Can A Sectional Fit In A Pickup Truck Or Cargo Van?

Sectional sofas are a comfortable and popular component of living rooms and rec rooms in homes worldwide. If you’ve never owned or moved one, their size and bulkiness can appear intimidating for those who might be considering adding one to their dwelling. Thankfully, these pieces come apart easily and can be transported with less trouble than a standard sofa. You might be thinking of using a truck and cargo van to get this furniture to your house. We’ve found all the tips to help you with a successful move. 

A sectional sofa can fit inside pickup trucks and cargo vans. You will want to measure each piece of sectional and the vehicle’s dimensions before attempting to load it. Certain sectional models may have too many pieces to fit into a short-bed pickup truck or cargo van, so you might need to factor in a second trip if the sectional you select is larger than standard.

Planning on moving a larger piece of furniture can seem daunting, but we’ve done the research to help you plan it out in a reasonable fashion. You might also be wondering how you’ll get this sectional through the doorway at home or if it would be possible to carry it on the roof rack of a vehicle. Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more.

A collage of sectional sofa and a cargo van on the road, Can A Sectional Fit In A Pickup Truck Or Cargo Van?

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Fitting Your Sectional into a Pickup Truck or Cargo Van

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You’ll be able to move the pieces of your sectional sofa with either a pickup truck or a cargo van, using basically the same stacking principles for each vehicle.

Pickup truck

The main advantage of using a pickup truck is that you only need to be mindful of two measurements: the truck bed’s width and the truck bed’s length. A pickup truck without a camper shell doesn’t have a height restriction, so you may be able to move all of the pieces of your sectional in one go. If the cushions are removable, take them off. On most models, only the seat cushions can be moved. Stack them in the cab of the truck if there’s room, or wait to secure them in the bed after the larger pieces are moved.

The preferred method is to put the longest piece into the pickup truck bed first, lengthwise. It should go in facing bottom down, just like it would be if you sat on it. Next, position the shorter sectional pieces one at a time. Set them carefully on top of the larger piece of sectional. They should be placed upside down so that the large piece’s seat will touch the smaller pieces’ seats. 

If you don’t have room for the cushions in the cab, stash them in between the top and bottom pieces that you’ve stacked together. You’ll need to secure the sectional sofa pieces with straps before you drive away.

Cargo van

Use the same stacking principles here as you would loading the sectional pieces into the bed of a pickup truck. Remove the cushions and load the largest piece first. Then, stack the smaller pieces. While you’ll need to be mindful of the amount of height clearance you’ll have with a cargo van, you won’t need to worry about strapping the pieces down since there’s no danger of them falling out of a van.

Equipment to Ease the Move

Below are some ideas for the type of moving equipment you might consider using. While it’s possible to move furniture without them, these accessories certainly make the task easier and less strenuous on your back.


Roll out to the parking lot with ease, using a dolly as your personal moving assistant. To view this furniture dolly on Amazon, click here.

Cushion your van, or cover the truck bed to protect your sectional from dirt or damage. To view this brand of cargo blanket on Amazon, click here.

With a pair of helping hands, you can rest easy knowing your back isn’t doing all the manual labor. You can view this set of furniture moving straps on Amazon by clicking here.

How Do You Fit A Sectional Through The Door?

Considering that the average sectional sofa has a depth of 37 inches to 40 inches, how in the world do you get it through doorways that are on average 36 inches wide? What will seem like an impossibility is actually quite simple if you follow the right steps to getting this cumbersome piece of furniture through the doorway into your home. 


Always, always measure first. This quick task will save you so much time in the future. Standard exterior doorways are usually 36 inches wide. Still, if you’ve got an older home, double doors, French doors, or anything else other than standard, you’ll definitely want exact measurements on the height and width of the doorway.

You’ll also need to measure the sofa sectional pieces themselves. Once you’ve measured everything, you’re ready to move on to picking the correct entryway to move your sectional in through.

Select your entryway

Typically, the widest doorway will be the best to move the sectional sofa pieces through. However, it would help if you considered other factors before you begin lifting. Think about how many interior doorways you’ll need to move the sofa pieces through before you get to the room where the sectional sofa will be put together. Think about other possible obstructions. Maybe your kitchen door is the widest, but will any appliances need to be moved out of the way before you can carry the sectional pieces through to the next room?

Maybe the side door has the widest measurement but has half a flight of steps to go up before you can get into the doorway. Sometimes the best route isn’t determined by the width of the entry door. Plan your entire route with the sectional pieces before you start lugging them around.

Remove the doors

Once you’ve selected which exterior door you’re going to be moving the pieces through, you’ll want to remove the doors. A door sticks out from its hinges two inches, thus reducing the amount of width you’ll have to work with when moving objects through it. Most hinges can be removed with a sturdy flat head screwdriver and a hammer, and the door is easily rehung.

Tilt and pivot your way through

Setting the sectional piece sideways so that both the top and bottom of the piece are on your left and right, lift the piece and move it topside first through the doorway. This will look like you’ve stood this piece of the sofa on its end, rather than it’s top or bottom. Once you’ve butted the seat up against the doorframe, the top side should be all the way through. Pivot the seat to the side opposite of where the top has gone through the doorway, and push. You’ll then be through the doorway with this piece of sectional.

Can You Transport A Sectional On A Roof Rack?

Roof rack of a white cargo van

It’s possible to move pieces of the sectional on a roof rack, so long as your vehicle is graded to do so. You’ll have to make multiple trips with this method, as sectional sofas are much too large to do this at once.

If this is the way you prefer, you’ll need to make sure that you’re aware of how much height these pieces will be taking up on the roof of your vehicle. Be sure you don’t take a route that would have any low clearance bridges or entryways, or you’ll lose your cargo and damage your vehicle.

You’ll also want to have sturdy straps to hold the pieces in place. And it’s important to know that while this method is absolutely possible, it is the least safe transporting method. So proceed with caution.

How Much Furniture Fits In A Pickup Truck?

The amount of furniture that can be placed into a pickup truck will certainly depend on the truck bed’s size. You can generally fit two or three major appliances at one time or one room’s worth of furniture in one load.

It pays to be aware of what your pickup truck’s payload capacity is. The payload capacity is how much weight your truck can carry. This weight includes the weight of your cargo as well as the weight in your cab. This number can be found in your owner’s manual. Overloading your truck can result in damage to its frame, axles, tires, transmission, and other vital parts. It can also cause a traffic accident. Please be aware of how much your pickup truck can safely carry before you load anything into it.

In Conclusion

There are multiple ways to transport a sectional sofa, be it a pickup, a cargo van, or the roof rack of your car. It’s important to know how to load the pieces onto each one before getting started with your move. Sectional sofas can also be moved through most doorways if you follow the right steps and plan out your route into your home.

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