Can You Flip A Box Spring? [And Should You?]

You hear of people flipping their mattress or turning it around to keep it from getting worn down so quickly, but what about the box spring? We've determined whether the boxspring should be flipped and how often. 

Although box springs are not designed to be flipped, rotating your box spring will increase its longevity. The suggested period of time for how often to rotate your mattress is about every 3 to 6 months. To help you stay on track with both your box spring and mattress, you should rotate them simultaneously.

Flipping your mattress used to be common practice. Now, mattresses built with foam are created without the need to be flipped. As for rotating the box spring, there is even more to know about using this support beneath your mattress and keeping it in tip-top shape. Please read on as we delve into the purpose of a box spring and how to know when it's time for a replacement.

Can You Flip A Box Spring? [And Should You?]

Does a box spring make your mattress more comfortable?

One of the benefits of using a box spring is that it gives your mattress support because the box spring is firm and rests flat on the floor or bed frame. In this way, using a box spring does make your mattress more comfortable.

Another reason to use a box spring is that mattress warranties require their consumers to use a specific foundation; otherwise, the warranty is considered void. Your warranty being void may not sound like a huge deal, but if you find yourself in need of a new mattress and can’t have it replaced because you didn’t have it on a box spring, you will wish you had done some things differently.

As for comfortability, since a box spring has proven to help make a mattress feel firmer, it would also make sense that a firmer mattress helps support the spine. Spinal support, in turn, reduces chronic back pain. This is an important way that using a box spring or having a supportive base makes a big difference.

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Can you put two box springs on top of each other?

Can you versus should you stack box springs calls for two different answers here. If your goal is to have your mattress higher up and away from your floor, then yes, you can put two box springs on top of each other. This will increase the risk of injury, so be aware of who will be using the bed. Having two box springs may make it more difficult for you, children, or pets to get on and off your bed.

Box springs were initially created for a shock absorber. In modern times, box springs do not necessarily need to have springs in them at all. They are used more often for stabilization than as shock absorbers. If you decide to put two box springs on top of each other, it is safest to attach them in a way that would ensure one doesn’t slide off of the other.

If the reward of having a taller bed resonates more with you than the risk you would be undertaking, understand that the bed's height with two box springs may not match your headboard. Be sure both box springs are built well and sturdy to increase the likelihood that they can withstand the weight of the mattress. The best box springs to use for this sort of project are the modern type which is the kind constructed without springs.

How do you know if a box spring is worn out?

You can usually tell if your box spring is worn out by visual clues. If there are tears in the fabric, you may want to take a closer look. Broken springs are a definite sign that it is worn out. It’s recommended that you replace your mattress every ten years. Replace the box spring at the same time. Even if the box spring doesn’t technically have springs in it, the slats could be broken or worn down, which will cause sagging and eventually damage the mattress permanently.

An auditory clue may present itself as worn box springs tend to squeak or make noise when you get in or out of bed. If your mattress is two-sided, then flipping and rotating it along with the box spring will help maintain its durability.

Box springs and mattresses are most often sold in sets. When buying a new mattress, if a specific box spring is suggested, you should go with it because the box spring is made to fit the size and weight of the mattress that it is paired with. Some box springs are thicker than others, depending on the size and weight of the mattress.

Can a box spring ruin a mattress?

A box spring will not ruin a mattress, but the opposite can happen. In other words, not using a box spring has the potential to ruin your mattress. For instance, if you use a metal bed frame that doesn’t have any type of support system between the main four bars, your mattress would not have support without a box spring under it. In this case, your mattress would most likely sag or fall through the middle of the frame onto the floor.

Certain types of mattresses don’t need to be flipped because they are made with enough support within the mattress as a whole. The type of mattress that doesn’t need to be flipped typically has layers of foam that increase in thickness as they are layered from top to bottom. These are most often referred to as memory foam mattresses. They are built in such a way that only one side is meant to be the sleeping surface.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you want to use a box spring or a bed frame, be sure your mattress has support. When a mattress settles disproportionately, it diminishes the structure of the whole bed. If you want to get the most out of your mattress, pair it with the box spring that it is sold with, and rotate both no less than every six months.

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