Can A Wyze Plug Turn On A TV?

Smart plugs are a cost-effective way to control appliances with a smartphone. It's common knowledge that these plugs will turn on small devices, like lights. However, you may wonder if they can control larger appliances like televisions. You'll be happy to know that we have an answer for you! We've done the research and can tell you if a Wyze plug will turn a TV on.

Wyze plugs are capable of powering televisions on and off. However, a typical television will enter a standby mode and will need to be turned on with a remote in order for you to watch it.

There are a few things to consider when using a Wyze plug with your appliances. Keep reading to learn more about using the plug with your TV, the best devices to use with the plug, and more!

Will A Wyze Plug Turn On A TV?

Since Wyze plugs are rated at 15 amps, they do have the capability to supply power to most television sets. Keep in mind the plug will completely cut off power from the TV when you turn the Wyze plug off. You won't be able to turn the television on with a remote in these situations. 

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Wyze plugs have sensors that allow them to return an appliance to the state it was in before the plug was turned off. So, if your TV was on before the plug was shut off, it should come back on once power is restored.

Many televisions also have this feature. It's why your TV set turns back on after a sudden power outage. However, not all televisions operate in this way, so you may still need to press the power button on your remote to turn your TV on.

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Special Considerations

As long as your TV settings allow it, your Wyze plug will have no problem turning the TV off and on. However, that doesn't mean that anything will be playing on your television.

If you shut your TV off after watching cable or other live television, the same programming will play once your TV is on again. All it has to do is pick up the broadcast again.

A streaming service does not work in the same way. So, if you power your television down while watching a streaming service, you'll have to start the video again. It won't automatically play again for you.

You should also consider how you watch things on your television. Are there different applications on your TV, or do you use a streaming stick?

If you're using a streaming stick, then you may need to push a button on that controller to get your TV to work. Many of these devices will enter a power saving mode where a screen saver appears. Your TV may be on, but it doesn't have anything to show on screen until the streaming stick is fully operational.

Why Should You Use A Wyze Plug For Your Television?

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While a Wyze plug may not turn your television on the way you want to, it can help prolong its usefulness and save you some money on your electricity bill.

Remember that turning a TV off with a smart plug takes away its access to electricity. If you power your appliances down with a remote, they don't really power down. They enter a standby or power-saving mode. In this setting, the devices still draw power. In fact, standby power can account for up to 10% of residential energy use.

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By using a smart plug, you make it easier to turn the power supply to appliances on and off. This is especially helpful for hard-to-reach outlets.

Another good thing about using a Wyze plug is scheduling. While the smart plug won't necessarily turn your television on and off like a lamp, it can help prevent television access during certain times. 

Setting Up A Wyze Plug

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Setting up your Wyze is a straightforward process. First, double-check that the appliance you want to connect to it will work with the plug. You don't want to exceed the smart plug's 15 amp capacity.

Next, check your Wi-Fi. Most Wyze products need a 2.4 GHz network. If you have a newer router, it probably has both 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Finally, download the Wyze app, and you're ready to set up your plug.

From the application, select the "home" button followed by the plus sign. From this menu, you'll want to select "Add device." You can find the Wyze Plug in the "Power and Lighting" section.

Now you can connect your plug to an outlet. After a few moments, you should see a flashing blue light. After you see the flashing light, you should select the "next" button in your app.

Wait until you get a prompt to enter your router's information. Now you can enter in your network and its password, then press the next button. If your plug is newer than 2021, you're all set. Enter a name for your device and share it.

If your device is older, then you'll select the button that says, "I bought my plug before 2021." After pressing this button, you'll be prompted to enter your network and password. Then press the next button to continue.

Now you'll need to connect to your Wyze plug's Wi-Fi. Connecting to the device's Wi-Fi will complete the setup. Your plug will stop blinking blue, and you'll be prompted to name it. After you name it, you have the option of sharing your device. You can do so now or wait for a later date.

How To Use A Wyze Plug To Turn On Appliances

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When an appliance it plugged into a Wyze plug, you can turn the appliance on or off with voice control or via the app. To use the app, you'll navigate to the device you want to control. Here you select the on and off toggle located near the top of the screen.

You don't have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi to control your devices. Wherever you are, you can open the application and turn the devices on or off. However, the devices you want to control will have to remain connected to the internet. If you have internet issues, your devices won't work correctly.

If you have Alexa or Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to turn your Wyze plugs on or off. You'll have to set this up in the respective apps. For Alexa, you need to enable the Wyze skill. For Google, you'll need to set up a device through the Google Home app.

Finally, all Wyze plugs have a small button on the side. This button will turn the plug on or off. You can use this anytime you don't have an internet connection or if the other methods aren't working correctly.

Does The Wyze Plug Report Energy Use?

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Indoor Wyze plugs are not capable of monitoring energy usage. They can record a device's runtime for the past day and the average for the past seven days. 

If you're interested in monitoring the amount of energy you're using, you'll have to consider the outdoor Wyze plug. Like the indoor plug, this one has a 15 amp output, can be controlled with voice commands, and connects to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

Unlike the indoor plug, the outdoor one can monitor and notify you about your energy usage. It can also give you a summary of the amount of energy used over time. In addition, the outdoor plug has surge protection, which can protect your devices from sudden bursts of electricity. 

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In Conclusion

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You can use a Wyze plug to turn the power supply to a television on or off. However, many televisions enter a standby mode if power is lost and then restored. This means you will still need to press a button to turn your device on to watch it.

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