet stylish art piece like these playful cacti canvases:

Click here to find these canvases on Amazon.

And amplify your cactus room theme by utilizing some cactus printed bedding. It doesn’t have to be a comforter, any accent will do. Check out these ultra-soft cactus blankets:

Click here to find these cute cactus blankets on Amazon.

8. Green Envy

This room is consumed by an incredible inviting green. The lush green walls mash the green cactus bedding, and with the tall cacti in the corner, this room becomes lush and luxurious.

[PIN id=”801359327426576838″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


You may not be able to completely redo your walls to achieve that creamy velvet effect. To achieve a similar result, try hanging these luxurious green velvet curtains over your windows or walls:

Click here to find these regal green curtains on Amazon.

You can also create a similar style with a tall, reaching plant near your bed. It doesn’t have to be a cactus. A similar visual can be achieved with any tall plant, like this Sansevieria:

Click here to find this tall plant on Amazon.

9. Boho Heaven

This bohemian haven is some definite inspiration for any plant lovers out there. Clean, simple, and chic, this space is ideal for anyone looking to redo their space to gain some clarity and peace of mind. The hanging plants, the plainly elegant wooden slatted bed frame, and the artistic cactus tapestry all create some hip, chic vibes.

[PIN id=”835699274587213657″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Try recreating the look with a beautiful cactus tapestry.

Click here to find this watercolor cactus tapestry on Amazon.

You can also find these modern macrame plant hangers, to amplify the botanical vibes of your bedroom:

Click here to find these macrame plant hangers on Amazon.

10. Desert Flower

This bedroom is cute and simple, with cacti patterned walls. The pink and green color scheme is cute and simple, and the burlap rug heightens the natural, Western vibes. If you want cute cactus vibes with a similar color scheme, try choosing decor that fits your desired colors.

To achieve a similar effect in your bedroom, you can choose pink and green cactus themed throw pillows, like this one:

Click here to find this pink and green succulent pillow.

If you are not able to add wallpaper or paint directly onto your walls, wall decals might be the way to go. You can create a similar effect by attaching decals, like these stylish ones:

Click here to find these fun tropical cactus wall decals on Amazon.

Cacti are the flowers of the desert, so they match up really well with the Southwestern style of design (aka Santa Fe style, or Mission style). Check out these gorgeous Southwestern Blankets that will look great in your Cactus-themed bedroom).

Still not sure about your theme? Make sure to check our bedroom themes archives here. That’s where you’ll find all of our themed bedroom guides. They include guides to Egyptian bedrooms, Nautical bedroom ideas, travel bedroom ideas and tons of other fun suggestions!

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