Can You Mix And Match Smart Bulbs?

The ability to control your home’s lighting remotely is one of the most popular facets of the Internet of Things. Using smart bulbs is easy, and there are many varieties to choose from. But have you ever wondered if you can mix the brands in the same fixture? We researched this technology in depth so you’ll know if it’s possible.

You can mix and match smart bulbs, even within the same light fixture. Doing so will require you to run multiple apps, however, unless you install a hub.

Now that we know that it’s possible to mix and match smart bulbs, we’ll take a look at why you might want to stick to one brand. You might also be curious if you can mix smart bulbs with regular bulbs or if you can have too many smart bulbs. To find out the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has uncovered.

Why You Should Aim For One Brand Of Smart Bulb

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Smart bulbs, like everything else on the Internet of Things, run off apps from your smart devices. Though some brands might give you the same connectivity, enabling you to control them with one app, others might not mix well in this fashion. This would mean that you would need to control each brand with a different app.

Many of us have phones that are already cluttered with apps. Having multiple brands of smart bulbs might further add to this chaos. But just because you have multiple brands of smart bulbs doesn’t mean that you need to necessarily download and operate different apps for them. 

A hub can be installed in your home to solve this issue. However, this can come at a cost. If you can stick with just one brand of smart bulb, it can save you some trouble. But doing so is still possible.

Can You Mix Smart Bulbs With Regular Bulbs?

Smart bulbs and regular bulbs shouldn’t be mixed, especially on the same fixtures or in rooms operating off of the same switch. To better understand this, let’s look at how these two types of bulbs operate.

A regular bulb will turn on and off by someone flipping the switch on the wall or by engaging the one on the fixture (if it’s a lamp). When it’s in the “off” position, it uses zero electricity. But smart bulbs work a bit differently.

A smart bulb will require the switch to always be in the “on” position. These bulbs draw a minimal amount of power so that they can be turned on and operated with the app or a timer. If the switch is “off,” then the bulbs will not be able to be controlled.

If you mix smart bulbs with regular bulbs, you will have to either keep your “dumb” bulbs on the same switch burning bright all the time or have limited access to your smart bulbs. It’s best to stick with one bulb type or the other. 

Do Smart Bulbs Run Up The Electric Bill?

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Earlier in this post, we mentioned that smart bulbs will always require your switches to be in the “on” position. These bulbs are always drawing a tiny bit of electricity so that they can be operated with a remote or a timer. The way these gadgets draw electricity when they aren’t in use is sometimes referred to as being an energy vampire.

There are many items you keep plugged in at home that draw a tiny bit of electricity when they aren’t in use. Televisions, laptop chargers, phone chargers, and even coffee makers all require just a bit of juice flowing to them so that they’ll be able to work properly when needed.

But just because they draw some power doesn’t mean that you’ll see a spike in your monthly bill.

The amount of electricity required to run a smart bulb, or a whole group of them, is so minimal that you wouldn’t notice it changing your light bill every month. So even though they technically do use more electricity than the standard bulb when “off,” you won’t notice the difference.

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Can You Have Too Many Smart Bulbs?

Too much of any one thing can be bad. And when it comes to smart bulbs, too many can potentially become a problem.

These bulbs run off your home’s Wi-Fi connection. Several bulbs being operated won’t make any difference to your internet speed, but if you use too many of these bulbs at once, you might notice that your internet connection has slowed some.

Experts maintain that multiple smart bulbs will not create any issues with your internet, but only up to a certain point. More than 20 bulbs being used at once will certainly begin to slow your internet speed down some. So be aware if you are planning on using this many or more bulbs simultaneously.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Smart Bulb?

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If you’re like the rest of us, you always seem to be changing out burned-out light bulbs. One of the great things about smart bulbs, however, is their longevity. A standard bulb might last 1,000 hours of operation. But smart bulbs can go so much longer.

A typical smart bulb can be used between 15,000 and 25,000 hours. These bulbs certainly do cost more money than their standard counterparts but do provide longevity that they cannot match. 

What Can You Do With Old Smart Bulbs?

Nothing lasts forever. Eventually, your smart bulbs will burn out and need to be replaced. When this happens, you might wonder how to dispose of them properly.

Many types of light bulbs contain hazardous chemicals that shouldn’t be mixed in with your regular household waste. Smart bulbs, or any other type of LED bulb, do not harbor these, however. 

But while you might be able to toss old smart bulbs in the trash, keep in mind that they have some elements in them that can be recycled. So it might be worth your time to contact your local recycling center to see if they will take these bulbs.

Are Smart Bulbs Worth It?

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If you’ve ever priced smart bulbs, you know that they cost a lot more than the standard types that you’re used to. But the difference in the cost might be overridden by what smart bulbs have to offer a consumer.

We mentioned earlier that smart bulbs last a LOT longer than regular bulbs. While this might not totally level out the difference in the cost, it does make them more appealing to some.

Additionally, what smart bulbs offer might make them worth the cost. The ability to control them remotely is an important feature to some. This provides a level of safety and security that the standard bulb cannot provide.

Can Smart Bulbs Be Hacked?

The concern for data security is a legitimate one. Hackers seem to be able to access all sorts of personal and financial information through data breaches, exposing individuals to many risks. And as it turns out, even something like a light bulb can be the subject of these digital predators.

These nefarious individuals will hack into your system and play with your bulbs, making you believe that one has a glitch. When you delete the bulb from your app and reinstall it, you will be allowing a hacker-controlled bulb to be in your network.

Rest assured, there are security measures and patches put into place to help prevent this. But experts recommend having a hidden Wi-Fi network, especially for the one controlling your home’s smart bulbs and devices.

Final Thoughts

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Smart bulbs can be mixed and matched, but it’s always easier to use the same brand. These bulbs will always pull a bit of electricity, but you won’t notice an increase in your electric bill. Remember that too many bulbs operating at once might slow down your Wi-Fi, so be prepared.

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