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Can A Mattress Cover Prevent Bed Bugs?

A gorgeous white mattress with white pillows and a wooden bed frame

Bed bugs are terrifying and disgusting little creatures. Once discovered, you’ll want to eliminate them immediately! But, before your skin starts to crawl, it might be helpful to know if a mattress cover can prevent bed bugs. We’ve researched these…

How Big Is A Twin Mattress?

Twin Mattress Topper Being Laid On Top Of The Bed,How Big Is A Twin Mattress?

If you are anything like us, you understand the basics of mattress sizings: twin, full, queen, and king. With a twin being the smallest size available, you likely wonder what are the dimensions of a twin mattress. Are there smaller…

Should A Bed Be Against The Wall?

Warm and cozy bedroom interior design with lamp on bedside table, Should A Bed Be Against The Wall?

Think beyond placing your bed centered against the main bedroom wall and explore other possibilities. If you were curious if there are other visually pleasing and practical arrangements for a bed, you are in luck. We researched different positions to…