16 Cat-Themed Candles and Candle Holders That Will Make You Go Meowww!

If you’re a cat owner, then you can surely relate to the sense of purpose and connection with your beloved feline. It is one thing to love your cat and entirely another to decorate your room with cat-themed home décor accessories. The truth is that cats make our lives more fulfilling, brighter, and lighter. Plus there’s a whole lot of cuddling that goes along with being a cat owner.

16 Cat-Themed Candles And Candle Holders That Will Make You Go Meowww!

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So why not inject some of your cat’s personality into your room and embrace your love for these whimsical creatures?  There are plenty of stylish ways to go about doing this, but the most impressive of these are cat-themed candles. Candles don’t get a lot of attention by interior designer, yes they create brightness when the lights go out, but that’s not the only role candles have to play.

They can create some of the most welcoming environments, both for yourself and your guests, particularly if they are scented and stylized after cats.

Let’s take a look at some of the most fun cat-themed candles and candle holders in your room.

1. Set of 3 Scented Candles

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This set of 3 scented candles aren’t exactly the most visually appealing décor there ever was, and most of your guests probably won’t even notice the little trinkets, but we really love the idea and included this in our list. Only two of the three candles are cat-themed, but that shouldn’t stop you from making an order. Each candle holder measures 65 mm by 55 mm.

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2. Candle Holder by Poity

This cute whimsical cat holder deserves to be a part of your house. It takes on an all too familiar shape that makes your feelings about feline friends pretty obvious to everyone to see. The artist managed to capture the mystery of the moon and merged it with a hilarious little cartoon. It earns high design points. Its golden luster will instantly earn attention from your guests, making it a focal point in your room.

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3. Cat-themed Candle Topper

Candle toppers are designed to sit on top of your jar while the candles burn. These machinations are designed to ensure the candle burns efficiently. This decorative cat-themed candle lit will add a touch of fun to the look of any candle jar. Furthermore, it appears in two different sizes, 4” and 3.2. Make sure you choose the appropriate size for your candle jar to prevent the topper from overhanging, thus rendering ineffective.

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4. Cat Candle Design

This beautiful artistic candle is accented with a cat theme. It can provide space for up to 5 candles, each dangling from a tight rope. The sturdy and durable metal construction is designed to withstand high temperatures to prevent the fire from eating away at the whimsical design. When it comes to incorporating a cat theme, the artist went the extra mile, adding pointy ears, a curly tail, and noticeably big whiskers. It’s the perfect gift for feline lovers.

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5. Black Cat Glass by 180 Degrees

This candle holder features a dark colored cat playfully toying around near the wick. The design works in such a way that when you light up the candle, it will appear as if the cat is actually touching the fire. We love how lustrous the metal finish of the cat is, as though a real cat is quietly observing fire from a dangerously close distance.

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6. 3 Cats Candle Holder

These adorable cats are holding up an oil lamp holder in a creative way. The cats look happy and contended with their fate. We really appreciate the lifelike details, from the paws to the tails to the pointy ears. Place this near your bed for extra design points. Now you just have to make sure your real cat doesn’t feel competitive with the almost life-like sculpture.

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7. Ceramic Pansy Cat by Cosmos Gifts

Cosmos Gifts shows you what a real cat-themed candle holder should look like. It is the perfect home décor item for fans of cats. It will look cute sitting to the side of your bedroom when you plan on going to sleep.  The artist took advantage of bright colors and went the extra mile in terms of adding lots of detail.

Click here to buy this ornate sculpture on Amazon.

8. Crystal Sleeping Cat Votive Candle Holder

Do you like the idea of cats sleeping near your bedside? Then this votive candle holder might just be what you’re looking for. The way the cat cozies so peacefully makes it a really cute gift for feline lovers. There is a generous amount of space to place a candle of your choice. The curled cat is made with durable material that is designed for longevity.

Click here to buy this votive candle holder on Amazon.

9. Pansy Cat Candle Holder by Cosmos

Cosmos took the idea of cat-themed candle holders, and give it a complete makeover. An elegant coat of paint and motif instantly elevate your room’s appearance. Your guests will enjoy taking a good look at the candle holder. The real icing on the cake is the fact that this entire sculpture is completely hand drawn. It is made with high-quality porcelain construction that is designed for long term use.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

10. Porcelain Sleeping Persian Cat by Cosmos Gifts

Do you want a simple cat-themed candle holder that doesn’t look overbearing but manages to elevate your room’s spaces? Then this sturdy porcelain candle holder is exactly what you’re looking for. The moment you light up the candle, your room will start filling up with such an incredible aura that it will instantly make you feel at peace with yourself.

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11. Circle of Cats Candle Lamp

This set of little cats is facing away from you and towards the candle holder, where the candle would snugly sit. So you when you light up the candle, it will be like a majestic dance that will jazz up your room’s appearance. The height of this ornate accessory is 7.5 inches, perfect if you want guests to notice it. It is made with a high quality of gypsum, which goes a long way in ensuring its durability.

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12. Candle Boney Bunch by Yankee Candle

Just in case neither of the cat holders did the trick for you, here’s a great option by Yankee Candle that looks more playful than serious. Depending on who you ask, the cat either has a frightful expression on its face or a cheerful and bubbly appearance. The best part is that there is plenty of space for candles of any size.

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13. Feline Candle Holder with Candle

Here’s another cat candle holder that eases back on realism and prefers a more cartoonish design. There are plenty of colors that will make your room look even cuter. Add a scented candle and you will have an ideal cat inspired décor without breaking the bank. The best part is that it comes with a candle included.

Click here to buy this candle holder on Amazon. 

14. Gothic Winged Cat Candle Holder

This chic little gothic cat candle stands guard in a cute pose that inspires confidence wherever you place it. The best part is that when you light up the candle, the cat’s eyes start to burn in a mysterious luster. Even the individual markings on the cat holder’s body are hand painted.

The sculpture is made using a high quality of gypsum to ensure it is long lasting and durable. It definitely looks very cute and lifelike and should fool your real cat for a few days before it realizes that it’s fake.

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15. Lion Statue Candle Holder

If you’re a fan of gothic art and normal cats aren’t cutting it for in terms of pure intimidation, then this lion gargoyle candle holder is something you should look into. The lion sports a long wingspan, a dark cape that almost reaches its belly, and powerful jaws that are built to hold two candles.

Its mouth is wide open, almost as if it is about to lunge forward with a powerful swipe. It could be the stuff of nightmares if you look at it under just the right angles and lighting.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

16. Ark Animals Candle Lamp

If you’re a fan of cats and wild animals in general, then this sculpture is exactly what you need to order. They each snuggle close to each other without fighting or bickering. Imagine how visually appealing this candle holder would look if you bring it into your home. The price tag is slightly on the higher end, but that is understandable given its durable construction and rustic décor.

Click here to order it on Amazon.

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