Can You Power Wash A Trex Deck? [Read This First!]

Are the dirt, grease, or other particles stuck on your Trex deck bothering you? You must be itching to clean them off with your power washer, but can you? Would doing so damage the deck? Don't worry, as we've researched this topic for your convenience.

Some Trex decks can be power washed, while some can't. Old models of Trex decks can get damaged when power washed. Additionally, the warranty wouldn't cover these types of damages.

Meanwhile, newer Trex deck models, such as Trex Transcend, Enhance, and Select, are safe for power washing, but not without caution. When power washing these Trex deck models, you should ensure that the pressure is under 3100 PSI and the washer isn't too close to the deck.

Don't go yet! You need to know what other factors to consider if you can clean a Trex deck. Also, after deciding that you can power wash, we included a guide on how to do it to prevent damage. Learn about all these and more below.

Is It Safe To Power Wash A Trex Deck?

A doing a pressure wash on deck

You can power wash a Trex deck if it's a newer model, such as the Trex Transcend, Enhance, and Select. On the other hand, Trex doesn't recommend power washing Trex Accents, Origins, Brasilia, Profiles, and Contours as they are not as resilient and durable as the newer models.

If you cannot determine your Trex model, you can look for signs of staining, flaking, chipping, or fading. If you spot any of these, power washing may damage them because older models don't have the protective shell that newer models have. Doing so might also void the product's warranty.

If your model is suited for power washing, ensure only to set the water pressure below 3100 pounds per pressure (PSI), as anything higher might flake off the surface.

How To Power Wash A Trex Deck

Man Using Power Washer to remove the molds in the wood

Have you already determined that your Trex deck is suitable for power washing? If so, you must follow our guide carefully. Even with a protective shell, you may still damage your deck if you don't do pay close attention. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. Remove all the furniture and other fixtures.
  2. Sweep off the dirt.
  3. Wash with soap and water and use a soft bristle brush for scrubbing.
  4. Set your power washer to the lowest pressure possible. Even though Trex recommends up to 3100 PSI, to be safe, only use up to 1500 PSI, as this is enough to thoroughly clean while ensuring that it won't get damaged.
  5. Attach a fan blade tip to your power washer for rinsing. Remember to keep your washer's nozzle at least eight inches from the surface.
  6. Rinse off again to remove the dirty water.

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Ways To Clean A Trex Deck

a scrubbing brush during spring cleaning on a wooden terrace with soap and splashes of water

Is your Trex deck model not suitable for power washing? Or, even if it is, do you want to find cleaning methods aside from power washing them to ensure that it doesn't get damaged? Well, here are some of the ways you can clean your deck, depending on what deck issues you're facing.

Spray Hose for Dirt And Debris

Residentail Backyard with Gray Deck, Can You Power Wash A Trex Deck? [Read This First!]

If your deck is dirty with dirt and debris, cleaning them wouldn't be too hard. Follow these steps:

  1. Using a hose, spray off the surface.
  2. Pour warm soapy water and scrub off the dirt with a soft bristle brush.
  3. Rinse thoroughly, so there's no dirty water residue.

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Concrete Dissolver for Concrete, Cement, Mortar, Or Stucco Dust

These types of residue can be hard to clean. Once the dust particles of cement, concrete, mortar, or stucco become heated or wet, you can't easily remove them with anything but Sakrete Concrete Dissolver as recommended by Trex. Here's how to use it:

  1. Directly apply the Sakrete Concrete Dissolver on the hardened element on your deck. Ensure to never wet the surface before using the product.
  2. The area with the dissolved will turn white upon contact before darkening. Leave the product for 1 to 15 minutes before re-applying it on the same spot. Let the product penetrate the surface again for 10 to 15 minutes. A white residue will appear if the dissolver evaporates; ensure not to rinse this out and re-apply the product instead.
  3. If the element build-up on your Trex deck is too thick, re-apply the dissolver until it softens.
  4. After the build-up has softened, rinse off your deck with cold water using your garden hose.

Vinegar and Baking Soda for Stains From Hard Water

Mineral deposits from hard water, such as lime, silica, or calcium, can leave spots on your Trex deck. You can easily clean this off by following these steps:

  1. With a hose, rinse your deck, focusing on the areas with hard water.
  2. Mix vinegar and water with a two-to-one ratio in a bucket.
  3. Pour the mixture into the spots with the hard water, and don't leave any areas as you do so.
  4. Put some baking soda into the spots you applied the vinegar and water solution. Then, leave it for 20 minutes. Never leave the mixture any longer than this, as it may stain your deck.
  5. As you notice the hard water stains breaking down, scrub the area using a soft bristle brush in a circular pattern.
  6. Thoroughly rinse your Trex deck with water. If you used hard water for rinsing, dry the deck using a clean cloth or a blower so it doesn't stain.

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Light Dusting for Snow

Snow on a wooden plank floor of an open terrace

During the winter, your Trex deck may have snow you want to clean off. There are different ways to do this, depending on what you want to do with the snow. Here are some of these:

  • Light snow dusting: if there's only a little snow on your deck, you can sweep them off with a broom. But, for a newer generation of Trex, you can also use a plastic shovel instead. Note that you shouldn't use a metal shovel for this, which may damage your deck.
  • Melting snow: you must clean older generations of Trex with caution. That's why you must melt it instead. For this, sprinkle calcium chloride or rock salt on it, then rinse it off immediately.

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What To Avoid When Cleaning A Trex Deck?

Brush and plastic canister with detergent on a wooden board, wooden terrace

Be careful when cleaning a Trex deck, as any misstep may damage it. There are several things you should avoid when cleaning, so here's a list to help you:

  • Do not drag objects over the surface. Dragging furniture before cleaning may cause scratches on the deck material.
  • Avoid breaking the ice over your deck. You should only remove snow or ice on your Trex deck through the recommended procedures.
  • Do not use bleach. If your deck has hard water stains or molds, you may want to quickly clean them off with bleach. However, bleach can cause fading.
  • Never apply the wrong deck cleaner. Trex decks only require hot soapy water since other deck cleaners may contain harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid putting hot objects over the surface, including grilling, since this may cause dents and distort the surface.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Trex Deck?

terrace with wpc decking board

Trex decking typically lasts for 25 to 30 years. However, they may also last longer if you regularly maintain and clean them. Trex deck also offers a 25-year warranty for staining and fading, so contact your manufacturer if these are the only issue on your deck.

In Closing

Residentail Backyard with Gray Deck

You can power wash new generations of Trex decks such as Transcend, Enhance, and Select, but keep the PSI under 3100. Meanwhile, older generations of Trex like Accents, Origins, Brasilia, Profiles, and Contours shouldn't be power washed as they can be easily damaged.

If you can't determine what generation of Trex deck you have, you can look for visual signs of wear and tear or other flakes on it instead, but it will also be safer for you to use other cleaning methods. Different Trex deck issues require different cleaning methods, so ensure to follow the suitable procedure.

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