Can You Reuse Command Strips?

Command Strips are a popular way to hang things on walls without damaging the paint. They're strong enough to hold up pictures, curtains, and even wall art, and they're easy to apply and remove. But can you reuse them? Let's share what we've discovered.

If the Command Strip is still sticky and hasn't been damaged, then you can definitely reuse it. However, if the strip has lost its stickiness or has been damaged in some way, then it is not going to function the same way as before. In that case, it's wise to just use a new one. 

The adhesive on Command Strips can lose its stickiness over time, making it less effective at holding things in place. Additionally, the strips may become warped or damaged, making it difficult to re-apply them evenly. Stay with us as we uncover the uses of Command Strips.

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How to Use Command Strips

As we learn more about how to reuse Command Strips, here are a few things to think about before you use them for the first time:

Command brand Picture Hanging Strips and Hooks by 3M company on store shelf. 3M is the general public primarily known for the Post-it Notes and Scotch Tapes.

Proper Installation

  1. Use only rubbing alcohol to clean the wall. Keep in mind not to use cleaning agents or water because these can leave a slippery residue.
  2. Separate the two strips (the ones with the red and black liners).
  3. Remove the red liner from the adhesive.
  4. Apply adhesive to the hook.
  5. Remove the black backing paper and press the hook firmly against the wall for 30 seconds. 

Reinforcing the Strip

  1. Remove the hook from the wall temporarily by sliding the hook up and away from the base.
  2. Firmly press the base for 30 seconds.
  3. Reattach the hook and give the adhesive an hour to dry completely so that it will have a firm grip on the wall. 

The Object's Weight

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Command Strips have a weight limit, and if your object exceeds that limit, the strips may not hold effectively. As a result, your object could fall and sustain damage.

Simply weigh your object before attaching it to the wall. This will make sure that you are using the perfect type of strip for the job. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and use a heavier-duty strip. It's better to be safe than sorry!

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Surface Type

You can use command strips on different surfaces, such as wood, glass, or metal. Just be sure to test putting it in small and inconspicuous areas first.

Room Temperature

If your room is too cold, the command strip may not adhere well. Conversely, if your room is too hot, the adhesive backing could start to loosen, causing the strip to lose its grip.

Tips to Remove Command Strips

Package of 3M command brand hanging strips on an isolated background.

Now that we know the basic information about installing command strips right the first time, we have compiled a list of tips for successfully removing command strips for reuse.

  1. Heat the adhesive with a hairdryer for a minimum of 30 seconds or more. 
  2. Use a thin string, like dental floss, to run through the sticky strip away from the wall.
  3. Remove any remaining glue with soap and water.
  4. Allow the command strip to dry completely.
  5. Carefully place the strip back in the box or paper it came in.
  6. To re-install, just remove the paper and reposition the strip on the desired surface.

What prevents command strips from being reusable?

The main reason command strips lose their effectiveness is the type of material used. The adhesive quality of synthetic rubber resin is limited to a single application. This makes sure that the glue remains strong and effective for as long as it is required, but it also means that the glue loses strength after use. 

Properties of Synthetic Rubber Resin

Synthetic rubber resin is known for its high adhesion. Because of this, it can adhere well to a variety of surfaces, including those with a larger surface area. It is also extremely durable and does not slip from the surface under lateral load.

How long do command strips last?

Command brand Hanging Strips and Hooks by 3M company display on store shelf. 3M is the general public primarily known for the Post-it Notes and Scotch Tapes.

As long as you need them to, command strips are designed to stay firmly attached for days, weeks, or even years. But many factors can affect their durability along the way, and we have listed them down for you. 

High Temperatures

The glue could soften at a temperature above 105 ℉ (40℃), making it weak and eventually losing its grip.

Dirty and Uneven Surfaces

Applying to a dirty surface with debris like dirt and oil can affect the adhesion of the strip. It is also not suitable for use on porous surfaces like bare wood and unpainted surfaces.

Waiting Time

The holding capacity is reduced when the product is used earlier than the suggested waiting time of one hour to properly adhere. 

Is there anything better than command strips?

When it comes to versatility, command strips are one of the most versatile and handy tools you can have in your home. From hanging pictures and mirrors to organizing cords and wrapping gifts, command strips can do it all. And best of all, they're easy to use and remove, with little to no damage or residue left behind. 

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How much weight can a Command Strip hold?

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The type of command strip plays a big role in determining the capacity the strips can bear. The original Command Strips can hold up to four pounds, while the heavy-duty Command Strips can hold up to 16 pounds. In general, it is best to be safe and just use stronger strips for heavier items. 

Do Command strips peel off paint?

As long as you use command strips the way the manufacturer tells you to, they shouldn't peel the paint off. Instead of nails or screws, command strips use strong glue that won't damage paint when it's taken off. Remember to always start in a small area to test first.

The Takeaway

To get the most out of your command strips, make sure to always clean the wall before applying them. This will help the strip stick better and last longer. And if you think about using them again in the future, be sure to remove them carefully to preserve the glue's stickiness. Otherwise, you'll need to buy new ones.

To an extent, Command Strips can be used again, we hope this article has shed some light. For even more great info, check out our related posts: 

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