Can Sherwin Williams Color Match Benjamin Moore?

If we talk about the most promising paint brands, we'd immediately say they are the Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints! Both paint manufacturers produce top-quality paints. However, can you match those paints? We will share with you our thoroughly researched answer to that in this post.

Yes, you can match a Sherwin Williams paint to a Benjamin Moore if you want to. They don't differ in their formulas, so matching those two paint brands is possible. However, it is wise to refrain from matching them to make the project you are working on have an even, exact shade or color.

We want to be informative and discuss this matter a bit deeper. And we hope that you'll be reading this post until the end to expand your knowledge. Plus, it will help you carefully choose a paint brand next time for your home beautification project.

Sherwin Williams Vs. Benjamin Moore: Which Is Better?

Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore comparison

We'd love to help you choose the better paint brand between Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore by exposing their benefits and drawbacks. So, which paint brand is better?

According to our thorough research, Benjamin Moore is more satisfactory. But its superiority over a Sherwin Williams is only by a slight gap.

Both paint brands are outstanding in durability, easy application, quality, and coverage. But what makes Benjamin Moore a better brand is its increased quality and coverage.

You have probably heard about its Regal Select paint already. It is deemed to be the top-notch interior paint in the industry. Additionally, the exterior paint line of Benjamin Moore can be far more expensive compared to others, but mind you, this brand is worth every penny.

Overall, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints are in a class by themselves. They will stand out even if you compare them with Valspar and Behr or other quality paint brands.


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Paint cans, paint brush and color palette on wood table.

If you compare similar products from the two brands, Sherwin Williams costs less than Benjamin Moore. Their cost difference ranges from $3 to $5. 

Sherwin Williams offers the Superpaint line. And if we will compare it to its top-grade Emerald line, it will cost less. Their cost difference is $30, but their qualities do not differ. Furthermore, paint experts and homeowners mostly say that the Superpaint line has the most acceptable balance regarding its quality and price.

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Comparing Paint Store Locations

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A Benjamin Moore factory building

The location of Benjamin Moore's paint stores is its primary drawback. Finding a store where Benjamin Moore is available can be difficult since they only administer their paint products mainly through retailers. But that will depend on your location. On the other hand, Sherwin Williams owns and operates all its retail locations.

This paint store location factor alone can help you choose between the two. You don't want to go to multiple store locations just to find your chosen paint brand. Accessibility matters a lot!

Paint Color Selection

Paint cans color palette

Both paint brands offer a wide range of color variations. In this case, we cannot tell which of the two stands out more since they are both competent in delivering numerous color choices.

In addition, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore provide color consultations. The only difference between them is that Sherwin Williams offers it free while Benjamin Moore charges an average fee from $30 to $70. Plus, this color consultation service is not available at all Benjamin Moore retailing stores.

And last but not least, you can book online at Sherwin Williams for that free color consultation. Sadly, Benjamin Moore does not offer online booking. You can only book them for a color consultation service by reaching a local hardware store near you that offers their products.

Benjamin Moore Paint Products

Benjamin Moore store sign in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Benjamin Moore is an American company that produces paint.

Regal Select is undoubtedly Benjamin Moore's top-grade paint. Most painters and homeowners choose it as their top pick among all existing interior paint products.

And according to our thorough research, no rival paint rates better compared to it when it comes to the thickness, coverage, durability, neatness, and overall quality it offers. Regal Select is indeed expensive, but its benefits outweigh its expensiveness.

The Regal Select paint also needs a second coat, but the retention of its pigment is genuinely incomparable to the other paint brands. A gallon of it costs between $50 to $65; expensive but advantageous! However, it is $5 to $15 less expensive than the Cashmere acrylic latex paint of Sherwin William's.

Additionally, Regal Select is pricey at $20 or less than the Superpaint of Sherwin Williams, but it is more satisfactory in quality and functionality. It is a low-VOC paint or has a low odor and is impervious to molds. Indeed a safe paint to use for your home.

Aura Vs. Regal Select

Benjamin Moore also has the Aura paint line that contains no VOC. However, this line costs more than Regal Select, by about $10 to $30. Aura costs that much because it is a little better than Regal Select in covering other colors underneath and is thicker.

Aside from those, Aura and Regal Select offer a Color Lock Technology. This characteristic shows that both paint lines can still be vibrant and durable even after washing them numerous times.

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Ben Vs. Regal Select

The paint line Ben by Benjamin Moore is more affordable than the Regal Select at $22 per gallon. This paint line is more promising than other introductory interior paints from other brands, for example, the A-100 from Sherwin's.

The primary distinction between Ben and Regal is that the latter has top-quality in terms of coverage and thickness. And as for their drying time, Regal Select can dry itself for only an hour, while Ben takes two hours. 

Furthermore, Ben is only available in eggshell, flat, and semigloss finishes. On the other hand, Regal Select delivers those three and additional pearl and matte finishes.

And since we want to share everything we know with you, here is one fact that only a few know: Aside from Ben's self-priming feature, its flat and eggshell finishes are nearly free from VOC. And it is cheaper by $20 or more than the no-VOC Harmony paint line of Sherwin's. It is one of the reasons why professional painters and homeowners who know this fact still love to use this interior paint line.

Sherwin Williams Paint Products

Sherwin williams paint store

If you want to paint the interior and exterior of your home, we highly suggest the Superpaint line. You will make the most out of your money if you use this paint because of its durability, ease of installation, and coverage.

However, there are specific Superpaint paints for exterior and interior use. And the one for exteriors can last up to seven years as long as you maintain it well.

Duration & Emerald

Duration and Emerald also paint line variants from Sherwin Williams. You can use these paint lines for your home's exterior. They cost $25 to $30 more than the Superpaint line. But that price is reasonable because of the durability it provides. On average, Duration and Emerald can have a longevity of 10 years.

Moreover, these mentioned paint lines from Sherwin Williams offer low VOC to no VOC paints.

In Summary

Four open cans of paint with brushes on bright background, Can Sherwin Williams Color Match Benjamin Moore?

Matching Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore is possible. But we highly recommend not to do it if you want to achieve even and well-painted walls for your home. Also, those two brands are expensive, but you know by now that they are reasonable enough.

Using Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore to paint your home can make the most out of your money. After all, it would be best not to settle for less for the beautification of your home. 

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