Can You Brush A Sheepskin Rug? [And How To]

Sheepskin rugs are naturally dirt-resistant and very stylish—perfect characteristics a material should have. But if it's placed in a spot where we rub our feet on it a lot, the wool starts to compact, and the last thing we want is to ruin it. We studied how to get back its fluffiness safely which you'll learn in a little bit. Shall we begin?

You can brush a sheepskin rug to detangle its fibers using a wool carding brush to untangle the knots. This brings back its former soft texture. 

Wait up! We aren't done yet. We've got more things to discuss with you regarding pieces of information about your rug that might concern you. It can elongate your sheepskin rug's life, which means you'll gain more benefits for a longer time. If you are curious about what they are about, keep reading. 

Sheepskin area rug on hardwood floor, Can You Brush A Sheepskin Rug? [And How To]

Cleaning A Sheepskin Rug

Cleaning your sheepskin rug is a very easy task to do, and you won't need to send in a professional to do the work. Here is a detailed step-by-step procedure on what you will do. But first, let's look at some points you should be aware of before you proceed with the cleaning. 

Sheep skin on the laminate floor in the room, near the window

Things You Need To Know Before Cleaning A Sheepskin Rug

Precautionary measures are very important to give a heads up on what might happen. Read the following carefully to prevent any damage to your rug. We might have listed some of your problems here and found that it's normal. 

  • If the leather backing went hard over time, it's normal. 
  • The natural ivory-colored sheepskin rugs turn yellow upon aging. This discoloration is due to the exposure to sunlight's UV rays. So, if you will wash it to whiten the wool, you will not be able to achieve that. 
  • If your sheepskin rug is more than a decade old, washing it with water may shorten its life. Leather is very porous. Water that is absorbed and evaporated can take away the natural oil in it, causing the shearling to be brittle and ruin itself.
  • You should brush the sheepskin rug first before washing. If not, you might not be able to untangle the wool fibers. 
  • If your rug is dyed other than its natural ivory color, cleaning it with water may cost its color to fade. 
  • Do not rush the sheepskin rug to dry. It is normal for it to dry for more or less than a week. 
  • Losing some strands of fiber while combing the wool rug is normal.

How To Wash A Sheepskin Rug?

Now that you are aware of some points to know before cleaning, you are now ready to start. Here is the course of action you need to follow after gathering the materials.


  • Wool carding brush
  • Vacuum
  • Sheepskin wash cleaner
  • Spray bottle
  • Clean cloth
  • Cornstarch
  • Hot water

Step 1 - Shake Out

Take the rug outside to shake off the dust and other particles, such as dried soil stacked between the wools. 

Step 2 - Brush 

Using a wool carding brush, stroke the fibers until all the tangled parts are smoothed. This is a vital step since not doing so can result in matting. 

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Step 3 - Vacuum

Suck the leftover dust or debris off using a vacuum with a plain suction only since other types of upholstery attachments like the power nozzle can be can cause the rug to tangle.

Step 4 - Wash

It's time to wash your rug. If it does not require a deep washing, you can do the spot cleaning:

For small spots, combine a sheepskin wash cleaner or any detergent that does not contain bleach and enzyme. It can cause the leather to dry and crack over time. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and sprinkle some on the stained part. Pat the damp area with a clean cloth.

To remove oil stains, cover the oily spot with cornstarch and leave for a few hours to make sure it soaked up all the oil. Once done, vacuum, brush, or shake off the powder outside until there is no debris left.

If you got mud or any food stain on your sheepskin rug, combine a wool wash and water in a basin. As for the measurement of each ingredient, look at the instructions given by the product. Dampen a clean towel on the solution and dab it on the dirty area.

Remove the soap lather by wiping it off with a separate towel soaked in clean plain water. Let it dry, then comb the sheepskin rug twice—while it's a little damp and when it is completely dry. 

