Can You Use Bleach To Clean Bathroom Tile Grout?

Can you use household bleach to clean bathroom tile grout? Your grout is looking a bit dingy, and you know you have bleach, but will it hurt your tile or grout? We've done the research and have the answer to this question and more in this post.

Bleach is a caustic material, and because your grout is porous, using bleach may cause damage over time. So it's not a good idea to use bleach to clean your bathroom tile grout.

We'll take a look at cleaning bathroom tile grout and more in this post. We'll examine best practices if bleach will damage tiles, what products beyond grout cleaner may work well for grout cleaning, and how the professionals do it. So please, keep reading.

Men's hands are used to scrub tile floor and grout. Can You Use Bleach To Clean Bathroom Tile Grout

Can You Use Bleach For Cleaning Grout Between Your Bathroom Tiles?

Grout is the porous material that fills the cracks between your tiles. It comes in various colors, but one thing that is true for all of it is that it is very porous. Of course, it is sealed to help keep out dirt and grime, but over time that sealant breaks down, and dirt starts to get in. Using bleach on your grout will break down that seal even faster.  So you really should avoid using household bleach to clean your bathroom grout.

Will Bleach Damage Bathroom Tiles?

Most bathroom tiles are made out of porous ceramics that are coated with a glaze in firing. Though they are very hardy, porcelain, particularly the use of bleach over long periods, can be damaging to your tiles. Because bleach is caustic, it will eat away at the protective coating of your tiles over time. So it's best not to use a straight bleach product when cleaning your bathroom tiles.

What Are The Best Practices For Cleaning Bathroom Tile Grout?

two hands in rubber gloves scrubbing down hard on tile and grout surface

Get Up Loose Grime And Dirt

The first step when cleaning your grout is to clean your tiled area of dirt and grime on the surface. Dry mop it to get rid of dust and loose grime. Then wipe down with hot water. Finally, dry any standing water with a towel and let the entire surface airy dry completely.

Have Protective Gear

After this, you want to take your own safety precautions. Wear a pair of cleaning gloves to protect your hands and a pair of goggles if you're going to be using an acidic product to clean with. 

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Follow Your Cleaner's Instructions

With whichever cleaner you choose, chances are it will need to sit on the grout for some time to work effectively. So follow the instructions for the best outcome. Scrub in a circular motion, and use a small soft brush to follow the grout lines.

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So What Can You Use To Clean Grout?

There are many commercial grout cleaners available to get your grout spic and span clean. The good ones are not caustic or acidic so that they won't damage your grout or tile. We'll list a few of our favorites to help you get an idea of what's out there.

Grout-Eez is a heavy-duty cleaner that gets the job done. Stains magically disappear from both your grout and your tile. When you're done, your grout will return to its original color, and you'll be amazed by how beautiful your bathroom looks.

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People love Rejuvenate cleaners, and this grout deep cleaner is no exception. It will take off years of grime and build-up using a bio-enzymatic formula that is strong but gentle enough for home use. This is compatible with the Rejuvenate mop head for cleaning and scrubbing.

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GooGone products are known for being great on all sorts of hard to get off grossness. It's no exception when it comes to grout and tile cleaning. This product removes mold and mildew and even breaks down hard to get off soap scum like its child's play. What's great is it's safe for stone, porcelain, and other ceramic surfaces.

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Does Toothpaste Clean Grout?

Toothpaste does clean grout! The trick is not to use the gel formula but a white paste toothpaste. Just scrub it circularly, wipe it thoroughly with a damp cloth to get all the toothpaste off. Then dry it with a soft towel. This is a quick and easy way to do some spring cleaning on your tile grout.

Does Magic Eraser Work On Grout?

We all know that the Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean is a truly miraculous home cleaning product. Well, this holds true for cleaning grout as well. Wet your Magic Eraser and squeeze it till you activate the bubbles. Then, scrub your grout and watch the grime disappear.

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How Do Professionals Clean Bathroom Grout?

When professionals clean your bathroom grout, they take the time necessary to do a thorough job.

Cleaning the tile floor

Prepare the Tile And Grout For Cleaning

The first part of this is preparing the grout and the tile for cleaning. Professionals will come in with a large vacuum and suck up any loose grime or debris. Then they will mop to get up any caked up or staining dirt. After that, they will use a steamer to loosen any remaining dirt and grime from corners and around fixtures. This way, all the dirt around the cracks is removed. Finally, they will dry all of the tiles so that the surface is dust-free, clean, and dry.

Use A Professional Grade Cleaner

Just like when you clean it yourself, the professional cleaner will also use a grout cleaning solvent. This might be something like Black Diamond Stone and Grout Cleaner. This type of cleaning solution is acid-free and won't cause damage to your tiles or your grout. This one is also available to homeowners if you want to try the professional route yourself.

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Reseal The Grout

The final step after a professional cleaning is to reseal the grout. Without resealing, grout will tend to soak in more dirt and grime because it's so porous. Then all that hard work will be lost because they'll look stained again. That's why it's so important to take this final step of resealing with a good sealer.

See our post on this topic here: Do Bathroom Tiles Need To Be Sealed?

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Clean Grout Will Make Your Tile Sparkle

Cleaning grout may not be the most fun thing to do, but it can be rewarding. When you're done, it's like giving new life to a dull and dingy bathroom. It's a low-cost way to make a bathroom feel fresh, and you'll feel accomplished by getting it done.

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