11 Awesome Candle Holder Decor Ideas

Decorating with candles can add not just light but warmth to your home. You may already have several candles lying around your house, but you might not be maximizing their decorating potential. The perfect candleholders can help you do that.

Choosing and arranging unique candleholders selected specifically for each space will help you achieve the exact mood you want in every room. We've collected 11 ideas for featuring candleholders in all the rooms in your house. From the living room to the dining room to the bedroom--and even your back patio--brighten up every corner of your home with the addition of candles.

Warm summer night in the garden with trendy furniture, lights, lanterns and candles, 11 Awesome Candle holder Decor Ideas

1. Set a Simple Scene

Candle lights, books and flowers on a white table

Dress up a small space like a breakfast nook or side table with the addition of a few coordinating candles. Candles are an easy way to add warmth and interest to a simple all-white space. Three candles together make a nice arrangement. Choosing white for each candleholder helps maintain the minimalist look here, while selecting a unique pattern for the center candleholder takes this look up a notch. Keeping two of the candleholders plain and simple lets the details of the central one stand out.

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2. Choose Formal Chic

Beautiful harmonious autumn decoration on coffee table with dried hydrangea flowers, chestnut bowls, pink glass vase, pink and purple branches and white candles

Tall tapered candles bring a touch of elegance to any space. Silver candlesticks offer the ultimate in sophistication, and you don't have to limit them to just your dining table. Create a beautiful tablescape in your living room with faux or dried flowers and other elements inspired by nature. Choose vases and jars in colors that complement both the flowers and your other decor. While a pair of matched candlesticks in the same height is traditional, opting to use candlesticks in varying heights will add even more dimension to the tableau.


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3. Go Vertical for Variety

Living room decorated with plants and lanterns

Candles can go virtually anywhere. Consider placing them on shelves like this cute ladder option if you'd like to incorporate candles in your decor but don't have the tablespace to spare. You can bring the outdoors in by choosing candleholders that mimic rustic wire lanterns and alternating them with plants. Wherever you choose to place your candles, remember to stay safe and keep flammable items away from the wicks anytime you light them.


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4. Deck Out Your Dining Room

Modern dining room with nice decoration and candles

You can't have a candlelit dinner without candles. Your choice of candle holders will set the tone for the evening--whether it's fun, formal, or something in between. This quirky candleholder centerpiece strikes that balance by featuring traditional tapered candles at unusual angles. Surprise your guests by opting to feature a candleholder that's out of the ordinary the next time you host a fancy dinner or event. 

5. Welcome Whimsy

A wonderfully colorful bouquet of flowers on a white dining table

For a truly whimsical aesthetic in your dining room, opt for a one-of-a-kind candleholder like this. Pairing it with tapered candles in a bright blue breathes an unexpected burst of freshness to this space. Incorporating even more color in the tablescape includes a simple flower arrangement in a rainbow of shades.

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6. Solidify Your Style

Elegant dining table with candles

The candleholder on this dining table provides a more traditional yet still modern look. In any color, metal candleholders are always a solid choice, whether you opt for gold, silver, copper, pewter, or iron. Selecting a single candelabra rather than separate candleholders makes it easy to include multiple candles as your centerpiece while ensuring a cohesive look. It also makes it easier to set and clear your table.

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7. Find Your Favorite

Heart shaped candle lights

Candleholders are a terrific way to introduce some of your personality into any space you decorate. Look for candleholders in unique designs that make a statement. Or simply use them as an opportunity to include your favorite shapes or symbols, like hearts, for example. Candleholders come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, you're sure to find ones you'll love. 

8. Cozy Up with Candles

Modern zen candle arrangement on bedside table, in stylish bedroom with soft champagne pink, beige and golden brown colors

Create a cozy and inviting environment to relax in by placing an assortment of candles on your bedside table. Candleholders in shades of gold, champagne, and brown bring warmth and charm to this bedroom. Choosing neutral shades for your candleholders ensures they will look at home in any space. It also means you can move and rearrange them--without clashing with your other decor--whenever you want a little extra light or warmth in another room.

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9. Float a Few Options

Floating aromatherapy candles in wooden bowls, massage stones and oil in a zen spa atmosphere

When it comes to candleholders, your imagination is the only limit! You don't have to stick to standard styles, materials, or placements. The candles in this bathroom are actually floating inside the small wooden bowls. When decorating with candles around your home, look for interesting jars, jugs, vases, or other vessels that you can repurpose into candleholders for a thrifty way to create a stylish space that's all yours.

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10. Invite Enchantment

Warm summer night in the garden with trendy furniture, lights, lanterns and candles

For an enchanting summer night on the patio, add a few candles. The warmth and light that candles bring are an essential element for an evening outside--whether you're hosting a party or simply relaxing on your own. When you're creating your candle arrangement, mix and match a variety of shapes and styles to bring your own flair to the display.

11. Perfect Your Porch

Black lanterns with candles on a wooden step

Candles aren't just for special evenings. Make them a permanent part of your outdoor decor by placing a couple of large lantern-style candleholders on your back steps or porch. Even when they aren't lit, distinctive candleholders will add a sense of style to your outdoor space. When searching for candleholders that will live outside, make sure to choose a material that's sturdy enough to withstand the elements. 

In Closing

When it comes to popular items to include in your home decor, candles are at the top of many lists. Almost every home has at least a few candles lying around, even if you have them simply to provide light, fragrance, or atmosphere. But to get the most out of your candles, you need to consider how you display them. The right candleholders can turn your candles from just utilitarian items into design statements. And how you choose to group and arrange them can make all the difference in taking your style from blah to brilliant.

Hopefully, these 11 ideas gave you the inspiration you need to select the perfect candleholders for every room in your home. If you need additional tips for decorating with candles, check out these other articles for more inspiration:

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