Can You Put Legs On A Swivel Chair? [Yes! Here’s How!]

Swivel chairs are great to sit on, but just like all things with moving parts they sometimes break and it prevents the chair from swiveling. If this is the case with your chair, you've probably wondered if you can put legs on them instead. We found that a lot of people have been asking about this so we researched this topic to find the answers for you.

If the swivel mechanism of your chair breaks, you can remove the base and get stationary chair legs as a replacement. It's an easy DIY project that requires unscrewing the swivel base from the chair and drilling new holes in the bottom of the chair for the legs. Screw the new chair legs on and you've now converted your swivel chair to a stationary one.

Converting a swivel chair into a stationary chair is a great idea, especially for old chairs with broken mechanisms that still look great. In this post, we will discuss ways how you can convert your swivel chairs into stationary chairs. We'll also talk about why swivel chairs are great so you may want to consider keeping them. Just keep reading and enjoy this post!

Can You Put Legs On A Swivel Chair? [Yes! Here's How!]

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They may be popular as office chairs, but swivel chairs are also well-received as accent chairs or even as bar stools. Known for their 360-degree directional movement, swivel chairs are comfortable and very relaxing to sit in. 

There are many different kinds of swivel chairs available in the market today. Made with different styles and designs in mind, swivel chairs all share the same single central leg or base that allows it to rotate completely. Most of these swivel chairs are durable, but one of the problems you may encounter with a swivel chair is a stuck swivel base.

When the swivel base gets stuck, the chair will often rotate midway or it will make creaking sounds. In time, this problem can be very frustrating for the user and a lot of swivel chairs end up getting thrown out. 

Fortunately, there are ways to fix those stuck, unmoving swivel chairs. If the chair is still in good condition, you can put legs on the swivel chair to convert them into a regular, stationary chair. This project is great for accent swivel chairs or swivel desk chairs that refuse to rotate anymore.

How to Put Legs on a Swivel Chair

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Putting legs on a swivel chair is easy and it's a great DIY project that you can do on your own. Generally, the best chairs to convert using this method are swivel chairs that are upholstered and have a wood base. The wood base will give you a secure place to attach the new chair legs in without altering too much of the chair.

In this video, you'll see how you can transform an old swivel chair into a brand-new stationary chair.


  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Chair legs
  • Tape measure
  • Wrench pliers


1. Remove the swivel base

Before you convert your chair into something that has stationary legs, you'll have to remove its main leg first. Flip the chair over so you can see the swivel base. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the swivel mechanism and remove it completely.

You should now be able to see the base that is attached to the chair itself. With the wrench pliers, remove the bolts that attach the base to the bottom of the chair.

2. Measure the place where to put the chair legs

Now that the swivel base is completely off, you can now work on putting the chair legs on. Depending on the shape of your chair, you need to measure the distance of the leg from the edge of the chair. Square or round chairs will work well with legs on four corners. For odd-shaped chairs, it may entail a little guesswork to ensure that the chair will be stable with legs on.

3. Drill holes for the chair legs

After marking the areas where you want to put the legs on your chair, it is now time to drill the holes for their attachment. Depending on the kind of chair legs you have, you may need to simply drill a hole directly in the wood base of the chair. However, some chair legs have insert nuts so you need to install those first before screwing the legs on.

Check out these replacement chair legs on Amazon.

4. Attach the legs to the chair

Once the drilled holes or the insert nuts are in place, it's time to put the chair legs on. Simply screw them tightly onto the chair and flip it over right side up. Take a seat to check that the chair is balanced when you sit on it. If it tips over to any side while you are seated, adjust the legs accordingly.

Are There Benefits To Swivel Chairs?

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Before you go and turn all your swivel chairs into ones with four legs, you may want to consider keeping them the way they are. After all, there is a reason why swivel chairs became popular and you may find some of the best reasons to keep them.


If you are on the lookout for great-looking swivel chairs, then you don't have to worry about this one. Swivel chairs come in a variety of styles and designs that you can put in different areas of the house. Whether you decide to put an accent chair in the living room or a swivel bar stool, you'll find that they seamlessly fit anywhere you want.


One of the best things about swivel chairs is their comfort. If you've ever tried sitting on a swivel chair, you'll find it very comfortable thanks to the extra movement it provides.

For people who have lower back pain issues, a swivel chair is a great way to reduce the pressure while sitting. It also prevents unnecessary twisting you have to do if you are sitting on a regular chair.


If you do a lot of work on a desk, you're probably going to agree with this one. Sitting on a swivel chair allows for better productivity because you can move around easily without having to get up. All you need to do is to swivel around and you'll be able to reach anything pretty easily.

Can I Turn My Regular Chair Into A Swivel Chair?

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Since swivel chairs can easily be converted into regular chairs, a lot of people also ask—can you do it the other way around? Can you turn a regular chair into a swivel chair?

The quick answer is yes, you can. But it depends on the weight and the base of the chair that you will be using.

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Your chair should have enough clearance to support the swivel base so it doesn't drag on the floor when you use it. You also need to purchase the mechanism for the swivel base because this is what you will need to rotate your chair.

Check out this video on how you can build your own swivel base for your regular chairs:

Best Swivel Chairs

If you are on the lookout for some great swivel chairs to add to your indoor space, then you're in luck. There are many different styles to choose from and here are some of the best ones you can find. Most of them are great to use in living rooms or bedrooms, but you can definitely spruce up your office with these chairs as well.

Accent chair

See this accent swivel chair on Amazon.

This swivel accent chair is a great additional seating for any space like a living room or a bedroom. This chair has great cushioning and sloped arms, making them very comfortable to sit in. 


Check out this swivel glider on Amazon.

If you are looking for a nice chair for your baby's nursery, then this is a great option. This chair can swivel to a full 360 degrees, as well as glide forward and backward. It's great for rocking baby to sleep or if you just want a comfortable chair to nurse in. 

Desk chair

Get this swivel desk chair on Amazon.

Instead of the boring office chair, this swivel desk chair can be the perfect addition to your home office. This desk chair has legs, but it has a swivel base that allows you to move productively in your space.

Wrapping Things Up

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Swivel chairs are great accent pieces, but they do tend to break after one too many rotations during their use. If you are a bargain hunter, you might even find these great-looking chairs for half the price. Whatever the reason you have for having a broken swivel chair, you can easily turn them into great seating options with this easy-to-do DIY project.

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