Can An Ikea Billy Bookcase Be Wall-Mounted?

Ikea self-assembled furniture can be a great starting point for making creative furniture pieces. Of all the creative options available, taking a plain shelf and mounting it on a wall is a perfect way to make a room more stylish. Ikea furniture is the best available self-assembled furniture, and the Billy Bookcase is one of their most popular shelving units. But does the Billy Bookcase make a good wall-mounted shelf? We've reviewed the assembly and mounting capabilities to get an answer for you.

The Billy Bookcase from Ikea can be wall-mounted if you have enough space and the appropriate tools. The best way to mount one on the wall is first to skip nailing the foldable cover onto the back of the shelves. Next, attach brackets at critical points that match up with studs within the wall. This will keep your wall-mounted Billy Bookcase safe from potential falls. 

There's a lot more that goes into customizing a piece of furniture from Ikea, like the Billy Bookcase. For the remainder of this post, we will discuss how to wall-mount a Billy Bookcase, why you might want to, and what the bookcase can handle as far as weight and usage. 

Interior of an ultra modern living room with a huge bookcase on the back and contemporary designed furnitures, Can An Ikea Billy Bookcase Be Wall-Mounted?

Wall-Mounting An Ikea Billy Bookcase

A wall-mounted bookcase is a self-contained stack of shelves attached to the wall so that no part of the piece of furniture is touching the ground. The Billy Bookcase itself is one of the more common and affordable bookcases that Ikea carries. It is simple and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. 

The Billy Bookcase is not specifically designed to be wall-mounted. We can see the product sitting on the floor against the wall in all marketing and instruction materials. Consequently, the only standard wall connection with the Billy Bookcase is two small brackets that attach the top of the shelving unit to the wall. 

That being said, there is no reason why you can't get creative and wall-mount a Billy Bookcase. Doing so involves purchasing some extra brackets and ensuring that the wall has enough space to support the project comfortably. 

Stylish interior of living room with design brown armchair, wooden bookcase, pendant lamp, carpet decor, picture frames and elegant personal accessories in modern retro home decor

Why Should you Wall Mount a Billy Bookcase?

There are several reasons why mounting a Billy Bookcase from Ikea is a good idea. First, wall-mounted bookcases make a statement in contemporary interior design. Wall-mounted bookcases give the illusion that they are floating, giving them an incredibly modern and stylish look. 

With the bookcase not resting on the ground, mopping or vacuuming the part of the room under it becomes effortless. Wall-mounted bookcases also make other home improvement projects, such as carpet removal and replacement, easier. 

Second, you should choose the Billy Bookcase because it is affordable, accessible, and easy to work with. Ikea stores have locations in North America and Europe, making finding a Billy Bookcase very simple. Ikea even offers a great delivery service you may be able to enjoy. Due to the sheer volume of furniture the company sells, pieces like the Billy Bookcase are easy on the wallet.

Because nearly all Ikea furniture is self-assembled, they make great black canvases for DIY furniture projects. The Billy Bookcase is no exception and is easy to work with. There are many size and color options available, meaning you can always add or continue to customize your shelving project. 

Finally, wall mounting a Billy Bookcase accomplishes the same goal as the small brackets included in the packaging, making your home a little bit safer. A wall-mounted Billy Bookcase will be fall-proof and child safe. 

Bookcase with armchair in modern interior of room

How to Wall-Mount a Billy Bookcase

Ikea furniture's common complaint is that the included instructions are difficult to follow. To complete this project, you will have to abandon those instructions halfway through the build, which will probably be even more difficult than the normal instructions.

To successfully wall-mount an Ikea Billy Bookcase, please follow these steps carefully: 

  1. Choose the wall space where you would like to mount the bookcase, measuring it to ensure enough space for the piece. 
  2. Purchase the correct Billy Bookcase from Ikea. Also, purchase the appropriate brackets and screws.
  3. Follow the included Ikea instructions to build the bookcase, stopping before the step where you nail on the foldable back covering. This is where you will veer away from the instructions. 
  4. Use another piece of furniture or a stool to hold the bookcase in the place where you want it on the wall. Use a stud finder to find the wall studs behind the drywall. Mark the shelf in those studs' location, so you know where to attach the brackets.
  5. Attach the brackets to the shelf in as many locations as possible, especially on the structure's top and bottom. 
  6. Place the shelf back onto the placeholder you previously used and drill the shelf into place.

A bracket for wall mounting bookcases or dividers

Tips for Wall-Mounting a Billy Bookcase

A note of caution; always drill a hole before inserting a screw using a drill or screwdriver. Skipping this can cause the wood to split and be ruined. 

Empty interior with wooden wall bookcase

To achieve greater stability and support from the mounted bookcase, use four brackets to make one of the shelves permanent within the bookcase. This new, permanent shelf can now attach more brackets to key points on the wall. 

Some of the Billy Bookcase options at Ikea are quite large, coming in at up to 6 feet tall. In most rooms, a shelf of this size will be difficult to wall-mount and look good. A smaller option like the 3.4 foot tall Billy Bookcase could be a better candidate for wall-mounting.

Ensure that the brackets and screws you purchase will fit the Billy Bookcase's pre-drilled holes. If they don't, be prepared to drill new ones. When possible, a bracket that has multiple holes for screws is best.  

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More on Ikea's Billy Bookcases

Wall-mounting a piece of furniture from Ikea like the Billy Bookcase is a great way to add a different layer to a room and surprise your house guests. On the other hand, the Billy Bookcase also works well as a regular floor shelving unit. But how much stress and use can this shelf handle? 

How Strong are Ikea Billy Bookcases?

Like much of the furniture that Ikea produces, Billy Bookcases consist of particleboard pieces. This material is easy to build with and cheap to produce, making it the perfect raw material for a furniture store focused on scalability. However, particleboard is not the strongest building substance at the hardware store. 

Since they are not strong by nature, it is necessary to anchor them to a wall and be reasonable with weight expectations. Although resilient, the shelves can sag under too much weight. But rest assured, the Billy Bookcase is strong enough for most home usage, such as displaying books or decor. 

How Much Weight Can an Ikea Billy Bookcase Hold?

Empty room with bookcase on wall, Can An Ikea Billy Bookcase Be Wall-Mounted?

The 3.4 foot and 6.6 foot Billy Bookcases have a maximum shelf weight of 66 lbs.  Due to its particleboard nature, don't expect an Ikea Billy Bookcase to function like an antique oak bookshelf. They will, however, take the weight of anything within their recommended uses. Filling the shelves end-to-end with books, no matter how heavy, shouldn't cause any sagging. 

Do You Need to Secure Billy Bookcases to a wall?

As mentioned earlier in the post, two small brackets included with the Billy Bookcase secure the wall structure. The included brackets are not strong enough to support the shelving unit's whole weight, but they are still useful. These brackets will prevent accidents where the shelf can fall and potentially hurt someone.

Always secure Ikea Billy Bookcases to the wall when you use one as a regular bookshelf. This should be standard practice with all bookcases and taller pieces of furniture. 

In Closing 

Interior of an ultra modern living room with a huge bookcase on the back and contemporary designed furnitures

A Billy Bookcase from Ikea is a good-looking and affordable way to add something nice to a room. Also, you can take them a step further and turn them into fancier wall-mounted bookcases. Doing so can make a lower price level piece of furniture feel premium. 

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