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Can You Have Two Coffee Tables in Your Living Room?

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Can You Have Two Coffee Tables In Your Living Room?If you have a large living room and want to fill the space with a collection of furniture in an interesting configuration, you might be wondering whether you can have two coffee tables in your living room. We have done the research to find out the answer to that question!

The answer is yes, but it depends on how you style the tables. 

There is a lot to learn about what to take into consideration, as well as how to choose the right tables to complement your aesthetic. Keep reading to learn all the details.

How to Choose Complimentary Coffee Tables

When designing your living room, two coffee tables might overwhelm the eye. In order to make the look streamlined and stylish, you want to choose tables that complement each other aesthetically. Consider nesting tables, or matching end tables. If you are looking to create sleek, modern vibes, go minimal. Sleek and simple designs will leave you with a clean and polished look. If you are looking for more bohemian or rustic vibes, try wooden, antique-style pieces that will add earthy tones to the room. All in all, you will want the tones of your room to blend, so have in mind what aesthetic you are aiming for.

Interior design is all about finding a style, decor, and color scheme that speaks to you. It's all about personality and creating the mood and tone you want to set for your living space. There are no rules, no "right" and "wrong" way to decorate your home.

It's important to remember that your space is yours, and it should fit your personality. Adding a second coffee table is definitely a unique look, and can make your living room stand out. When designing your living room, feel free to get creative. You aren't bound to traditional pieces by any means. Several items can be repurposed into a coffee table, giving your living room extra pizazz.



Using two coffee tables, as seen above, can add dimension and texture to your living space. The dual table look adds an almost bohemian edge to the room. Two coffee tables can work--but they can also easily overwhelm the eye. To prevent aesthetic chaos, make sure the styles and materials of the table blend nicely together.

What Can I Use Instead of a Coffee Table?

To give your living r00m even more unique flair, try adding an unconventional coffee table to the mix. A trunk, for example, can be repurposed into a cute, tasteful coffee table. The shell of the trunk will provide a unique look. As a bonus, the space beneath can be used for extra storage for blankets or knick-knacks.

This trunk is a statement piece; it catches the eye and has multiple functions. Consider purchasing a vintage trunk, like this one, to add a really unique, vintage vibe to your living space.

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Any piece can be repurposed into a unique coffee table. Doors can be redone to create a one of a kind piece. This coffee table, for example, is constructed from an old door. If you have an old antique door lying around, definitely consider repurposing it into a coffee table.

All you need in order to create your own unique coffee table is a base and a top. Find a unique base that speaks to your style, like this rustic barrel base:

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Or if you want a simpler look, consider standard metal legs or standard wooden legs.

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Once you have a proper base that fits your aesthetic, you can top it with whatever flat surface you have. A glass tabletop will create a clean and open table, but a large piece of wood will create a warm and homey tabletop.

Another way to create a repurposed coffee table is through the reconstruction of wood scraps. Use planks or panels of wood to create a unique, eye-catching table. If you want that rustic, homemade kind of feel without the work, you can buy repurposed coffee tables online.

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This unusual coffee table is constructed from an old washtub. Its a unique conversation piece with a vintage flair, and will definitely make your living room stand out.

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What is the Point of Nesting Tables?

Nesting tables are tables that can fit inside or underneath one another, like Russian nesting dolls. There are many perks to nesting tables. When not in use, they can be tucked away to create space for other activities. You can instantly open up a room by nesting the tables together. And when more surface area is needed, or other guests arrive, you can easily provide more space for games, beverages, or snacks.

A nesting table like this sleek, wooden one can add a lot of dimension to your space.

When looking for nesting tables, consider both style and function. How do you want your living room to look? And how much surface area will you be needing? These triangular wooden nesting tables create antique, rustic vibes. When not in use, they can nest underneath one another, or they can be separated to increase usable space.

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If you're aiming for something more modern and Scandinavian in design, consider these chic white tables. They are simple, yet stylish. Their bright look will pair with any kind of style, and blend easily into your living space.

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If you frequently play board games with your family and friends, or just generally need more surface area, look for a coffee table that has wider space available. This chic, round glass table provides more surface area, and still allows you the versatility of nesting.

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These cool nesting tables are made from reclaimed wood. They are colorful, unique, and will add a bohemian vibe to any space.

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Can I Use A Side Table As A Coffee Table?

Sure, you can use a side table as a coffee table. This works especially well when you couple two or three side tables together. Varied heights will add dimension, while slightly varied styles will add texture to the room. When looking to repurpose side tables by using them as coffee tables, consider height. Coffee tables generally should stand as tall as the seat of your couch, so it's important to find side tables that reach your desired height.

When using side tables like coffee tables, make sure to choose tables that have a similar look and feel. Using all wooden side tables, or all-glass side tables will create a sense of cohesion that will allow your side tables to smoothly integrate into the room. Side tables that are too different in style will catch the eye in the wrong way, and detract from the aesthetic of the room.

Unique side tables can be paired together to duplicate a coffee table. The eclectic combination will create a bohemian feel. Consider pairing unique wooden side table pieces to replace your coffee table.

Click here to purchase this unique wooden coffee table on Amazon. Pair it with another similar looking table to create a unique, rustic look. This table, for example, is similar and will blend nicely. The metal legs, however, will add a little texture.

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If you are trying to create a modern, minimalist, chic kind of look, then less is more. For a modern look, the simpler the better. Try looking for two chic side tables that have simple designs. This sleek marble side table can function as a coffee table. Pair with the same table to create a streamlined look or separate them for a modern take. However you assemble your side tables, they will be versatile.

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You can pair several side tables or end tables together and achieve the effect of a coffee table. Consider these round, white acrylic coffee tables. Two or more will provide the same space, and the rounded shapes will add dimension to your living space.

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Be Creative to Find the Perfect Pairing!

As you can see, there are lot of great coffee table options other than the standard single table plopped in front of your sofa. Take your time, to carefully choose the right look and configuration for your decorating and lifestyle!