11 Unique Ceiling Ideas For Living Room You Need To See

Though there's nothing wrong with a plain white ceiling, you might be looking for a bit more in your living room. We've come to you today with eleven unique ideas for your living room ceiling. Who says that creativity can't be from the floors all the way to the ceilings when it comes to design? The only disadvantage we can think of is cost.

Doing something a bit extra is likely to cost a bit extra, but it should be worth it to you in the long run. So let's take a look at these awesome ideas!

Kitchen with a View and a truss detail exposed, 11 Unique Ceiling Ideas For Living Room You Need To See

1. Install A Contemporary Coffered Grid Ceiling

Metal stair railing in a ultra modern new home

A coffered ceiling offers some interesting depth and interest. Here, modern coffers in sleek black showcase the slim-lined lighting. The color works great with the richly toned floors. Adding a coffer is something that can be done in an existing home. Keep in mind that if your ceilings are low, adding a coffer will make them seem even lower, so this probably isn't a great choice unless your ceilings are above eight feet tall.

2. Integrate A Chandelier Into The Ceiling

Multiple chandeliers integrated into the ceiling

If you want something really dramatic, you might try something like this. Here a circular pedestal has been dropped from the ceiling with up glowing lights placed around the circle's diameter. This creates a bit of drama and mood in the room's lighting. Then, more traditional pendant fixtures are hung like an actual chandelier from the stepped-down portion of the circle. It's a gorgeous and unique look.

3. Use Beams To Highlight Interesting Peaks In The Ceiling Line

Interior design in luxury villa, house, home, apartment feature white ceiling fan on wooden ceiling

In this fresh and clean-lined ceiling, natural wood beams highlight the interesting peak of the ceiling. Each beam is run along a natural axis to reach the central apex of the ceiling. From there, a clean-lined white ceiling fan hangs from a dropped pole to provide light and cooling to the space.

4. Concrete Ceilings Maximize A Loft Feeling

Modern living room with concrete roof and turquoise couch

In this beautiful contemporary loft, the concrete ceiling really stands out. Concrete blocks fill out the channels left by the building's original concrete beams. The colors are slightly different, but this adds interesting texture. Beautiful lights in black really work well to block out sections of the room. A chandelier for the seating area and pendant lights for the kitchen area. It's gorgeous!

5. Painted Beams And Red Brick

Photo of new up-to-date fancy bed-sitter

If you live in a historic building, maybe you want to use some of those elements. Here, an antique red brick ceiling creates a one-of-a-kind look. There are slight curves and undulations to the brick that give the room an antique vibe. Wooden beams that cross the brick are painted black to match the leather sofa used in the room. 

6. Use Lighting Around The Edges Of A Tray Ceiling

Contemporary elegant luxury living room

Tray ceilings were pretty popular in the eighties. One way to bring this look up-to-date is to add subtle lighting at the edge of the tray. This provides beautiful soft light and looks really elegant. It also brings a modern vibe to the room.

7. Use Narrow Wood Strips On The Ceiling

Interior is white with concrete polished floor and wooden ceiling. Ornate vintage chandelier over the table.

If you love a farmhouse or rustic vibe, consider this look. Narrow wooden strips stained an oak color line the ceiling of this room. This would be a relatively easy way to makeover an existing space that needs a bit of pizazz. We particularly love how the family table matches the wood tone. And how can we not mention that super cool industrial lighting fixture! 

This similar rustic light can give you the same vibe as the one pictured in the wood ceiling room above. Click here for this on Amazon.

See our post here: "11 Awesome Rustic Ceiling Lighting Ideas."

8. Consider Painting Your Ceiling The Same Color As Your Walls

renovated room with mint green walls and parquet floor

If you want a super easy fix to make your ceiling unique, paint it something other than white. In this turquoise room, the walls and the ceiling flow together in the same color combination. This works really beautifully in spaces with tall walls and lots of natural light. In a shorter ceiling room, this might make things a bit too dark for your liking.

9. Tin Ceiling Tiles

Tin vintage ceiling

If you love the look of tin ceiling tiles in vintage homes, why not replicate them in your home? These ceiling tiles are still being produced. You can buy tin ones, but there are also ones in foam that look just like tin once painted. The metal ones are more expensive than the foam, of course. 

These foam ceiling tiles come in a pack of 96 tiles and are a very inexpensive way to give your living room ceiling a vintage look. Click here for these on Amazon.

And here are new tin tiles made to look like the tin tiles of yore. These come in a 5-pack, ready to be painted or put up as they are. Click here for these on Amazon.

10. Expose Your Trusses

Kitchen with a View and a truss detail exposed, 11 Unique Ceiling Ideas For Living Room You Need To See

In this open concept living room, building trusses are left exposed. This unique feature turns a regular room into something showstopping. The trusses have been stained and finished to look like fine furniture. If you notice, they did a great job matching the trusses to the cabinetry in the room's kitchen area. Because the ceilings are so tall, it doesn't look heavy at all.

11. Leave Architectural Details Exposed

Modern living room interior, with a brick wall and large windows.

In this loft apartment space, the ceiling is made of lath. Rather than tearing it down and putting up sheetrock, the homeowner preserved the look. To keep it clean and tied in with the rest of the room, they gave the old wood a good coat of white paint. It works really well with the exposed red brick wall and all of the beautiful neutral furniture pieces.

A Ceiling Can Be More Than White

As you can see, there are a bunch of really great options for changing up your ceiling. Some can even be done to retrofit an existing ceiling. Some, like strips of wood, paint, or foam tin squares, can easily be done by a good DIY homeowner. Any of these choices will take your living room ceiling from bland to ba-bam!

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