Can A Console Table Be Used As A Desk?

The console table has been a fashionable piece of attractive furniture in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms since the 17th century in France. But, have you ever wondered if a console table was versatile enough to be used as a desk? We scoured various sources to see what the experts have to say.

If you wanted to transform your console table into a desk, do so with style and confidence. The average console table has shelves, a drawer, and enough tabletop space. A console table as a desk is best suited for a small apartment or where space for a home office is limited. Do be aware that console tables are between 30 to 36 inches in height, so they won't work well as a standing desk. Also, be mindful about the depth of the tabletop which is a shallow 14 to 18 inches.

Bring a celebrated style of table into your home to display beloved books, assist with entertaining guests, and provide high aesthetic value. In this article, you'll discover how to make a console table function as a desk and beyond. Continue reading to learn how a console table is useful as a desk, attractive storage, and display space in your home.

A simple painting above wooden console table with twigs in a glass vase in modern living room interior, Can A Console Table Be Used As A Desk?

The Convertible Console Table

Stylish and modern decor with wooden console, books, plants and accessories

It's no surprise why the console table has maintained its popularity for centuries. The traditional console table is unique because it is held together with wall brackets, offers practical open storage, and provides versatile uses. In most homes, it is common to find console tables in entryways, living rooms, and cozy spaces that could use a table. The narrow profile of this furniture can help it function as a bar, mini bookcase, vanity, or desk.

Before diving into the idea of using a console table as a desk, it is essential to consider this accent furniture's average dimensions. Many console tables sit at a height of 30 to 36 inches. They feature a shallow top that is wide but narrow. You won't be able to put too many items atop a console table. The average depth of a console tabletop is between 14 and 18 inches. You may want to opt for a 15 to 18-inch deep console tabletop if it is going to be used as a desk.

If you are short on space, consider placing your console table behind a sofa, in a bedroom, or tucked into a sunny corner with a window. Choose a console table with an open bottom for your legs to fit. Utilize the shelving on a traditional console table for a small printer, a decorative basket, a stack of books, or some inspiring visually stimulating objects. When a console table is not being used as a desk, it can serve as a decorative space. 

Creating A Statement Desk

Console tables sit at the same height as an average desk, dining table, or counter space. Make sure to place your console table where you feel most comfortable. It should also contribute to a positive flow in your space. We suggest that you place a console table against a wall, behind the back of a couch, or in an entryway.

When behind a couch, the top of the table should not be higher than the back of the sofa. The couch should extend a maximum of 6 inches on either side. Keep in mind, console tables should be a visual focal point in a room and meet practical purposes.

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Leg Room Please

Elegant round mirror in wooden frame above fancy console table with flowers in vase in trendy bedroom interior with beige vase

Unless you are not bothered by a shelf or two in the way of your legs, you may want to choose a console table that is open between the legs and without shelves. Of course, you can find console tables that have an open bottom but include a drawer for hidden storage. An open-style console table will make it easier to slide a small stool or armless chair underneath your makeshift desk when you step away.

Open Storage Galore

Wicker hat, retro camera and travel guides on a wooden console in a loft-style interior

A console table was made to be a conversation piece in your room, no matter where it is placed. Aside from being used as a space-saving desk, utilize any shelving or space on the tabletop to show off your personality. Make room on a console table for framed artwork, a globe, a vase with fresh-cut flowers, or a mood board. There should still be room for a standing or clip-on desk light and room for whatever project you are working on at the moment.

All About Style

Black boudoir table in a bright room with a white brick wall

Don't settle for any old console table. Make sure it complements the other furniture in your room and plays well with your wall and floor treatment. A console table is another fine way to indulge your aesthetic sensibilities, add extra storage to a small space, and have a fun place to work at home.

Where Should A Console Table Go?

The console table was made to serve your needs and optimize your style. So, place it where you want it most. Add a vintage-style console table to your bathroom to display guest towels in a basket, potpourri, or themed artwork. Place a console table in an entryway to drop off mail, keys, or display artful objects that make you feel warm and fuzzy.

You can also use a console table as a vanity in a bedroom, sandwich it between a floor lamp and a bookshelf while against a wall, or put it in a hallway. The versatility of where you put a console table and its designated use is endless.

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What Do You Store In A Console Table?

What you store in a console table depends on the style of your console table. A drawer or two is a perfect place for hidden storage to tuck away mail, keys, and miscellaneous small items. The shelving is an excellent space to display potted plants, lighting, books, family photos, and other decorative objects.

If a console table is used for entertaining, openly display glassware, small plates, or an ice bucket for wine. A console table placed behind a sofa is a great place to toss a TV remote, magazines, or a small picture book.

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How Do You Choose A Console Table?

If you are looking for a console table for a narrow hallway or cozy room, choose a table with a depth of 14 inches or less. When you have a bit more room to spare, choose a table that is 18 inches in depth to place more items.

Console tables that are going to be used as a desk should not have shelves. If they do, they should only have a shelf at the lowest point of the legs. Ultimately, choose a console table based on your needs for storage space, its aesthetic value, and the size of your room.

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In Closing

Show off your sophisticated sense of taste and distinction with a modern or traditional console table. For centuries, people have enjoyed console tables in their homes for both decorative and practical uses. 

If you want to use a console table as a desk, it's better to choose one that allows room for your legs and chair. Be mindful about the style of your console table, regarding the height and tabletop depth to accommodate office needs. Any shelf space and drawers, if available on the console table, are great for openly displaying items or hiding them from sight. Console tables are a versatile form of furniture that is beneficial and elevates the look and feel of any room.

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