Deep Clean

Meanwhile, do the following steps to deep clean or wash the entire rug in water if a lot of portion is dirty:

First, check your sheepskin rug's care label to make sure if it's okay to conduct a wet cleaning. If yes, then let's continue by filling the bathtub with cold water. Do not attempt to use hot water, thinking it will kill the bacteria because it won't. Using high-temperature water is one of the fastest ways to shrink the leather. 

Second, pour a delicate wool washer into the tub. Make sure to use a solution with a low pH level. It can take away lanolin—wool's natural oil that repels dirt. Immerse the rug and let it for 30 minutes. Casually sweep the rug's surface with your hands to take out residues. 

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Step 5 - Rinse & Dry

Once ready for rinsing, drain the tub and replace it with fresh, cold water. Repeat the process until no bubbles are left. Squeeze the water off the rug. Do not twirl it.

Cover it with a high-absorbent towel to soak up more wetness. After that, you can hang it on a drying rack and let it dry naturally. Don't use a hairdryer or spin it in a cloth dryer. 

Step 6 - Comb

Once your sheepskin rug is completely dry, comb it once again using your carding brush before storing or putting it back in its place. 

You can get awesome ideas on where to put sheepskin rugs here: "11 Bedroom Rug Placement Ideas To Inspire You."

How Do You Deodorize A Sheepskin Rug?

Using spray white vinegar dilution with water and baking soda Sodium bicarbonate in long hair fur carpet for cleaning

Sheepskin rugs would naturally smell foul since their wool fibers can lock away odors. You can try to leave it in a shady spot outdoors for a few hours to give it fresh air. Do not do this if the weather is bad.

If that did not work, try putting a baking soda over the sheepskin rug and let it sit for some time. Vacuum the powder off afterward.

How Do You Get Cat Urine Smell Out Of A Wool Rug?

After letting a paper towel absorb the urine, fill a basin with cold water and put one tablespoon of distilled white vinegar. Damp the affected area with that until the wetness is fully absorbed, then let it dry.

Can You Wash A Sheepskin In The Washing Machine?

Some of the sheepskin rugs can be washed in the machine. However, do not use washing machines with center agitators to prevent damage. Also, be sure to follow cautionary measures such as using low pH detergents and cold water to refrain the leather from compressing.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Sheepskin Rug?

If you want a professional to do the job instead, the average cost you will pay is $3 to $7 per square foot. This depends on how your wool was made. Here is a more elaborate list of prices per square foot:

  • Machine-made wool: $2.50-$5
  • Handmade wool: $4-$7

How Do You Maintain A Sheepskin Rug?

Comfort and cozy house with white and fluffy sheepskin rug, woven elements on bottle, dry plants on wooden windowsill in moder

In doing a sheepskin-care routine, follow these patterns:

  • Avoid putting it under sunlight.
  • Make it a habit to shake off the dirt every morning to prevent pathogens from stacking.
  • Vacuum and brush the wool regularly. 
  • Once you spotted a stain, remove it immediately and do not let it dry.
  • Let your rug dry naturally on its own.
  • Treat dyed sheepskin rugs with dry cleaning only.

Advantages Of Sheepskin Rug

white curly wool sheepskin fur

Once taken care of properly, your sheepskin rug can last with you for a lifetime. That means you are stuck with these benefits:

  1. It keeps all the bacteria locked out in its fleece. 
  2. It is gentle to your skin since its texture is naturally soft. 
  3. A lamb's wool has properties that keep the moisture and odor away. Which means it does not require that much attention. 
  4. It can regulate temperature, so if you step on it during winter or summer, it can keep you cool or warm. 
  5. It contains anti-bug properties. 
  6. It contains its natural oil, which can prevent mold or mildew from growing. 

Happy Cleaning!

Sheepskin area rug on hardwood floor

Cleaning your sheepskin rug as well as taking the stains of are very easy to do if you follow the procedure we discussed. If you are too busy to do so, you already know how much money to prepare to keep on getting the advantages that sheepskin rugs bring to your family. 

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