Can A Console Table Be Used As A TV Stand?

If your TV is the cornerstone of your room, it should certainly look nice. Fortunately, countless options will give your entertainment center the best practicality and style. It isn’t surprising if you happen to be considering console tables for your next TV stand. We have thoroughly researched your best options for the TV's stand and determined if console tables fit the bill.

Console tables are so versatile; they can absolutely be used as a TV stand! Console tables are available in a wide variety of styles and shapes. The narrow, traditional console table may appear too flimsy. However, many console tables are designed to support the weight of larger televisions. They can also offer enough compartments to hold your additional entertainment systems, like Blu-ray players.

Whether you have a brand new TV or simply want a new design for your room, it can be difficult to choose a new TV stand. Even if you’re only thinking about console tables, the endless options can feel overwhelming. So, keep reading to learn about the best choices for your next TV stand. We’ll make sure you can sit back and binge in no time!

A small living room with a brick and plain white painted wall with a console table and an indoor plant on it, Can A Console Table Be Used As A TV Stand?

What Can You Use Instead Of A TV Stand?

It is probably hard to recall now, but older televisions were very clunky. Just like computer monitors, they were heavy and blocky. But flat screens dominate the market these days. Thin televisions, however large, have simply made it much easier to find alternative TV stands. There are many great choices, including console tables.

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As long as the dimensions and materials are right, console tables are perfectly suitable TV stands. This is even true for larger televisions. Console tables are frequently sold with two shelves alone. However, some are built with multiple shelves and segmented compartments. These can be wide enough to hold your movie collection or even your video game consoles.

Console tables are often very airy, with thin limbs and shelves. This can be a major relief from the cumbersome TV stands that are usually sold. By comparison, console tables are much easier to move. They can fit your interior design's personality, but they won’t be a hassle to adjust or replace.

Also, console tables look so uncluttered they won’t demand as much attention as the conventional TV stand. That means your eyes won’t be distracted from the screen. Console tables offer a simplistic design that opens up the room. Even a full console table won’t let the area feel cramped. The minimalist look of a console table can be the perfect fit for modern aesthetics. 

Can Coffee Tables Be Used As TV Stands?

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It may be surprising, but many coffee tables double as TV stands. There are several furniture sets with matching TV stands and coffee tables, and even side tables to coordinate your room.

However, coffee tables are very short. The circumstances have to be just right for coffee tables to offer a satisfying viewing experience. You will need to consider that the television will be unusually low to the ground. Also, coffee tables are often used for smaller televisions. This is because larger televisions can look too disproportionate with such a stubby piece of furniture.

Lastly, bear in mind that coffee tables will not offer nearly as much storage space as other options. This means that you probably won’t have room for extra electronics. Ultimately, coffee tables are more of an artistic statement than a practical TV stand. However, coffee tables are certainly wide enough and long enough. They can support the weight of a television and they do look very cozy.

Can Dressers Be Used As TV Stands?

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Many people have found a way to repurpose old dressers for their TV stand. It can add a cozy, vintage look to the room. Dressers are very broad and will likely support the heaviest of televisions. True, some DIY hacks may become necessary for the storage space. But that isn’t always the case. The drawers themselves might be just the aesthetic you were hoping for.

In fact, you can also continue to use the dresser’s storage space as it was originally intended. Dressers are already durable enough, and they are often the right height for small to medium televisions. All of the same can be said for bookshelves, which have similarly been repurposed in the right situations.

Should I Use A Wall Mount Bracket for my TV?

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Mounting your television to the wall is a popular option, which removes the TV stand altogether. Nothing could possibly save more space in your room. However, this is best used for people who exclusively use a digital library. You also won’t have a home for any additional systems, like the booming speakers of a sound system. Brackets will need to stand on their own, or they can be mounted to the wall just the same.

It may not be as glorious, but mounting your television to the wall can also create better lines of sight. A wall-mounted television can be placed significantly higher in your room. You can feel more comfortable looking up at the television from your couch. Also, you may be able to watch the TV from another room. You can read "Where to Place A TV" for more positioning tips. The installation process of a wall-mounted TV might be a hassle for some. But it’s fairly even with dragging a giant TV stand through doorways and staircases.

Then again, you may not feel that the television is very secure. This is especially true if you live in areas that are vulnerable to regular earthquakes. Depending on your geography and home, you may want to consider another alternative for peace of mind.

Still, you may be worried about losing the aesthetic of a TV stand. Fortunately, you can actually buy wall-mounted TV stands, too. Floating TV stands can provide another level of support if a wall-mounted TV makes you nervous.

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How Do You Style A Console Table?

If your heart is still set on a console table, there are plenty of ways to fashion your new stand. If the console table serves as your new entertainment center, many styles will come from necessity. For example, a sound system still makes traditional bookends for the television itself.

However, you will definitely need to hide all of the wires of your electronics. They are always unappealing and messy. As such, you will want to consider filling the console table with decorations that match your room. This should be easy enough because console tables were already designed as an accent feature for your room.

Like any other interior design, books and plants will always brighten the mood. But you can also include decorations that will add storage yet still fit the atmosphere. For example, small baskets or bins can hold a movie collection to blend in with the scene seamlessly. Just bear in mind that any electronics still need room to breathe.

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However, if you aren’t using the console table as a TV stand at all, then the possibilities are literally endless. Console tables do not have to be used as minimalist pieces just because of their openness. Lamps, mirrors, keepsakes, and vases are commonly used. A console table holds more clout than a side table, though.

The wide base can be used underneath paintings and pictures that are hung on the wall. You can check out "How to Decorate the Wall Around Your TV" for more great ideas. Ultimately, console tables are a game of accents. They are support pieces that can fit with any mood.


Although console tables can appear weak, they are both practical and stylish. They make for terrific TV stands, and they’re easier to work with. Console tables are easy to move, and they can accent the room instead of commanding it. Now that you know how console tables and other alternatives can be used for TV stands, you can get back to those countless shows!

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