Can You Mix Leather And Fabric Furniture?

No hard and fast rule says leather and fabric furniture cannot be placed in the same room. So be bold, and embrace combining and coordinating furniture of different materials and textures for visual interest.

Don’t know where to start? We pulled together some great examples of rooms that have both leather and fabric furniture that look divine.

When all the furniture matches in a room, it has a clean, polished look. However, you can successfully create a visually stunning and comfortable room when you mix leather and fabric furniture.

Having some variety between your sofa, accent chairs, ottomans, and loveseat creates a sense of playfulness, breaks up the monotony, encourages eye movement, and adds texture.

Take a look at beautifully curated rooms that have leather and fabric furniture for your viewing and seating pleasure. Feel inspired and take the plunge to eschew using only one form of material for furnishings.

Contemporary dining room with wooden chairs and white walls and laminated flooring, Can You Mix Leather And Fabric Furniture?

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Creating Harmony With Leather And Fabric

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Interior of a warm and a rustic themed living room with mixed fabric sofas, a decorative stone mantel fireplace, and a hard wood flooring

Keeping all of your furniture in the same style and upholstery fabric is a safe choice that can become boring over time. Shake things up and amp up the drama and visual appeal in a room with a mix of leather and fabric furniture.

Allow yourself and guests to indulge in different textures and colors for seating. Create a welcoming and eclectic look when you have a room with leather sofas coupled with fabric chairs, ottomans, or loveseats, and vice versa.

And don’t forget to utilize decor accents, accessories, plants, and other details to tie your room’s look together.

Rustic Country

[PIN id=”664914332461383884″ size=”large”]


Bring home a touch of the French countryside with this delightful farmhouse living room. The dark leather couch is weathered and has rolled arms. It is embellished with throw cushions in black and white gingham and a mix of alternating beige and black stripes.

The wingback chair is in a flour color with light tan details and vintage-style legs. A footstool under the chair shows off antique lettering. The coffee table is painted white and has a distressed look like that of reclaimed wood.

Rustic inspired living room with wooden cladding, white painted cabinets and hardwood countertop

Most of the room and accent pieces like the piano and sideboard table are white, but brown and black accents peppered throughout add structure and visual appeal.

Note how the animal hide rug atop the light-colored wood floor continues the rustic, pastoral theme.

Contemporary Boho

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Step into an open and refreshing room in bright white with mostly contemporary details. Check out the well-worn leather couch that begs for you to sink in when you have a seat.

It is coupled with two modern fabric chairs in neutral ivory and an updated brown leather chaise with a wooden armrest for visual interest and contrast.

Contemporary dining room with wooden chairs and white walls and laminated flooring, Can You Mix Leather And Fabric Furniture?

The area rug is traditional, but the orange notes mirror the leather furniture’s tones and even the tree leaves in the window. The industrial, vintage-style lighting in a dark metal piques interest and balances the room’s lighter colors.

Classic Revisited

[PIN id=”56787645291218512″ size=”large”]


Update a traditional brown leather couch, the type often seen in old-school offices and personal libraries, and brighten it up with plenty of colors. The blue coat of paint in the room is modern, sophisticated, but not stuffy.

The vintage-style dining chair is in an electric orange which instantly grabs your attention but still pairs well with the earthy chocolate brown sofa.

The dining chair’s frame is in a yellow color mirrored in some of the accent cushions on the couch, the glass coffee table frame, and the curtains.

Additionally, a more neutral, cream-colored classic accent chair sits off to the side for a neutral anchor.

Vintage Eclectic

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Embrace a mix of vintage details in a small living room, complete with a tan mustard leather couch and a tufted high back fabric chair in white. The colors used in the room are a mix of yellow, blue, and white, which are not too cool or too warm.

Fabric sectional sofa with throw pillows and white painted walls

The round coffee table between the couch and chair creates visual movement and has a brilliant contrast all its own with a mosaic-like blue top and dark legs.

The chair is neutral and does not underwhelm or overwhelm the couch while offering a slight change of texture to the room.

Do A Sofa And Loveseat Have To Match?

When you have a matching loveseat and sofa in the same material, pattern, or style, it automatically connects the two pieces. However, you can step out and take a smart risk by not matching your sofa and loveseat.

Up close photo of a leather rustic chair

The loveseat is for more intimate conversation when sitting close to someone. But, a sofa is the most important piece of furniture in a living room and should be allowed to be the star of the space.

So, choose a loveseat in a different color or upholstery material that complements it without necessarily being a perfect match.

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What End Tables Go With Leather Furniture?

Leather accent chair

Leather furniture deserves an equally natural and traditional material for an end table. Most leather accent chairs, sofas, and loveseats look elegant with wood, wrought iron, or glass end tables.

Create a softer look and lighten things up for darker colored leather furniture with a rattan, glass, or a lighter colored metal table.
If most of the room’s furniture is dark, you can also use medium to dark-colored furniture in the same color family.

Do keep your room feeling open with a lighter wall treatment along with wall art and a thoughtful area rug for contrast.

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Check out this industrial-style end table on Amazon.

Check out this modern round glass end table on Amazon.

What Goes Well With Leather Couch?

Before choosing decor and accent furnishings to pair with a leather couch, you have to decide whether you want a cool, warm, or neutral ambiance.

Stick with a tried-and-true combination of neutral creams, ivory, beige, light gray, tan, and sand-colored throws for sofas, area rugs, cushions, and wall treatments.

Cool things down with pastel or jewel-tone blues, greens, or even purple with a darker colored leather sofa.

Turn up the heat with vibrant reds, oranges, or yellows to complement a leather couch in a mid to darker hue. Don’t forget to keep things balanced by mixing accent chairs in different fabrics, adding wood or metal tables, and a plant or two for a touch of greenspace.

Check out this throw pillow cover set on Amazon.

Should Couch And Chairs Match?

A couch and accompanying accent chairs can match when you buy a set, but you can achieve some beautiful results by mixing things up. If you are not trying to use matching chairs and a sofa, make sure they have one unifying element via the color, texture, or style.

Also, don’t forget to consider proportion, so no elements overwhelm one another. Make sure the seating depth and height are similar between the sofa and chairs for ease of movement in the room.

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In Closing

Live well with an aesthetically pleasing and functional room when you mix leather and fabric furniture. Adorn your leather sofa and accent chairs with a similar style or color throw pillows.

Toss a beautiful patterned or vintage-style area rug underneath a clean and simplistic coffee table for visual harmony and balance.

Ensure the color treatment on your walls reflects light, opens up your space, or keeps the room feeling grounded. Utilize lighting, wall art, and other accessories to make sure all of the elements in your space work well together and do not vie for your attention.

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Gorgeous modern interior of a luxurious living room with a fabric sofa mixed with brown leather sofa, Can You Mix Leather And Fabric Furniture?

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