Can You Sleep On A Chaise Lounge?

We have all seen a movie where a beautiful diva falls perfectly onto a chaise lounge and have dreamed about recreating it. Chaise lounge chairs give off very royal and luxurious energy which we all deserve a little taste of. With that being said, can you sleep on a chaise lounge? Luckily for you, we have been looking into this very question and have the answer. 

Deciding to sleep on a chaise lounge is the same as deciding to sleep on your couch. They both are not your bed but do make for the perfect nap location. Chaise lounge chairs are designed to lay back in and relax, so sleeping on them is fairly easy. We give chaise lounges a stamp of approval for sleeping. 

As we dive into this, we are going to go over the different designs and purposes behind the chaise lounge. We have found some great styling references and have done some digging into this very topic. At the end of the day, who doesn't want to dramatically layout on a chaise lounge? Keep reading!

An interior image of chaise lounge in a bright room, Can You Sleep On A Chaise Lounge?

Sleeping On A Chaise Lounge Chair

Interior image of chaise lounge in bright room

Chaise lounges have a classic and elegant look to them. They are usually placed in the bedroom. They come in many designs and do not have to strictly be in a bedroom space. 

While it's okay to sleep on a chaise lounge chair, we suggest that you make your bed your primary sleeping spot. Sleeping on the chaise lounge for extended periods of time can lead to discomfort and joint paint. A quick nap won't hurt, but don't extend your doze for too long. 

Even though you probably shouldn't sleep for too long while lounging on a chaise, it does make for a rather elegant napping spot. So sit back and enjoy the relaxation that comes from your chaise lounge chair.

Is a chaise lounge comfortable?

Chaise lounges, like any furniture, can be very comfortable if you buy the right one. The concept of having a chaise lounge is to have an alternative space to lay down beside a bed. It is literally a chair designed to be comfortable and to lay down in. Below are some super comfortable options.

Depointer Chaise Lounge

This chaise is plush and comfortable. The design falls into a more modern aesthetic and is intended for an indoor living or bedroom space.

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Flesser Chaise Lounge Chair

This is a more traditional option and is rated to be very comfortable as well. This lounge chair does have armrests, adding to the overall coziness.

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DHP Emily Chaise Lounger 

This chaise lounge is a contemporary option. This lounge chair has a cloth material and chrome legs at its base. This may be an option for those of you who prefer a more simple design.

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What is the difference between a chaise lounge and a fainting couch?

A fainting couch and a chaise lounge do not have many major differences. A fainting couch was created in the Victorian era and was designed for women to rest on while wearing extremely tight corsets and dresses.

The chaise lounge is basically the new and improved (and comfier) fainting couch that comes across as more stylish. Most retailers do not use the term fainting couch anymore and have adapted to chaise lounge design and language. 

Victorian Fainting Couch

Victorian woman reading book on fainting couch

Above, you can see a traditional fainting couch that comes from the Victorian Era of design. This is a very pretty piece of furniture but definitely is not comfortable or meant to enjoy. This was more of a space to regain your breath during the olden times and has a very unusual history to it.

Modern Day Chaise Lounge

Young woman using laptop and smartphone while sitting on soft chaise lounge in spacious room

This is the more comfortable and current version of a fainting couch. This is certainly more of an area you would want to genuinely nap or relax in versus the original design. You want your furniture to be stylish but also livable and enjoyable. 

End Bench 

Brown and orange pillows on white bed in natural bedroom interior with wicker lamp and wooden bedside table with vase

Spawning from the fainting couch design, the end bench is the closest in function to a fainting couch and does work as a place to put on shoes or clothing. This differs from a chaise lounge in the way it is not made for a nap or resting, but rather a place to regroup and style yourself. 

Where should a chaise lounge be placed in a bedroom?

Usually, you will want to place a chaise lounge near a window or in a corner across from your bed in your room. Allow for enough space to fit your lounge. You could even accessorize it with a lamp or side table. 

Window Placement 

Having a place to enjoy sightseeing and even catching the sunrise or sunset can be really valuable in a bedroom environment. Start your day from the comfort of your chaise lounge with a good view.

Corner Placement 

This next chaise lounge placement falls into the corner of your bedroom and acts as its own separate living space. Adding some seating and decorating a corner of your space can make your room look bigger and allow for even more usable square footage. As seen above, the mirror, side table, and lamp are used to create a small living area.

Which way should a chaise lounge face?

A chaise lounge should look into your space. You don't want to put the back of your lounge facing your bed or living area because it will look awkward and box in the space. Your lounge should work as an inviting area to take a seat (or three-hour nap) and relax. Facing away from the window, positioned at the of the bed, or sitting next to the bed are three of the best arrangements.

Facing Away From Window

This lounge space is inviting and very natural and bright. Facing your lounge chair away from the window and positioning it more like a sofa creates a living room feel. Using your natural light can be difficult when placing furniture so it is always best to test out different positions.

End Of The Bed

This lounge chair placement is right at the end of your bed. Choosing to use your chaise lounge as more of a bed bench is a great way to save space and give you somewhere to place luggage or get ready. This design used a very similar color bench and headboard to give a coordinating feel. 

Next To The Bed 

If you are working with a smaller space, this may be the best option for you. Having your lounge chair angled but in the same direction as your bed gives your room a finished and cohesive feeling.

To Wrap It Up

The shape and design of a chaise lounge make for a perfect spot to snuggle up and fall asleep. It is crazy to think of how the chaise lounge started in the Victorian era and how far its purpose and style has evolved. Placing a lounge chair in a space can also be a livable and usable addition to any bedroom or living area. Choose a lounge chair that fits your individual style and comfort preference. Now let's take a nap!

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