Can You Use A Sideboard As A TV Stand?

Sideboards have traditionally been used in dining rooms, but can you use a sideboard as a television stand? We’ve researched this subject to see what the pros and cons might be. We’ve also found some examples for you to see what might help answer the question.

Sideboards have the right amount of surface area to house many different television sizes. They also have storage underneath to store gaming consoles and other accessories, which makes them great for this purpose. The one con to using a sideboard for your television might be its height in relation to your sofa.

We’re going to look at some examples of sideboards in use as television stands. We’ll also talk about when you might want to use a wall mount versus a stand, the average size of a sideboard, if you can use a sideboard in your living room, and if you should put a television in your dining room. Please keep reading to find out more.

Modern living room interior design with mounted tv and a cabinet, Can You Use A Sideboard As A TV Stand?

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Using A Sideboard As Your TV Stand

You’re looking for a great TV stand, and maybe someone offered you their old sideboard. Or you found one at your favorite thrift spot, and you want to refinish it. But is it okay to use it for this purpose? Of course, it is! As the saying goes, “if it sits, it fits,” and since most television bases will fit easily on a sideboard, then you can use it.

The only possible con is if you have a wider television than your sideboard or if the viewing height is wrong for you. Some contemporary couches sit low to the ground, and they’ve mode low-lying television consoles. You may find a sideboard has more height than you want for your TV. 

A Sideboard In A Contemporary Living Room

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Contemporary living room with sideboard TV stand

In this gorgeous living room, the television is not the focal point of the room. Rather the conversation area focuses on itself, and the television is there as an accessory. The mid-century modern style sideboard is a nice match with the coffee table. It has plenty of storage built-in to hide any TV accessories or consoles and looks nice at the end of the room.

Here’s a similar, yet slightly smaller, mid-century modern sideboard perfect as a tv stand. Click here for this on Amazon.

A Buffet Style Sideboard

Modern living room interior with sideboard TV stand

The sideboard is technically a buffet table in this living room as it has taller legs and less storage. Yet, it serves the same function as a sideboard in the dining room. And here, it’s serving the function of a television stand. The furniture, though eclectic, ties in together through the use of black as a color choice, and as a result, the television is practically invisible.

This beautiful buffet table is available in black, but we loved this grey that works well with many of your contemporary color choices. Click here for this piece of furniture on Amazon.

Wall-Mounted Television Above A Sideboard

Sideboard with a TV against the wall in a modern classic style

Another option is to wall mount your television above the sideboard. It’s the best of both worlds because the gorgeous piece of furniture anchors the television, and you gain storage beneath. But, you also have the use of your sideboard’s surface without having to move your television. 

Refurbished Antique Sideboard 

[PIN id=”431290101819666425″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


As antiques have gone out of fashion, their prices have come down. Don’t discount finding a beautiful piece of furniture at your local charity shop. This is the DIY’ers dream for furnishing an interesting and eclectic living space. If the finish has aged, use chalk paints or stains to revive and match your decor. You’ll end up with a television stand unlike any other.

Is It Better To Wall Mount A TV Or Put It On A Stand?

Modern living room interior design with mounted tv and a cabinet, Can You Use A Sideboard As A TV Stand?

TV Mounted – Pros & Cons

Wall mounting your television or putting it on a stand or console is a question concerning both function and possibility. If you’re all wireless and plugs and cords are not in your repertoire, then a wall mount may be a perfect choice. It gives you a sleek, seamless look for your home viewing area.

A swivel wall-mount like this one allows you to pull your television away from the wall, then turn it to one side or the other for ease of viewing. Click here for this on Amazon.

If you’re renting your home, installing a bulky wall bracket for your television may not be an option. It takes several holes and anchoring devices to allow for the TV to hang securely. You might end up having to pay for repairs to the wall if the landlord doesn’t like having a TV bracket there when you move out.

TV Stand – Pros & Cons

If you’re a gamer or have other types of consoles and equipment that you connect to your television, then a stand may be the way to go for you. A console or sideboard gives you doors and drawers to hide bulky wires and controllers out of sight when not in use. The only downside, you’ll need ample space in your room to accommodate the stand.

How Big Is A Sideboard?

Sideboards are long, low pieces of furniture that typically have short legs and cupboards or display areas to showcase serving dishes. Not to be confused with buffet tables, which typically have less storage and longer legs –though both pieces are generally similar sizes. Buffet tops are at a height that is appropriate for serving food. 

In general, sideboards tend to be somewhere between 20 to 22 inches deep.  This narrowish depth is great for smaller rooms where you still need space to circulate around the furniture. The height of sideboards tends to be 34 to 38 inches tall. For dining room use, this is slightly higher than your dining room table, which tends to be somewhere between 28 to 30 inches. 

Can I Put A Sideboard In The Living Room?

Beautiful formal living room overlooking pool and lake in an estate home.

You can certainly put a sideboard in the living room. Though this piece of furniture has traditionally been found in dining rooms, used for overflow food and beverages, there’s no reason not to use its functionality in other rooms. In the gorgeous formal living room above, two matching sideboards have been used to flank the fireplace. Exquisite gilt mirrors have been hung above each of them. The pieces provide storage, symmetry, and beautiful visual appeal.

Open living space featuring living room, family room and dining room in this home.

In this contemporary, casual open floor plan space, a modern sideboard has been used to fill an awkward wall space. Along with the beautiful painting above, the sideboard gives your eye something to look at beyond a blank painted wall. There is storage in the base of it, and the surface provides a spot for lovely objects. If you’re having a party, the surface gives you a place for appetizers.

Should I Put A TV In The Dining Room?

Putting a television in the dining room is a personal decision. However, you might ask yourself what you want the main purpose of the room to be. Do you want a room for sharing a meal, entertaining, or in-depth conversations? Then a TV is a bad idea. But if you like to gather with a group and watch sports together while eating a meal, and you don’t want people eating in the couch area, then it might be okay for you.

We’d say, in general, most people shy away from putting televisions in the dining room. It’s so much more satisfying to enjoy a meal and the conversations with the people you’re breaking bread with.

Design and Furniture Are Flexible

The nice thing about home interiors is there’s so much room for creativity and flexibility. What furnishings you choose and how you use specific pieces, is really up to you and your needs. So maybe sideboards were created for serving food in the dining room, but it doesn’t mean they can’t also be a spot for placing your television.

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