Can Sectionals Be Separated Or Reversed?

Are you considering a sectional couch but aren't sure if it would work in the constraints of your space? Once you get it, will you be able to rearrange the furniture? Is it going to be stuck in the same corner forever? Sectional couches are a big investment, and being able to adjust your couch to fit into new spaces means that it will last longer. We decided to take matters into our own hands and create a guide to make it easy to choose a new sectional for your home.

Some sectionals are made with the ability to slide apart in pieces. These are called modular sectionals, and they allow for easy furniture rearrangement because of their versatile design. Reversible or convertible sectionals are made using a detached chaise that can be switched from one side of the couch to the other to create an 'L' shape.

Now that you know what they're called, you're probably wondering which one is right for you. We can help you find a solution. Perhaps you already have a sectional and want to convert it into a modular sectional, this may be an option depending on the construction. Keep reading to learn more!

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Modular Sectionals

Modular sectionals come in several individual pieces that can be rearranged quickly and with minimal effort. Each seat is its own individual piece of furniture that can be combined with other pieces to create new shapes and can also be separated to create chairs and loveseats. These sectionals make it easy to rearrange your living room furniture and create new looks. 

Lilola Home Modular Sectional Sofa

This beautiful modular sectional consists of seven individual pieces that can be moved into numerous configurations. Click here to see this sectional on Amazon.

Reversible or Convertible Sectionals

A flexible choice for any home, reversible sofas can be found in any size, large or small. Reversible sectionals are easy to find in apartment-sized models too, making them a great option for small spaces. Their ability to switch from right to left-facing and back again fosters an environment for decorative creativity. 

Amazon Brand Reversible Sectional

This reversible sectional features a chaise that moves freely, allowing you to switch it from the left side to the right side anytime. Click here to see this sectional on Amazon.

How Do You Know If You Need A Left- Or Right-Facing Sectional?

This is a very important step in choosing a new sectional. Choose the wrong facing, and you could end up having to return the sectional. The ability for modular and reversible sectionals to come apart and reconfigure into various shapes eliminates the issue of right and left facing.

However, if you decide to go with a more traditional style 'L' shaped sectional, this is a vital part of the ordering process. When you face the sofa (or where your new sofa will be placed), if the chaise is on the right side, it is right-facing. The sectional is left-facing if the chaise is on the left side.



Can You Modify An Existing Sectional?

To disassemble your existing sectional and convert it into a semi-modular style is possible, but it can be tricky. Separating traditional style sectionals has the possibility of jeopardizing the structural integrity of the piece. Most traditional sectionals are designed to support weight as a solid, one-piece unit.

Separating a traditional sectional may require adding legs or modifying it in other ways to strengthen it. This will only work if your sectional consists of multiple pieces. Another issue you may face when altering a sectional in this manner is a void in the warranty.

How Do You Disassemble A Sectional?

To disassemble your sectional and create multiple pieces, find where the individual pieces are connected and disconnect them. Disconnecting may require tools, but most sectionals just lift to disconnect from each other. After you separate the pieces, use a screwdriver to remove the connecting hardware, so you don't have ugly brackets showing on the sides. With the hardware removed, you can start rearranging your renovated sectional. Depending on your sectional size, you may end up with two or three "new" pieces of furniture. 

Should Sectionals Be Against The Wall?

Having a sectional against the wall is a very popular option, but it's not a requirement. You may even find that the room feels more spacious if you position your sectional in the center of the room. With modular sectionals, the positioning possibilities are seemingly endless. Reversible sectionals offer less versatility than their modular counterpart. However, they can still make a stunning centerpiece in the living room when coupled with a nice rug and some cute throws.

Modern interior of living room with beige sofa

How Can You Tell If A Sectional Will Fit?

To guarantee that your new sectional will fit properly through your doors and in your living room, make sure to carefully measure before ordering. Measure your doorways, hallways, and the area you want the sectional to be placed. The rule of thumb for sofa placement recommends at least 18" of free space on both sides of the sofa.

Check all your measurements against the dimensions provided for the sectional you are purchasing. If you are uncertain about any measurements for the new sofa, contact the manufacturer of the sofa. Modular sofas are fairly easy to transport through tight spaces because of their small individual sizes, but you should still double-check your dimensions.

What Size Sectional Do You Need?

An excellent way to determine what size sofa you need is to measure your existing sofa. Do you feel like your current sofa is a little too shallow? Or maybe it feels too low to the ground? To make sure your new sofa is comfortable, consider any issues you noticed with the last couch. To be certain, the sectional will meet your expectations, compare the new sofa's dimensions with your current piece. Call the company that manufactures the sofa to confirm any dimensions you are unsure of.

Modular Or Reversible?

Still not sure which sectional is better for you? Consider the size of your space and how the sofa will be used. In a small apartment, a compact reversible sectional is capable of providing the perfect place to relax. Do you have a lot of company?  You may want a large modular style to accommodate all your friends and family if your house is the neighborhood hangout.

Do you have a lot of empty, dead space in your large living room? A modular style can help alleviate the dead space when split into multiple pieces.

Take A Seat And Relax

Now that you know everything about modular and reversible sectionals, you can make an informed decision on the best type for your home. Sectionals can be a tough subject to master, but with your new-found knowledge, you will have a cozy new place to snuggle up in no time. Don't forget to grab some snazzy new throw pillows and blankets to spruce it up.

Show Your Living Room Some Love

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