Can You Wash The Cover Of A Memory Foam Mattress?

When you buy a mattress, you should ideally get around 10 years of use from it. You will be more likely to get the most out of this important purchase if you take the proper care of your mattress. Unfortunately, cleaning your mattress isn't always straightforward, especially if you own a memory foam mattress. But, can you clean that added layer of protection --the cover? After doing the research, we have determined how you can clean your memory foam mattress's cover.

While many memory foam mattresses come with removable covers, not all brands support removing the mattress's cover. Double-check your mattress's warranty and care instructions before removing your cover. In many cases, spot cleaning or gently vacuuming your mattress will keep it clean.

Even though not all memory foam mattresses have removable covers, they still have similar care tips. Continuing on, you'll learn those cleaning tips and about some different ways to protect your mattress from unexpected damages.

A close up of memory foam mattress on the bed frame at sleeping room, Can You Wash The Cover Of A Memory Foam Mattress?

Removing Your Mattress Cover

Once you've determined that removing the cover from your memory foam mattress is protected under warranty, it's time to actually remove the cover. Find zippers along the sides or on the bottom of the mattress. Take a look around your mattress to find yours.

After you've found the zipper, unzip it and then carefully remove the cover. Take your time if you're removing your cover due to a stain. You don't want to accidentally spread it around while you're taking the cover off.

Now, check your mattress cover's care instructions. This is most likely found on the cover's tag. Your care instructions will tell you if your mattress cover is machine washable. If it's machine washable, follow the washing and drying instructions. If you can't tell if your cover is machine washable, it's best to stick to hand cleaning.

Cleaning Your Mattress Cover

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These methods are effective and safe for cleaning your foam mattress cover. Always remember not to aggressively scrub your mattress cover; you want to avoid spreading the stain or causing damage. Also, let your mattress cover dry completely before putting it back on.

Vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Spot clean stains with a light-colored cloth and avoiding cleaning products; here are several stain-fighting methods to use:

  • Leave a one-part liquid detergent and one-part water mixture on the stain. Wipe off after 30 minutes and blot dry.
  • Use a one-part baking soda and two-part water mixture on the stain. Remove after 30 minutes and blot dry. You can also sprinkle baking soda directly on the stain and then vacuum it away.
  • Rub equal parts distilled white vinegar and water onto the stain. Continue until the stain is gone, then wipe the solution off and blot dry.
  • Moisten the stained area with water and sprinkle with boric acid. Dab and rub stain until it's gone. Wipe area clean and vacuum topper once dry.

Keeping your mattress clean is an important part of owning a mattress. If you're looking for a little bit of extra protection or even some comfort, there are some additional things you can purchase. A mattress protector, mattress pad, or mattress topper are all good additions to your bed.

What is the purpose of a mattress cover/protector?

A mattress cover, or a mattress protector, is an additional layer that protects the mattress. A mattress pad goes over the mattress, and any mattress covers, but goes under the sheets. The mattress cover is there to help keep the mattress clean from spills, perspiration, and from any crumbs or flaky skin. You can also get mattress covers that protect against allergens. 

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How often should a mattress cover be washed?

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While you should be cleaning or changing your sheets approximately every two weeks, you can go a little longer without cleaning your mattress protector. These shouldn't get much physical contact, so you can clean your cover every one to two months. If any spills happen, it's best to clean your cover immediately to prevent stains or damage from occurring.

It is also recommended to clean the actual mattress top every six months. This is best accomplished by spot cleaning or vacuuming it. You can always machine wash it if your mattress cover allows for that.

Mattress pads or toppers can be cleaned at the same time your mattress cover is. So, roughly one to two months. There are a number of different types of mattress pads, and each will have its own cleaning methods.

What is the difference between a mattress cover and a mattress pad?

Mattress pads and mattress covers both go over the mattress but under the sheets. A mattress cover is there to protect your mattress and is in direct contact with the fitted sheet.

A mattress pad is there for additional comfort and not so much for protection. There is also a mattress topper, which is slightly thicker than the standard mattress pad. Mattress pads and toppers can be made from different mattress materials.

To make sure you're picking the best pad for your bed, read "7 Types of Mattress Toppers [And How To Choose The Best One]."

How do I protect my memory foam topper?

You can use a memory foam topper on any type of bed, even a memory foam mattress. The memory foam topper provides extra comfort and softness. In order to get the most out of your topper, it's important to take a few steps to protect it.

Mattress Protector

A mattress protector, especially a waterproof one, will provide an extra barrier against accidental spills. A protector can also help a topper or pad stay in place and prevents unnecessary sliding.

Proper Cleaning

It's very important not to machine wash your memory foam topper. Spot cleaning and vacuuming with a soft brush are the best methods for cleaning your memory foam topper. The hand cleaning methods for a memory foam mattress cover (baking soda, white vinegar, or detergent and water mixture, etc.) are all effective for cleaning your memory foam topper. Remember to allow your topper to dry completely before putting it back on your mattress.

Rotate your Topper

Rotating your bed isn't only for your mattress. Rotating your memory foam topper every six months or so can help protect it from sagging and help you get the most use out of it. Make sure you're rotating 180 degrees and not flipping your topper. Memory foam usually only has one sleeping side, so flipping it may decrease comfort.

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Like a mattress, if you take care of your topper, you'll get the most use out of it. Most toppers or pads will last anywhere from three to five years, with cheaper quality toppers only lasting around two.

In Closing

Memory foam mattresses are getting easier to clean. Some have a removable cover that makes tackling accidental stains easier. However, hand cleaning and vacuuming will always be a highly recommended method for cleaning your memory foam mattress cover.

Want to learn more? "How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last?" has some important information regarding your memory foam mattress's lifespan.

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