Can You Use Granite Grip On Painted Concrete?

Do you want to use the granite grip on painted concrete, yet not certain if this will work? Don't worry! We did comprehensive research to answer your question.

Yes, you can apply a granite grip even on painted concrete. All you have to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Remove all the objects like furniture and appliances in the area.
  2. Clean the concrete surface and ensure it's dry.
  3. Check the paint. You can opt to reapply the paint on damaged spots.
  4. Use tape to protect the edges and corners so that the granite grip will not spread on adjacent walls.
  5. Prepare and mix the granite grip based on product instructions of use.
  6. Test the granite grip on a small area to see if the quality is good.
  7. Use a polyester brush to spread the granite grip throughout the concrete surface. You can also use a paint roller for faster application.
  8. Let the first layer dry, then reapply another layer after 3–4 hours.
  9. Allow at least 24 hours of drying time to ensure the granite grip will hold onto the concrete surface.
  10. Put back the furniture and appliances in the area after 72 hours. Clean the floor after 30 days.

Can You Use Granite Grip On Painted Concrete?

unpainted part concrete with paint roller on move

Granite grip is a solution used to coat surfaces like floors. It acts as a bonding agent to repair hairline cracks, as well as to smooth out the surface. You can use a granite grip to cover the painted concrete. Doing so will result in an improved floor's durability and texture.

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However, you should clean the concrete surface when applying the granite grip. Also, test the solution before you spread it on the area. Otherwise, the granite grip may peel off when it gets dry.

In the last step provided above, you see that you should wait for 30 days before doing a major cleaning on the area where you applied the granite grip. This is to ensure that the solution will not wear off. Yet, you can clean the surface with a soft broom.

Additionally, cleaning helps reduce odor. Granite grip contains naturally odorous chemicals. You just need to avoid cleaning too much or too hard, especially with bleach or corrosive solutions.

With regards to the steps above, you can watch a demonstration here:

Why Doesn't the Granite Grip Adhere?

There are some reasons why the granite grip doesn't adhere to the concrete surface. Familiarize yourself with these reasons below.

Moldy Area

The mold grows due to moisture, dirt, and exposure to hot temperatures. A moldy surface usually turns dark when ignored. Due to mold, applying the granite grip will not adhere properly to the surface. One solution to solve this is to get rid of the mold by cleaning.

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Remove the mold by following these steps:

  1. Using a sponge, scrub the surface with water and soap.
  2. Apply some bleach to dissolve the mold. You can also use a specific mold-killing solution or mix baking soda with vinegar.
  3. Allow the bleach or solution to settle for a few minutes.
  4. Scrub the moldy area again with a sponge, soap, and water.
  5. Rinse the area with water, then let it dry. You can now apply the granite grip according to the instructions above.

Poor Product Quality

It's also possible that the product you bought is not of good quality. You should check the label to see the compatible surfaces, as it may differ by manufacturer. Also, consider buying only from trusted sellers to avoid forfeited products.

Peeling Paint

If the paint on the concrete is too old, then it's possible that the granite grip will not adhere to it. You'll want to repaint the concrete to ensure good texture, as well as to restore the color. Otherwise, the peeling paint will interfere with the layer of granite grip.

What Can Granite Grip Do?

Set of tools and paints for making repair in flat

It's important to understand what the granite grip does to your house. Since it's often applied to floor areas, let's find out what to expect.

Stain Resistance

Adding a layer of granite grip can improve the resistance to stain. Mild stains, such as food spills, can naturally go off. However, strong stains like bleach may cause permanent discoloration on the floor.

Heat and Moisture Protection

Granite grip can also act as a barrier against heat and moisture. Imagine a surface without any protective layer like paint or granite grip. The surface may obtain cracks due to extreme heat or gets dark due to excessive moisture.

Better Appearance

Adding a granite grip enhances the appearance of the concrete surface. It can also match the tone of your house, especially the walls and other objects adjacent to the floor. However, the appearance may depend on the type of granite grip you have and its manufacturer.

How Much Granite Grip Do You Need?

A single gallon of granite grip can cover 40 to 60 square feet of an area. But this will depend on the volume you apply. You'll want to measure the floor area to prepare the right amount of granite grip to use. You might want to consider having an extra quantity for your convenience.

Can You Apply Granite Grip on Concrete Without Paint?

Empty warehouse structure made with strong construction of concrete, iron and metal.

Yes, applying a granite grip directly to the concrete surface is not a problem. You just need to ensure that the surface is clean and dry for better adhesion.

Granite Grip Price

Depending on the manufacturer and the amount of granite grip, expect to spend from $15 to $50 or higher. Other factors may affect the price, such as delivery charges and package inclusion.

How to Remove the Granite Grip

Aside from applying the granite grip, it's also important to learn how to remove it with this procedure:

  1. Damp the area with hot water where you'll remove the granite grip.
  2. Use a scraper to peel off the layers of the granite grip.
  3. Continue until you can easily pull the layer off the surface.
  4. Clean the surface with soap and water.
  5. Repaint the concrete surface to retain its appearance.

Where Else Can You Use the Granite Grip?

an exasperate unpolished grainy pink granite background, Can You Use Granite Grip On Painted Concrete?

Of course, there are more places where you can use the granite grip. You can also read the product guide for other specific locations where you can apply the granite grip. However, you can check the list below.


Adding a granite grip on the driveway helps increase friction and makes the driveway less slippery. It also prevents the wheels from scratching against the floor.

However, the resistance to scratches on wheels will depend on the vehicle's load and type. Also, a granite grip can make the driveway appear cleaner compared to a bare concrete driveway.

Pool Deck

top view of a swimming pool

The pool deck is often wet. So, adding a layer of granite grip can help resist algae growth. Keep in mind that you still need frequent cleaning of the pool to prevent algae growth, as the granite grip will not be enough to retain cleanliness. Should you like to use the granite grip on the pool deck, proceed to do the following:

  1. Ensure that the pool deck is dry. To avoid the wastage of water, you can reuse the pool water in cleaning the pool deck.
  2. Clean the pool deck with soap and water. Allow the pool deck to get dry under the sun.
  3. Prepare the granite grip and mix according to the product instructions.
  4. Use a paint roller for faster application of the granite grip.
  5. Spread the granite grip throughout the surface. Let the granite grip get dry for at least 72 hours. You can now use the pool area again.

Wooden Surfaces

You can make the wooden surfaces more durable and resistant to wood decay. Also, infestation caused by termites and other wood-eating insects will not occur due to the texture of the granite grip.

On the other hand, the granite grip may not be the best to use for wooden surfaces. Instead, you can opt to use other products, such as latex or enamel paint.


We hope you've learned a lot from this article. After discussing the purpose of a granite grip and how to apply one over painted concrete, we've also delved into other relevant matters like compatible surfaces where you can use the granite grip.

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