Can A Loveseat Fit In A Minivan Or An SUV?

Hiring a rental truck can be a pain, so if you’re in the market for a new loveseat or planning to move to a new home, you may be wondering if your loveseat can fit inside your minivan or SUV.  Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve researched in depth the sizes of loveseats in comparison to SUVs and minivans, so you can know for sure if you’ll be able to transport your loveseat to its new location. 

If you have a minivan, mid-size, or a full-size SUV, your loveseat will likely fit in the back with some or all of your seats down. If you have a compact SUV you may only be able to fit a small loveseat in the back with all of the back seats down. 

So how much space does your minivan or SUV have? Would it be possible to fit your loveseat in without putting every row of seats down? Or maybe you’re wondering about the cost of having your furniture shipped to you. Keep reading as we’ll answer these and some more loveseat questions you might have below!

black mercedes benz minivan parked in a carpark of a building, Can A Loveseat Fit In A Minivan Or An SUV

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Size Matters

There are four sizes when it comes to a loveseat. A standard small loveseat is 52 inches, a medium loveseat is 58 inches long, a full-size loveseat is 64 inches long, and a loveseat sofa will measure around 71 inches long. The standard height of a loveseat is between 21 and 28 inches tall but all minivans and almost all SUVs will have a ceiling height adequate enough to fit your loveseat.

It is important to keep the different sizes of loveseats in mind when measuring your vehicle to see if it will fit. Minivans, compact, mid-size, and full-size SUVs have different amounts of cargo space. We’ll address this more below. 


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If you have a minivan, you’re in luck! Minivans are the most spacious of the vehicles we’re discussing today. With every seat in your minivan down, you have up to 96 inches of space. With only the third row of seats down, you’ll have up to 55 inches of space. So you shouldn’t have any problem at all fitting any sized loveseat in the back.

One thing to keep in mind though is that some minivan models are much easier to prepare for loads than others. Most newer models have stow-n-go seats that easily fold into the floor. If you have one of these models, it’ll be much easier and faster for you to load your loveseat into the back. 

If your model requires physical removal of the seats, remember to plan a little more time in your moving plan to account for this, especially if you have a loveseat on the longer side.  


blue mitsubishi SUV parked on the side of the road, side view shot

Compact SUV

If you have a compact SUV, you can likely fit a smaller loveseat in the back with the seats down. Unfortunately, if you have anything bigger than a small 52-inch loveseat,  your loveseat will probably not fit in a compact SUV.

If your vehicle is only slightly too small to haul your loveseat with the trunk closed, you can try tying your trunk with rope or bungee cords in order to transport it safely. There are many tutorials online to help you with this. 

Mid-Size SUV

Keep in mind that the amount of space you have in the back of your vehicle is going to depend on the make and model. A mid-size SUV like the Chevy traverse has approximately 51 inches of space behind its 2nd row of seats and 81 inches behind its 1st row, so you might be able to get a smaller loveseat behind the second row of seats. You will definitely be able to fit it in with the second and third-row seats down. 

Full-Size SUV

Since most mid-size SUVs are able to fit a loveseat in the back, we can almost guarantee your loveseat will fit in the back of your full-size SUVs. In fact, many families buy SUVs for their ability to carry a large number of people, and their large cargo spaces. 

How Do You Move A Loveseat By Yourself?

If you’re not able to call a friend to help, you might be wondering if it’s possible for you to move a loveseat by yourself. Well, we have good news for you, because the answer is yes, you CAN move a loveseat by yourself. You can purchase relatively inexpensive furniture sliders or a furniture lifter to help move your loveseat. Place the furniture sliders under each of the legs of the loveseat. These will allow you to push your loveseat to a new location without damaging your floor or furniture. 

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You could also use a furniture dolly. Lift one end of the loveseat and place a dolly underneath and then repeat the process for the other side. 

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How Much Does A 2 Seater Couch Weigh?

Depending on the materials it’s made from and the size of it, a two-seater couch’s weight can vary. A 55-inch small love seat will weigh, on average, between 70-90lbs. A 58-inch medium love seat will weigh approximately 70-100lbs and a 64-inch full-size loveseat will weigh around 80-100lbs. So, you can expect your 2 seater couch to weigh no more than 100lbs. 

How Much Does Furniture Delivery Cost?

home moving service workers carrying a sofa at the back of a van

Free Shipping 

The cost of furniture delivery will vary depending on the store you purchase it from. However, when Amazon prime dominated the online shopping competition by offering free two-day shipping, many retailers hopped on board the free shipping train. Big name-brand stores like Ashley Furniture followed suit and now also offer free shipping.

The free shipping many stores offer usually includes delivery to your home but not inside your home. Companies will often charge an additional fee for a delivery service that also includes set up. This is sometimes called white glove delivery.

Flat Rate

Other stores will offer delivery for a flat rate. For example, Big Lots offers a flat rate delivery fee of $149 and they give you the option of threshold delivery (they will deliver your item to an area like the garage or the first room of your home), room of choice delivery, and white-glove (this includes unboxing of your item). 

On Average

On average, you can expect to pay a minimum of $100 for shipping from a company that does not offer free shipping. This price can be much higher if the company does not offer a flat rate and charges shipping per item. 

Free Pickup

If the shipping seems too pricey and you live within driving distance, some stores will allow you to pick up the item for free. This can save you hundreds of dollars and is a great option if you do have a minivan, truck, or SUV. 

Final Thoughts

Moving can be tricky, but hopefully, we’ve helped ease some of the logistics about moving your loveseat. You should be able to fit a loveseat in almost any minivan, mid-sized, or full-sized SUV without too much difficulty. You will probably only be able to fit a small loveseat in a compact SUV. Remember, the best thing to do is measure both your cargo space and your loveseat before attempting to fit it inside!

If you’re wondering if a couch will fit in your vehicle, check out our blog on How Long Is A Couch [Standard Couch Sizes] to find out standard couch sizes. Or if now you’re wondering how to accessorize your loveseat, check out Should Pillows On Sofa And Loveseat Match?

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